how to tell if nest thermostat is charging

Not sure how to tell if Nest thermostat is charging? We will give you an answer!

Since many Nest homeowners want to know how they can ensure that their Nest thermostat is charging properly, we’ve created an informational guide. 

There’s no need to worry any longer because we are here to allay any of your concerns so you know better your Nest thermostat.

The Nest thermostat has an indicator light that blinks while it is charging and stops when it is charged fully. When the power goes out, the Nest thermostats easily work for up to two hours, based on the battery performance and whether the device has been charged.

Let’s move forward and learn more about the Nest thermostat and clear all concerns!

How Do I Know If My Nest Is Charging?

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Nest thermostat often helps you in adjusting your home temperature and as well in many other things too.

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So, it is very easy to know when it needs to be recharged and whether or not it is charging. 

Your thermostat’s red blinking light may let you know when it’s in Charging Mode, and it will continue to flash until the battery is fully charged.

Aside from the thermostat charging, keep in mind that the thermostat has a battery that will help keep the device working when the power goes out.

The battery has a limited lifespan, and when you overused it or the battery efficiency is near dead, the device might not last as long.

Tip: Nest thermostat system battery will last up to two years!

Does Nest Thermostat Need To Be Charged?

thermostsat need to be charged

If a smart device has to be recharged or not is the most important consideration to make!

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When charging the Nest thermostat and it is already charged, this would negatively impact the lifespan of the thermostat battery. 

In order to determine whether your thermostat needs to be charged, it is important to pay attention to the indications described below:

  • Your Nest thermostat automatically shuts OFF
  • Unresponsive thermostat screen!
  • The device automatically disconnects from the WiFi
  • Unable to use the Nest app to control the thermostat

This happens when the device is not connected to the power and the battery is running low.

The Nest thermostat will shut off the above-listed features but will continue to function until its battery is totally drained.

Let’s next proceed with answering some of the most frequently asked questions!

How To Tell If Nest Thermostat Is Charging?

Any device’s battery life may be maintained by using the proper charging method.

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test thermostat if need charging

No need to be concerned if you have put your thermostat into an outlet but are unsure of how to know if it is charging. We are here to tell you!

How To Charge Nest Thermostat?

Before going to charge your Nest thermostat, there is something that you need to be aware of.

It is very important for thermostat battery effectiveness to charge it only when the battery is low or nearly dead.

Otherwise, if you unknowingly plugged your fully charged device into charging, it not only decreases the lifespan of the battery but also disturbs the device’s performance. 

If you are really sure that your thermostat battery needs to be recharged, then go ahead and follow the steps!

  1. First of all, disconnect your thermostat display from the unit.
  2. Take a Nest USB cable and connect it to the device.
  3. Plugged the cable into the PC USB port or a wall charger adapter.
  4. A light on the thermostat will begin to blink, indicating that it is charging.
  5. Leave the device for charging for an hour or two depending on the battery level.
  6. Unplug the thermostat from the port once you no longer see the blinking light.
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Nest Thermostat Battery Life?

The lifespan of the battery is another factor to consider.

Generally, the battery in a Nest thermostat may easily last up to two years, depending on how frequently it is used. 

the thermostat battery life

Therefore, be careful to replace the battery in your rechargeable thermostat when it reaches its end life.

Note: The Nest thermostat’s battery can be replaced!

How Long Nest Thermostat Takes To Charge?

Now that we know how to tell if Nest is charging let’s learn more about the actual process! 

After plugging your thermostat into an outlet for charging, a blinking light comes up with the indication that your device is charging. 

Always be careful to charge your thermostat in a timely manner, and avoid forgetting to disconnect the device from the power when fully charged.

Quick Fact: Charging the Nest Thermostat battery from 0% to 100% takes 2 and a half hours!

The time it takes for the device to charge will also suggest, how good the battery condition is.

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The more time it requires to charge means, the battery is healthier! In case your Nest thermostat’s battery charges to full in less than 30 minutes, it means that the capacity is low.

Find a replacement battery for the Nest thermostat at the bottom of the guide!

Does Every Nest Thermostat Rechargeable?

is nest thermostat rechargeable

Not every Nest thermostat can be recharged because some of the most recent versions are battery-operated and do not have a USB port. 

Since they work until their battery life expires, which is probably two years, they won’t need to be recharged.

Once the battery died, you will see a low battery sign on the thermostat display screen, and then the only solution to recharge is to replace its battery. 

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The battery only plugs in so it does not require any technical skills or a help from professional. 

Note: Nest thermostat uses an AAA battery for optimal working.

How To Fix Not Charging Nest Thermostat?

how fix nest thermostat

In case the LED light is not blinking even when the thermostat is plugged into the power, perhaps the power outlet or the charging cable is at fault. 

There is an easy way to understand where the problem is coming from and we’ll help you identify if anything is wrong.

Here are some things that you need to do when your thermostat is not charging:

  • Check thermostat C-wire
  • Restart your thermostat device
  • Try to charge it manually using a USB port
  • Make sure that all wires with the thermostat are connected properly
  • Factory reset your thermostat
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This blinking light will continue to show up until the battery is not charged completely depending on the remaining battery level.

You might need to replace the charging cable at some point or switch the power source, but surely the light will go off only when the device is fully charged.

How To Check Nest Battery Level?

check the battery level

You have to go to the Nest’s device settings and select Technical Info Power > Battery in order to check the battery level. 

Remember that a 3.8V battery is required for your thermostat to function properly and anything beyond 95% is considered ready to go!

Quick Recap:

To tell when the Nest thermostat is charging, look at the light and whether it’s blinking or not. When the Nest thermostat is connected to the power via the USB cable, the light starts to blink as an indication of charging. When it stops blinking, the device is charged.

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Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we have covered how to tell if Nest thermostat is charging. The red blinking light is the main indicator that’ll tell you while it is on charging and when it is completely charged. 

We hope that this guide was helpful and that you know better understand your Nest Thermostat.

Looking for a replacement Nest thermostat battery?

In case your Nest thermostat battery is charging from 0% to 100% in less than 30 minutes or doesn’t last long when fully charged, you’ll need a replacement. 

Based on your Nest Thermostat’s model check the Replacement Battery For Nest Thermostat.