auto setting on thermostat not working

You’ve noticed that auto setting on thermostat not working? You’re not alone! Many users just like you have experienced issues with the auto-schedule working time.

In this post, we will review the possible causes and how to efficiently approach them

The auto settings on your thermostat might not be working if there is a problem with the wiring. To correct auto settings, temporary glitches and software problems must be fixed. On the other hand, check for any issues with the sensors.

Without further ado let’s take a look at the possibilities first and then learn how to permanently resolve them.

Why Auto Setting on Thermostat Not Working?

As we have mentioned above, it would be more healthy for your troubleshooting process if you first learn the possible causes.

For this purpose, we have provided you with a complete list plus a brief description at your disposal:

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1. Software Problem

Outdated firmware and corrupted data or files might interfere with the auto options of your thermostat. Such issues are usually fixed with a firm factory reset or reinstallation and remount of your thermostat.

2. Power Problem

If the battery of your thermostat has gone faulty for instance, you can be experiencing many hardware and software problems.

We are talking about constant outages and battery issues which can be really frustrating at some point if not taken care of.

3. Problem with Wiring

A common occurrence for lack of auto functionality is a problem with the wiring, especially with the thermostats.

The sensitive cables inside of the device could really get damaged if they are exposed outside. Later we’ll describe the issue in more detail.

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4. Problem with The Furnace

If the auto-configuration doesn’t meet the capacity of your furnace, for instance, the auto setting won’t work until further notice. Simply make sure all inputs you’ve given to the thermostat are 100% legit and nothing is disfigured.

5. Possible Issue with Sensor

If the sensor itself has been damaged, it won’t be able to follow the auto-configuration.

Sensors cannot be replaced, most often such issues are deducted to the hardware issue group. We’ve figured mentioning it separately so you could have it in mind.

Now when you have a basic idea of what might be going on, let’s check the methods that will most likely get the issue resolved in no time.

How To Fix Auto Setting on Thermostat Not Working?

fix auto setting on thermostat not working

We highly recommend applying the methods in numerical order so you can identify the issue and not simply resolve it.

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This is the only way to prevent it from appearing in the future so pay close attention!

Method #1 Restart/Reset Thermostat

Sometimes, a false alarm can make you hesitate whether your thermostat is working as it is supposed to or not. Because of this, the first thing you should do is give your thermostat a firm restart to see if that will help.

Troubleshooting before first restarting your thermostat could really be pointless, as all of this could be resolved with a simple system reboot.

Here are the steps to manually restart your thermostat.

  1. Make sure your thermostat’s auto mode is disabled and the device itself is running.
  2. Turn off the thermostat by switching it to the off position.
  3. Locate the breakers that are powering your HVAC system and disable them.
  4. Remain in this position for approximately 30 seconds and turn the breaker on.
  5. After all of these steps,turn the thermostat on and see if the auto mode now works!
Note: It is recommended to reboot your thermostat every once in a while to avoid temporary power glitches.

Method #2 Check Wiring

The next thing you should examine is the wiring of your thermostat.

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We must admit that interacting with such sensitive wiring can be really challenging for someone inexperienced, but the thing we are going to do here is as simple as possible.

All you have to do is make sure that no wires are damaged or disconnected.

This is as far as you go. Any further wiring-related complications must be examined by a technician. Otherwise, you might end up with more damaged cables and possibly an injury.

Whenever you open any compartment within the thermostat, don’t forget to screw them back up tightly as they were. Otherwise, you might risk damaging the thermostat’s inside components.

Note: Don’t forget to plug the thermostat off the power when interacting with the wirings to avoid severe injury!

Method #3 Check Auto Settings & Update

As we’ve briefly mentioned at the beginning, if the auto choice you have for your thermostat is somewhat unreal or doesn’t cover your furnace’s capacity, there’s a good chance that the auto mode won’t be enabled.

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The thing you should do here is to make sure that the parameters you gave for the auto performance are meeting the requirement of the rest of your configuration.

In other words, making sure the settings are established well before trying to turn on the thermostat on auto again.

If you’ve made any changes make sure to revert them to default and test the auto settings again.

Moreover, go ahead and search for your thermostat model’s right settings configuration and align them to exclude the possibility of a faulty setup.

Note: If your thermostat software has been outdated you might experience functionality issues. 

Check-in your thermostat menu for an Update tab and possibly pending updates.

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Method #4 Factory Default

If the auto setting on thermostat not working still, it’s time to take more drastic measures. The so-called factory reset will revert your device as you’re opening it right from the box.

All settings, configurations will be permanently lost.

Here is how to perform a factory reset on your thermostat:

  1. Locate the reset button somewhere on the panel.
  2. Press the reset button and hold for 10+ seconds.

This sequence should reset your thermostat to default and the auto-settings should be working as intended. If not, let’s see what possibilities we’ve got left.

Method #5 Replace Sensor

If the sensor of your thermostat has been damaged, it won’t be able to measure the outside temperature well.

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This will lead to complications with the auto mode’s functionality and even in some cases, it won’t let your thermostat run in auto as it is in your situation.

As there isn’t really a way to fix sensors, you will be left with one choice, but to replace them.

Before actually purchasing anything, we recommend having a technician taking a look as there could be another damaged hardware component.

There is no actual way to tell whether it is the sensor or not, but the auto settings do not work after all previous methods, the sensors are the main suspect.

Auto Settings On Thermostat Still Not Working…

If there has been hardware damage done to your thermostat, we are afraid that you must either replace the device or send it for repair for the auto mode to work.

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As the damage is irreversible, you will be left with two general choices.

One is as we’ve mentioned above, sending the device for a repair, and the other one, purchasing a brand new thermostat. 

Both of the processes will come approximately equal in price, except if you have an active warranty.

Then, if the damage hasn’t been done by you, you can get a free repair of your thermostat at your manufacturers’ headquarters and get your auto mode working again.

If you still don’t feel like purchasing anything you can contact your thermostat manufacturer for further assistance.

We must say that auto mode is really important to any household and having it not working is the worst that could happen. Anything from power malfunctions, outdated firmware, and hardware damage could be responsible.

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To resolve the issue you should perform a restart or even reset. Furthermore, you need to keep the device up to date as well as regularly inspecting the wiring.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know how to fix it when auto setting on thermostat not working, you must remember how to proceed with its maintenance for the future.

Having a regular look at the most important components of your thermostat is mandatory to avoid similar issues in the future.

If you’re interested in more posts revealing thermostat issues and how to fix them, check our technical blog to find a solution to your problem!