why does my westinghouse tv keep turning off

Why Does My Westinghouse TV Keep Turning Off? We will tell you all about it!

The Westinghouse TV has many smart features to keep you hooked on the best shows. However, sometimes it turns off by itself without a clear reason.

The Westinghouse TV may keep turning off due to shutdown settings or incompatible configurations. To resolve the issue, navigate through settings and check associated devices for potential solutions.

Let’s see what you can do to fix the issue quickly!

Why Does My Westinghouse TV Keep Turning Off – 9 Working Solutions

why my westinghouse tv keeps turning off

1. Disable The Power Saving Mode

Since some people use the TV only for less demanding activities, many modern Westinghouse smart TV models feature the power-saving mode.

However, it can backfire if your TV is forcing itself to consume less power than it needs. 

Check And Turn The Mode Off

Let’s see how you can find the Power Saving Mode and turn it off:

  1. Open the TV’s Settings;
  2. Look for the power/energy options;
  3. Find “Energy saving”;
  4. If it is on, toggle it off.
Note: The Power Saving Mode is only one of the probable culprits. If the issue is not gone, consider other solutions below.

#2: Adjust The Auto-Off Option

adjust the auto off option

One more native feature on your Westinghouse TV that can make it turn off at inconvenient times is the auto-off or power timer.

It is possible that your TV is wrongly configured to turn off after a few minutes.

How To Disable The Sleep Timer

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the remote;
  2. Find the “Settings”;
  3. Select  the “Sleep Timer”;
  4. Adjust it with a new option.

You can leave the Sleep Timer on “off” so that the TV won’t turn off suddenly when you are watching shows.

Tip: When you navigate the Timers, remember to turn off any timer that would bring you back to the main screen whenever you are watching an app.

#3: Clear The TV’s Cache

clear the tv cache

Sometimes the issue on your Westinghouse TV is due to a full cache.

In case you are not familiar, the cache is data collected by the software to help you navigate on apps already opened before. However, the cache can get too full or corrupted.

How To Reset The Cache

Then, sometimes it is necessary to reset the cache on your Westinghouse TV.

The process is simple and requires doing the following:

  1. Press the “Home” button on the remote controller five times;
  2. Press the “Up” button;
  3. Press the “Rewind” button twice;
  4. Press the “Fast Forward” button twice;
  5. Wait for the TV to restart.

After that, the TV’s cache will be fresh, and all associated issues will be gone.

Tip: Beyond the cache, it is a good idea to check the device's storage and uninstall a few apps you haven't used recently. Also, delete shows you have downloaded and already watched.

#4: Check The Connected Devices

check all connected device

We could also assume that your Westinghouse TV shuts off by itself because one of the external devices connected to it has a problem.

Relatedly, the port on the TV being used for the connection is defective.

Test The Devices

Let’s identify if one of your external devices (gaming console, soundbar, etc.) is causing the issue.

Do the following:

  1. Disconnect the external devices;
  2. Turn the TV’s power on;
  3. Check if the issue persists.

How To Get Rid Of The Problem

how get rid of the problem

So suppose that the connected device was causing the problem.

However, you still want to connect it, right? Then you need to take some measures:

  • Look for rust, dust, or damage on the TV’s ports. You might want to clean the dust and rust away.
  • Test the same device using a different cable or a different port (TVs usually have two HDMI ports).
Note: Sometimes, you need to replace old cables with new ones. When doing that, ensure that your new HDMI cable (for example) has enough transmission capacity.

#5: Examine The Power Cable

Still wondering – why does my Westinghouse TV keep turning off by itself? We can assume that the issue is happening because your power outlet doesn’t have enough power or the power cable is defective.

First, test the TV on another outlet. If the issue persists, let’s check the cable.

Use A Multimeter

Testing the conditions of the power cable is a simple process:

  1. Grab a multimeter;
  2. Unplug the TV from the power;
  3. Touch the multimeter’s probes to the power cable’s end;
  4. Set to continuity;
  5. Check the results.

Install A New Cable

install a new cable

If the multimeter shows you that the power cable is at fault, you will need to buy a replacement with the same power specs.

After that, do the following:

  1. Locate where the damaged power cable connects to the TV;
  2. Disassemble it, taking care not to damage the TV’s interior;
  3. Connect the new power cable;
  4. Reassemble the TV;
  5. Test the new cable.
Alert: Installing a new power cable on a TV might be a hard task if you are inexperienced. 

#6: Cold Reboot Your TV

A power or cold reboot is very simple and intends to release your TV of some undesired electrical charge.

That can make a huge difference in enabling the TV to behave accordingly.

Let’s do it:

  1. Unplug the TV from the wall;
  2. Wait a minute;
  3. Plug it back in;
  4. Turn the TV on;
  5. Power the TV off quickly and on again.

#7: Check The HDMI-CEC

check the hdmi cec

If you are using an HDMI device connected to your TV, you have likely turned HDMI-CEC on to take advantage of the seamless control.

However, HDMI-CEC might also misinterpret some commands and turn the TV off when it should not.

Solving that glitch requires the following:

  1. Press the “Menu” button;
  2. Go to “Settings”;
  3. Locate “System”;
  4. Find “Control Other Devices”;
  5. Find the HDMI-CEC and turn it off or adjust its options.

If you turn the HDMI-CEC off, check if the TV keeps turning off.

Note: The HDMI-CEC issue can be related to the HDMI port having an issue. You can try switching between two different HDMI ports.

#8: Update The Firmware

Have you skipped a recent firmware update? That easily explains why your TV is turning off all the time.

Firmware updates are necessary to keep all the apps and the system working smoothly. 

How To Update Your TV

how update my tv

Here is how to update the system of your Westinghouse TV:

  1. Press the “Menu” button;
  2. Navigate to the “Settings”;
  3. Locate the “System” menu;
  4. Choose “System Update” among the options;
  5. Select “Check Now”;

The TV will scan the Westinghouse servers to locate a new firmware update.

If available, it will prompt you. Then, you need to confirm the installation and wait until it finishes.

Note: The TV turns off and back on once the update is finished.

#9: Reset The TV

A last attempt to fix the issue that is making your TV turn off all the time is resetting it.

When you reset a TV, you lose all of the content you have downloaded and all the credentials on the apps. 

How To Reset The Westinghouse TV

how reset westingouse tv

Here are the steps:

  1. Press the remote’s “Menu” button;
  2. Go to the TV’s “Settings”;
  3. Choose “General”;
  4. Choose “Restore default”;
  5. Confirm the option.

After that, the TV will take a while to erase all of the data and reset the system to the factory default.

Reset With The Physical Button

Some Westinghouse TVs also feature a reset button. That button can be found on one of the sides or at the bottom. 

  1. Locate the button;
  2. Hold it using a ballpen;
  3. Release when you see the Westinghouse logo on the screen.

Quick Recap

Why Does My Westinghouse TV Keep Turning Off? The issue often stems from silly configurations you can change in a few clicks.

However, at other times you will need to examine the hardware components of the TV or associated devices. If the issue is not serious, you should have the TV working again by now!

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