westinghouse tv not turning on

Can’t fix Westinghouse TV not turning on and you’re looking for a reliable solution?

Look no further and keep reading as here we’re revealing all possible causes and how to effectively approach each of them.

Moreover, you’ll learn how to resolve the issue and prevent it from appearing in the future!

To fix your Westinghouse when not turning on, we can advise you to check if your device has reliable power income. Assure all cables are assembled correctly and if possible test their functionality. 

Furthermore, your remote can be faulty or a third-party device could be interfering with your TV.

Regardless of where the issue is coming from, we’re going to find out the cause and hopefully resolve it.

Why Is Westinghouse Smart TV Not Turning On?

We must say that issues of this kind are pretty common to the users and we were able to gather some extra information about the issue.

We’ve figured that you already know your Westinghouse must be connected to power and the other essentials, so let’s check what the most common cases across the Westinghouse users are.

1. Faulty Power Supply

If the internal power supply of your TV has gone faulty, it is more likely that the device won’t turn at all.

Sometimes, it could be a temporal power displacement, which is resolved by a simple restart that you can perform anytime at home.

2. Wiring Problem

Another possibility that could cause dysfunction to your Westinghouse TV is a faulty or loose cable/cables.

In most cases, a power outage can burn your cables and configuration, so checking them regularly is really healthy for your TV. You must also ensure that all of them are connected to their respective slots.

3. Remote Problem

Sometimes whenever your remote doesn’t work, you can suspect that your TV has stopped working. The only thing you can do except replace the remote is to change its batteries.

4. Broadcast Cable/Antenna

It is evident that you will either have an antenna or cable connection that will provide your TV with broadcasting channels. If the problem is with this type of connection, there is a possibility that your TV remains black screened.

5. Bricked Software

If your Westinghouse TV is too old and cannot support one of the newest firmware available if you attempt to apply it anyway, there’s a chance that you will brick your TV.

Such type of software bricking can only be corrected if someone logs into your TV and applies the older software version.

6. Third-Party Devices

We all use DVDs and other third-party devices to connect to our TVs. Sometimes, however, if there is an issue with these devices, they could cause all kinds of issues with your Westinghouse TV.

The only thing we can suggest to you is to unplug the power cable of these devices and try again.

Note: Your TV might be having automatic software updates. These updates can make your TV idle for several minutes/hours until the update has finished.

How To Fix Westinghouse TV Won’t Turn On No Light?

fix westinghouse tv not turning on

Please be informed that our methods are directly related to entirely not working Westinghouse TV.

In case any of the lights are flickering it could mean something else and in cases like this, we recommend searching for a guide describing the respective light.

Method #1 Check For Power Problem

First things first, you must make sure that your TV has a functional power flow. Otherwise, none of the recommendations below this method would be in your support.

If there is an internal power problem with your Westinghouse TV you have to recalibrate it.

To properly diagnose your TV for power issues and resolve them, you can try to perform a power reset.

Power resets are recommended to perform during any kind of issue going on, so this is why we recommend it as the very first step.

To perform a power reset, you must first turn off and unplug your TV’s power cable. Wait for several minutes and connect all cables back to their slots.

It is healthy for the TV to perform one of these every once in a while to avoid power issues in the future.

Method #2 Check Remote

Another thing that could create a big misunderstanding is not working remotely.

Users sometimes mistake their TV for broken, whenever the remote’s batteries have simply gone faulty.

The only thing you can try before replacing your remote with a brand new one is to change the batteries.

Batteries can run out of wattage in a few months after buying them, so keeping them fresh and frequently replacing them will save you some extra frustration whenever they go faulty.

Method #3 Check Cables

Incorrect wiring can sometimes affect your TV’s functionality greatly if some of the cables are faulty or simply loose.

To ensure the reliability of your wiring, we can recommend you ensure all cables are connected tightly to their spots.

To check the cables, go behind your TV and replug all cables once again to ensure they are secured.

If after these steps your Westinghouse TV not turning on still, another thing that includes your wiring and you can check by yourself is to determine whether the cables are faulty or not.

Try the same cables on another TV to see if that will help.

Method #4 Check Cable/Antenna

Another thing that can prevent your Westinghouse TV from turning on is a faulty antenna or cable.

Sometimes whenever the broadcasting flow is disrupted, your TV will either show a “no signal message” or turn itself down until further notice.

If your Westinghouse is not smart, it will probably power down as soon as it loses broadcasting signal.

If it is a Smart TV, you will more likely still have access to the menu, but on the broadcasting source, your TV will say “No signal”.

You can’t help it except contact your TV service provider and ask them to check your cables.

Method #5 Check Third-Party Devices

The last thing we are going to discuss before wrapping this up is to ensure that your third-party devices are working correctly.

Sometimes, whenever you have chosen the device’s source connection and it doesn’t work, you may find yourself in a situation where your TV isn’t functional.

You can try to unplug all third-party devices and plug them in again. This way you will refresh their power and check them if they aren’t working.

Another thing you can try is to change the TV source to another that you’re certain is functional.

Moreover, try to use the Westinghouse TV without any devices connected to it. There is always the possibility of a device interfering with the TV’s functionality.

Westinghouse TV Still Not Turning On…

If you have tried all five methods and nothing managed to get your Westinghouse TV working it is time to ask for assistance.

Go to the official Westinghouse website and contact their support representatives.

You can either contact them via live chat or call them for a direct phone conversation.

Either way you will be provided with the opportunity to describe the issue you’re experiencing and hopefully receive a solution.

We must say that there can be plenty of things disrupting your Westinghouse TV’s functionality and not turning it on. The options like resetting your TV, check all of its cables, and ensure that there aren’t third-party issues, you must be able to fix it.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why is Westinghouse TV not turning on and after taking a quick look at our guide, you should be able to fix the issue with no effort.

Even if you find it difficult at the end or nothing works for you, reaching out for further assistance is always an option!

Nicole B