how to reset westinghouse tv without remote

Are you looking for a guide on how to reset Westinghouse TV without remote?

Perhaps you want to perform a refresh of your television and you’ll only be able to do it by resetting it.

Unfortunately, you don’t have a remote – can you still proceed with it?

In this guide, we will be detailing how you can reset your Westinghouse television even if the original remote is gone!

You can easily reset your Westinghouse television without a remote by resetting it via the reset button at the back of the TV! You just need a thin pointy-edged material like a pen or a SIM card pin.

Also, there is another way to reset the remote which we will discuss in this article. Without much delay, let us start the article.

Why Would You Want to Perform a Reset of Your Westinghouse TV?

Factory resetting your television is important in too few different situations. However, the most common would be:

Slow or Freezing Response

One of the many reasons why you would want to perform a reset of your Westinghouse television is when it’s running slow.

You’ll notice this when you switch channels or programs, or when you’re trying to load up content.

Another reason is that the entire user interface could be freezing whenever you’re doing an action.

It’s the same principle as the slow response, but instead, it’s freezing.

Crashing Applications and Programs

The next reason might be because there are several programs and applications that are crashing or closing.

This problem is usually solved by a simple restart or power cycle of the device. When it’s not enough, resetting it would be the key.

Loose Functionality

Does your Westinghouse TV seem like it’s not functioning properly? One way to approach this is to reset it.

There are instances where the system is experiencing an overload of information, and the only way around it is to reset it back to its factory settings.

These are just some of the repeated reasons reported by the vast majority of Westinghouse television users.

There could be others, but it’ll be on a case-to-case basis.

On a quick note, when you decide you’ll do and perform the reset, all data and information will be erased and removed.

From the apps, the credentials – everything will be gone.

This is just a quick disclaimer for you to be ready when it happens.

Resetting Westinghouse TV

Wiping all of the data and the information you have on your Westinghouse television is an easy process.

You just need your Westinghouse remote, and you’ll easily be able to reset it.

Step #1: Activate the TV

What you want to make sure of first is that your television is turned on and active.

This is because the reset functionality will only be available when it’s activated.

Make sure that you’re getting both the video and the audio for it.

Check the connections to see if there’s a loose cable or wire connected to the television.

Step #2: Navigate to Settings

Using the remote, navigate to the menu or the home screen by pressing the [MENU] button.

Next, you want to work your way until you’re inside the Settings panel.

From Settings, choose General > Restore Default.

Step #3: Wait for the Reset to Finish

When you press on Restore Default, what it’ll do is reset your television to the default settings or the settings it had when you purchased it.

It will turn off and turn on by itself; you just have to wait for a full minute.

After that, you’re all set! You’ve successfully reinitialized your system!

This 3-step process is everything you need to be able to reset your television.

However, there are instances where Westinghouse users wouldn’t have a remote control.

It could be because it’s broken and you’re yet to receive a replacement, or some of the buttons could be broken and pressed down, making them incapable of being pressed, etc.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way of resetting the settings back to default even if you don’t have a controller!

How to Reset Westinghouse TV Without Remote

reset westinghouse tv without remote

If your Westinghouse remote is nowhere to be found, don’t fret!

Just religiously follow the following steps for the factory default refreshing will properly commence.

Step #1: Locate the Reset Button on the TV

Many people do not know this, but there’s actually a reset button present on the TV.

You’ll see it on the back of the TV, usually near the ports are.

It’s easy to find since it has a label “reset” on it, this should be no problem.

Step #2: Find a Pin or a Thin Material

Most, if not all television manufacturers position this reset button dug deep down, instead of it being an easy button.

This is so in order for this particular button not to be accidentally pressed.

Even the thinnest finger wouldn’t be able to press on it.

You need a pointy-ended material like a pen or a SIM card pin to push through it.

Step #3: Press and Hold the Reset Button

Then, the last step you have to do is to press and hold the reset button on your TV.

When you do, the television will immediately and automatically turn off.

Do Not Let Go of The Button When It Turns Off

Keep it pressed and only release it when the television reboots back up; when it shows the Westinghouse logo.

The usual time that it boots back up again is around 15 to 30 seconds.

It will reinitialize and reboot on itself, you don’t have to worry or fret about doing anything.

At this point, you only need to do one (1) thing – and that is to wait.

This process usually takes about a full minute so be patient and wait for it to finish. Don’t do anything with the television yet.

You’ll know that it’s done when the system boots back up again and asks you to choose and select a language. The language will be in English by default so don’t worry.

So, Can You Reset Your TV Even Without a Remote?

Don’t believe people who are saying it’s not possible because you can!

No remote? No problem! All you need is a pin or a thin material to push the reset button, and that’s it!

Of course, you always have the option to order or purchase another controller but when you’re in dire times, you can always look back at this guide!

You will never be lost again if you need the comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to reset Westinghouse TV without remote.

The process is easy and convenient – you don’t need anything special to do it!

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