westinghouse roku tv stuck on logo screen

Whenever Westinghouse Roku TV stuck on logo screen, this could be an indication of two general things – a malfunctioning power supply or issues with the TV firmware.

So, here we will unpack the meaning of this problem, so keep reading to understand how to approach this!

To fix the Westinghouse Roku TV stuck on the logo screen, unplug the TV from the electrical outlet, then check if the remote is working. Troubleshooting these steps can help resolve the issue.

If the issue is persistent, you need to determine if the TV is overheating and whether a factory restoration will help.

Let’s keep unwrapping the problem further!

Why is Westinghouse Roku TV Logo Freezes?

why westinghouse roku tv logo freezes

There could be several causes leading to the frozen logo screen on the Westinghouse Roku TV.

To approach the problem efficiently, it’s enough to take a quick look at all potential causes first!

Here’s why the Westinghouse Roku TV is stuck on the logo screen:

  • Incomplete firmware update of the TV.
  • A problem with the HDMI cable or input.
  • The firmware of the TV is still outdated.
  • The TV power supply/source is faulty.
  • The batteries of the remote are dead.
  • HW failure or an operating system bug.

Can Frozen Logo Screen Mean a Hardware Issue?

can frozen logo screen mean a hardware issue

A hard drive failure will always result in startup problems with the TV.

As soon as the power button is pressed on the TV’s remote control, the hard drive is activated and if it doesn’t work properly, the Westinghouse Roku TV might remain on the logo screen indefinitely or restart.

Let’s next jump into the troubleshooting guide!

Westinghouse Roku TV Stuck On Logo Screen – Fixed!

Tip: Follow the steps consecutively!

1. Unplug the TV From Power!

Assuming that this is a temporary issue that should go away on its own, unplugging the TV should help in advance.

It is possible that the power supply of the TV has malfunctioned and caused the TV to freeze on the starting logo screen after pressing the remote’s power button.

unplug the tv from power
Note: This process is completely safe for your Westinghouse TV.

Here are the instructions to power cycle any television:

  1. Press the power button on the remote to turn off the TV.
  2. Unplug the power cable of the electrical outlet or strip.
  3. Wait for up to 60 seconds while the TV is unplugged.
  4. In the meantime, reconnect the power cable from the TV.
  5. Connect the TV’s power adapter directly to the wall.
  6. Turn on the TV using the remote and check if it will load.

How to Spot Power Issues With the TV?

If the power supply of the TV is experiencing issues, the frozen logo screen will be one of the indications for it.

test with secondary device

To make sure the TV’s power flow is correct, there are a couple of things to inspect so let’s go through the power equipment of the Westinghouse Roku TV!

  • Verify that the electrical outlet is working by using a secondary device.
  • Inspect and power cable, adapter, or power strip, if you’re using one.
  • Double-check if the power cable is securely connected on both ends.
Tip: If you’re hesitant that the power outlet is malfunctioning, plug the TV elsewhere!

2. Prevent the TV From Overheating!

Overheating is one of the potential causes for the persistent logo screen freezing on any TV, not only on Westinghouse Roku.

prevent the tv from overheating

If the hardware temperatures of the TV are unstable or are constantly surpassing the thermal margin, your TV might reboot, freeze or behave weirdly!

How to Recognize Overheating?

Cautiously, place your hand on the back panel of the TV and tell whether the panel is hot to the touch.

If there’s any recollection of previous TV restarts, during very warm days, well, you’re definitely dealing with overheating.

Don’t worry, there are a couple of ways to overcome this!

How to Prevent TV Overheating?

  • Relocate the Westinghouse TV in a well-ventilated area.
  • Dislocate any head conductors that are close to the TV.
  • Prevent direct sunlight from shining on the TV’s display.
  • Clear the dust around the ventilation openings on the TV.
  • Turn on a fan blowing directly at the back panel of the TV.
how to prevent tv overheating

Long-Term Overheating Exposure?

Overheating is bad for the hardware components. Luckily Westinghouse TVs and not only, deal with this by implementing a protective mechanism.

The Westinghouse TV will freeze, crash, and freeze on the logo screen, in order to preserve the HW components from lethal heat exposure.

Alert: if you’re noticing any of the symptoms above, deliver the TV for repair!

3. Unplug Connected Accessories!

Another cause that could result in a frozen logo screen on the Westinghouse Roku TV is the third-party devices connected to the TV.

unplug all third party devices

If a connected HDMI device has encountered issues with the operating system, you might be seeing the stuck logo for this particular device.

  • Simply unplug all devices connected to your TV!

Video and audio device connectors could be HDMI cable, Coaxial cable, and Component cable so unplug any of them.

Once all externally-connected devices are removed, press the “Power” button on the remote control twice and determine if the Westinghouse Roku TV works.

Tip: Keep everything disconnected until the logo freeze issue is resolved.

4. Initialize the Westinghouse Roku TV

initialize the westinghouse roku tv

Luckily, due to the in-built factory reset button on the back of the Westinghouse Roku TV, it is possible to activate the process, even when stuck on the logo screen.

So, you don’t have to be able to interact with the Roku settings or use the remote control, so let’s learn how it’s done!

Alert: The factory reset erases everything from your Westinghouse Roku TV!
  1. Acquire a pen or a pencil used for pressing the reset button.
  2. Lean on the back side of the TV and inspect the back panel.
  3. Above the ports, locate the small factory reset button pinhole.
  4. Use the pen to reach in and press the reset button within.
  5. Hold the button for 10 seconds and then you can release it. 
  6. Observe whether the Westinghouse TV screen will change.

When the screen of your Westinghouse TV changes, the reset has started and you only need to wait until the process is complete.

When the reset is ready, if you pass the logo screen then the issue has been solved and everything left to do is to simply set up the initial Roku TV settings.

Info: In case the process fails, hold the reset button for longer or until the screen changes!

5. Plug the TV into a Different Outlet

plug the tv into a different outlet

Plugging a TV into a different outlet in your home might be bothersome, but it’s recommended to attempt it before drawing a conclusion.

We mean “directly”, without an extender or a strip and see whether the TV will manage to pass through the logo screen.

The TV power cables are typically short, so in most cases, you would have to relocate the TV and if possible, test it in another room.

If the rooms in your home are on different fuses each, it’s worth attempting whether the issue will go away on a different A/C line.

Info: If there was a recent power outage, the A/C line in your home might be fluctuating, which leads to freezes and restarts on TVs.

Need More Help?

contact westinghouse support

When Westinghouse Roku TV is stuck on the logo and nothing helps, it’s not a good sign so it’s recommended contact Westinghouse Support for a consultation.

Also, it’s good to check the warranty of your Westinghouse Roku TV and check how would this go.

Best of luck!

Quick Recap:

Thus, whenever your Westinghouse Roku TV stuck on logo screen, you should start with a power circulation and inspection for overheating. In case the issue is persistent, you need to inspect the TV’s power source and perform a factory reset, using the TV button!

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