why is my pura blinking purple

Why is my Pura blinking purple? Well, it could be due to issues related to connectivity or the device setup.

If you see that your Pura is blinking and won’t work, don’t worry; we will guide you through this.

To fix your Pura diffuser from blinking purple or red and blue, check the fragrance pods for issues. Then, update your Pura app, reset the diffuser, and check the power delivery.

Now that you have a grasp on the exact steps we will take to fix this issue let’s examine the causes of the blinking purple light.

Why is My Pura Blinking Purple?

pura blinking purple reasons

Pura diffusers have warning lights that blink, indicating a specific error or device status.

If you see a purple or bluish blinking light, it most likely indicates an issue with the fragrance pods. In rarer cases, it could be caused by outdated software or issues with the network. 

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Here are the common causes for Pura diffuser blinking in purple:

  • Low Fragrance Cartridge Levels
  • Overheating or Water damage
  • Incorrect Device Positioning
  • Ambient Light Set to Purple
  • Software and WiFi Issues

Now that you know the possible culprits behind purple or red/blue blinking lights, we can try out some fixes.

How to Fix Pura Diffuser Blinking Purple?

Tip: Always allow your Pura diffuser to cool down before inserting new cartridges or pods.

Step #1: Check Fragrance Pods

step 1 check fragrance pods

The first possibility you should check when faced with a purple-colored light is to ensure the fragrance cartridges are not depleted/low.

This can cause your device to stop working in order to prevent hardware damage.

Here is how to ensure your fragrance pods are in working condition for the Pura device:

  1. Open the Pura App where your diffuser is connected or paired.
  2. Navigate to the devices panel and select your Pura diffuser that is blinking.
  3. Check for any warning indicators, such as low or depleted fragrance pods.
  4. If the app indicates a replacement is due, unplug your Pura and let it cool down for 10 minutes.
  5. Take out the depleted cartridge reservoirs and install new ones, ensuring they fit snugly.
  6. Restart your diffuser and let it reconfigure, then check if the blinking light persists. 
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If you suspect the fragrance pods are low on content and your Pura app is not issuing a warning, you can manually check them by shaking them side-to-side to see if a liquid is present.

Note: Always connect your Pura diffuser with the fragrance dispersal vents facing upward.

Step #2: Update Your Pura App

step 2 update your pura app

The Pura diffuser blinking purple can be caused by a software malfunction that is issuing a false warning light.

To prevent such software-related instances from occurring, you must verify that your Pura app is running the latest version.

Here is how to manually update your Pura app on iOS (iPhone or iPad devices):

  1. Open the App Store on your iOS device.
  2. Tap on the “Updates” panel located at the button side of the screen.
  3. If you see the Pura diffuser app listed, tap the “Update” button next to its name.
  4. Choosing the “Update All” option will get all available updates installed, including Pura.
  5. When the update is ready, log in to your Pura app.
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manually update your pura app on android

Here is how to manually update your Pura app on Android smartphones and tablets:

  1. Tap on the Google Play Store icon on your Android.
  2. Look for three horizontal lines, usually at the top corner, and open the menu.
  3. Select “My Apps & Games” and then find the “Updates” tab. 
  4. Look for the Pura app through the list of apps and tap “Update” next to it.
  5. Let the download finish, open the Pura app, and sign in as usual.

It’s preferable to install the updates via a WiFi network to avoid using up your 4G or 5G mobile carrier network instead. 

Note: Never pour or empty the diffuser cartridges into the sink; dispose of them as intended.

Step #3: Reset the Pura Diffuser

step 3 reset the pura diffuser

If your Pura is blinking in blue or purple, it might be due to an internal software error.

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The most common way to remove such issues is to perform a reset on your device, which will restore its settings and configurations to how they came when you first ordered the Pura.

Here is how to reset your Pura diffuser to fix any blinking warning light:

  1. Unplug your Pura device from the power outlet.
  2. Remove the cover panel by sliding it off to access the hidden reset button.
  3. Locate the small reset pinhole, usually next to the diffuser panel.
  4. Press and hold the reset button with a thin object while simultaneously plugging the diffuser back into the power outlet.
  5. When the reset is finished, your Pura diffuser will give you an indication.
Note: If the Pura diffuser is blinking blue, it means your device is ready for pairing. 

Step #4: Check Your Power Delivery

step 4 check your power delivery

If there are issues with the power outlet or power strip when you connect your Pura, it might malfunction and blink in various colors.

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To ensure this is not the case for your device, you must check the power delivery for issues.

Here are the steps for checking your electrical outlet for issues:

  1. Take a different electronic device with a power cable that you know to work.
  2. Plug the new device into the electrical outlet where you used the Pura diffuser.
  3. If the device isn’t properly working, try plugging the diffuser into a different socket.
  4. Never connect your Pura diffuser to a power strip, as the diffuser must always be facing upward and not lying down.
  5. Check the small metal prongs on your Pura for burn marks or other issues.
Note: Pura devices bought within the USA use 120 volts - use a power adapter if using a different voltage standard.

Step #5: Verify Router Configuration

step 5 verify router configuration

Sometimes, your Pura device might get stuck blinking blue or purple indefinitely if it has issues related to the WiFi network

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Here are the ways to verify your router is properly set for the Pura diffuser:

  1. Be sure that the Pura diffuser can receive at least 3 full bars of WiFi signal where it is placed. 
  2. This can be checked by taking your phone while connected to your WiFi and moving it next to the diffuser, then inspecting your phone’s WiFi signal.
  3. Try positioning your Pura diffuser close to the WiFi modem, at least until it is paired to the app once.
  4. Double-check the network credentials you are inputting when pairing your Pura to an internet network.
  5. Ensure there is no WiFi interference from an overly congested network or due to the router being placed near strong appliances.
  6. Make sure your WiFi modem is set to 2.4GHz or to a dual-band frequency. If your router is 5GHz only, it means your Pura diffuser won’t be able to connect to it.
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Additionally, depending on your router configuration, there might be restrictions on which devices can join the network.

If you have a firewall or VPN in use with the model, disable them temporarily to connect the Pura diffuser first.

Note: Your Pura might struggle to connect to the WiFi if it's too far away from your router.

Step #6: Change the Ambient Light Color

step 6 change the ambient light color

An often overlooked reason why your Pura is blinking in purple could be because it is configured to night light mode with a set ambient color.

If your Pura diffuser glows and not the status buttons, you must simply adjust the ambient color glow or strength from the settings.

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To change your Pura diffuser’s ambient light color, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your Pura diffuser is plugged into the outlet.
  2. Open your Pura app, look for a lightbulb-shaped icon, and tap on it.
  3. Tap the “Turn On” button to enable or disable the ambient glow.
  4. You can cycle through the various colors to change it from purple to anything else or disable the glow feature entirely.
  5. Tap anywhere outside of the popup to apply the changes.

After these steps, your Pura should no longer be blinking or glowing in purple.

If the issue persists, it is best to contact Pura support to check what can be done further.

Note: If your Pura ambient light is too dim, try changing the color spectrum to a more solid color.

Quick Recap:

If you ask, Why is my pura blinking purple, check if there are any issues with the fragrance canister and ensure your WiFi is working.

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Next, reset the device and try changing settings.

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