westinghouse roku tv remote not working

Wondering why the Westinghouse Roku TV remote not working? Well, let’s find out!

Let’s begin by saying that there’s a simple solution to any problem the Westinghouse Roku TV remote can develop. The culprit in your situation is still unclear but not for much longer!

The Westinghouse Roku TV remote functionality can be fixed by taking the batteries out and then placing them back in (hard-reset).

If that didn’t work, review the TV setup for any devices that could cause interference and ultimately replace the remote’s batteries.

There is much more to learn so let’s proceed!

Why Is My Westinghouse TV Remote Not Working?

why is my westinghouse tv remote not working

Here are all possible reasons why Westinghouse Roku TV remote would stop working:

  1. A battery fault with the Westinghouse Roku TV remote.
  2. There’s wireless/physical television setup interference.
  3. A problem with the software of the Westinghouse TV.
  4. Obstructed line of sight of bad remote aiming angle.
  5. There’s an issue with the IR transmitter or receiver.
  6. A hardware fault or malfunction with the remote control.

Important Things to Know!

The remote used for operating your Westinghouse TV with the Roku software is a simple remote.

Simple remotes do not have any significant features, such as voice-controlling, WiFi connection, or advanced software and all simple remotes use IR to connect with the TV.

  • The Westinghouse Roku TV requires a clear IR line of sight!

The major difference between WiFi remotes and IR remotes is that IR remotes must be directly pointed toward the TV.

Connecting and using a WiFi remote saves you the effort to point the remote every time you wish to change the channel or adjust the TV’s volume.

Westinghouse Roku TV Remote Not Working – Fixed Easily!

Tip: Follow the troubleshooting steps in consecutive order!

1. Reset the Remote’s Power

reset the remote's power

Resetting the power of the Westinghouse Roku TV remote should help with any IR fault or any communication issues with the TV.

The main power supply of the remote control is the batteries, so taking them out for about 30-40 seconds will discharge and reset the remote.

Follow these steps to reset the power of the Westinghouse Roku TV remote:

  1. Locate the battery compartment on the backside.
  2. Grab the compartment cover’s latch and pull it out.
  3. Take out the 2 x AAA batteries from the compartment.
  4. Press the power button of the remote for 30 seconds.
  5. Re-insert the batteries of the remote the correct way.

Replace the Batteries!

If you haven’t done already, now would be the best time to replace the remote’s batteries.

Insert a fresh set of 2 x AAA batteries into the Westinghouse Roku TV remote and determine if the remote will start working again. Otherwise, further troubleshooting would be pointless…

Alert: When placing the batteries back into the remote, match the polarity!

2. Test From a Closer Distance

test from a closer distance

Since the Westinghouse Roku remote is a simple remote and doesn’t use Wi-Fi technology to communicate with the TV, the distance plays a vital role.

It is possible that the infrared signal reflects off a surface and doesn’t reach the TV’s “eye”, hence the remote won’t work.

  • Press the power button aiming and the TV from 1 foot or less!

Also, make sure that the remote is directly pointed toward the logo of the Westinghouse TV. This is where the IR receiver of the TV is and where the signal of the remote should reach when any button is pressed. 


Well, if the Westinghouse Roku TV remote is working from close proximity, it’s likely that the IR is being interfered with or obstructed.

If the remote won’t work from any distance, keep reading!

3. Power Cycle the Westinghouse TV

power cycle the westinghouse tv

Performing a power cycle on the Westinghouse TV should resolve any connectivity problems with the Roku remote.

This type of reset helps both with temporary and major software-related issues, considering that your TV’s functionality might also be the culprit.

Follow these instructions to perform a power cycle on the Westinghouse TV:

  1. Unplug the power cable from the Westinghouse TV.
  2. Locate the power button (on the TV back or TV front).
  3. Press and tightly hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  4. Next, release the button and reconnect the TV’s cable.
  5. Press the “power” button on the TV remote to test.
Note: To conduct the power cycle more effectively, keep the TV unplugged for longer!

4. Dislocate Any Interfering Objects

dislocate any interfering objects

There are particular wireless devices, objects, and furniture that could be blocking the signal of the Westinghouse Roku TV remote.

This is why next we will review the primary suspects for IR signal interference so you can recognize and dislocate them.

Causes for Physical Interference:

  • Solid objects/furniture between the TV and remote
  • Placing anything in front of the TV’s logo on the front
  • Dirt or debris on the IR transmitter of the remote

Causes for Wireless Interference:

  • RF transmitters or radios near the Westinghouse TV
  • Devices with enabled Bluetooth near the remote TV
  • Cordless phones, microwave ovens, cellphones
causes for wireless interference
Note: Make sure none of these devices are within a 20-foot range from the Westinghouse TV.

5. Deactivate the TV “HDMI-CEC”

The “HDMI-CEC” feature allows controlling your TV with remotes from connected HDMI devices and when enabled, this feature might cause interference.

Deactivating the setting is possible without having access to the system settings of the TV, but if you do, it’s easier from the menu.

  • Some Westinghouse TVs have action buttons for you to interact with!

How to Deactivate “HDMI-CEC” (Using Action Buttons)

deactivate the tv hdmi cec

Using the action buttons on the bottom panel beneath the display, go to Settings > System > “CEC” > “OFF”. When you’re ready, test whether the remote will now control the television.

How to Deactivate “HDMI-CEC” (No Access to Settings)

To turn off the HDMI link service on the Westinghouse TV, disconnect all third-party HDMI devices connected to the back of the device.

Leave only the power cable of the TV plugged in.

Info: HDMI-CEC allows the TV to startup alongside externally connected HDMI devices!

6. Factory Reset the Westinghouse TV

factory reset the westinghouse tv

Fortunately, the manufacturers of Westinghouse have made it possible to achieve a factory reset, without using a remote at all.

You have to locate the small reset button pinhole on the back of the TV and press the button inside.

  • A factory reset can only be applied while the Westinghouse TV is turned on!

Here are detailed instructions on how to factory reset the Westinghouse TV:

  1. Lean back on the left side of the Westinghouse TV.
  2. Locate the small pinhole above the “OPTICAL” port.
  3. Use a pen, paperclip, or sharp object to press the button.
  4. Hold the button for 15-20 seconds while the TV is rebooting.
Info: The Westinghouse Roku TV logo will appear multiple times throughout the reset.

Frequently Asked Questions!

frequently asked questions
  • How do I Know if My Remote Died?

If there has been critical hardware damage, either some of the remote’s components will fall off or you will hear a broken internal part making a sound.

The best way to find out whether the remote is still intact or not is by using it on multiple TV devices or replacing the batteries.

  • How Often to Replace Batteries?

Although there is no recommendation as to when to replace the batteries of this remote, you should replace them every 1-2 months anyway.

  • Westinghouse Roku TV Universal Remotes!

In case your Westinghouse Roku TV remote turns out to be defective, there are many universal remotes that would work.

One of them would be the RMT-24 Westinghouse Remote, which is a good choice with a long life expectancy. 

Quick Recap:

Hence, fixing whenever the Westinghouse Roku TV remote not working is possible by discharging the remote and power cycling the Westinghouse TV.

If the problem persists, scout your setup for any type of interference and perform a reset on the remote.

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