spectrum dvr not recording entire show

Isn’t it such a nuisance when you find your Spectrum DVR not recording entire show? Just like you, a lot of people have this particular dilemma as well.

That is why in this guide, we’ll not only give you the common causes of why this happens, but we’ll also help you get past this problem, too!

If your Spectrum DVR is not recording all shows, check if you still have available memory or storage on your DVR. Then, check your series priority settings and see if there’s conflict in recording shows. Perform a restart or a power cycle if the problem remains.

Right before we get to fixing, let us first try to gather the most common reasons why this is happening.

Reasons Why Spectrum DVR is Not Recording Shows

Knowing what’s making this happen is as essential as fixing it. Just like any other problem, getting to the root cause of it will give you a better approach to resolving it.

And while you may think that it’s easy to determine the reason why your device is not recording, it’s not. To set the expectation, there are instances where the culprit is more than one.

So, the most common reasons why your Spectrum DVR isn’t recording include:

  • Your disk, storage, or memory is full
  • There are loose cords or cables
  • There is a service outage
  • You’re trying to record on-demand content

The last point is often the root cause of the problem. Several Spectrum users attempt to record on-demand titles and content, which is not possible.

To clarify it further, you’ll only be able to view and access on-demand programs during the time allowed.

Now that we’re aware of what the usual causes are, let’s now try to solve this problem once and for all.

Fixing Spectrum DVR Not Recording Entire Show

fix spectrum dvr not recording entire show

This guide will not just be focused on one possibility. Instead, we’ll try to solve the problem using an approach that could address that is comprehensive.

Step #1: Check if You’re Recording on an Active DVR

The first thing you have to check is that you are trying to record on the DVR that’s currently active.

This is especially common with Spectrum subscribers that have more than one DVR. To check this, log into your Spectrum account and try to see which DVR you’re trying to record on.

Step #2: Ensure That the Memory Isn’t Full

Then, the next step is to check if the memory or the storage of your DVR isn’t full. You can check it by doing the following:

  1. On your Spectrum remote control, press the My DVR/DVR button.
  2. From the menu, select the option that says DVR Settings.
  3. Highlight the Available Storage option and press Select or OK.

From there, you’ll have access to the remaining storage or memory that your DVR has left.

Note: The Spectrum DVR has a capacity of about 80GB, which translates to 30 hours of HD recording.

If you notice that it’s already past this threshold, then that’s the reason why you’re not able to record shows and titles completely.

Step #3: Take a Look at Series Priority Settings

After that, check your settings of Series Priority. This is the automated recording of series or titles that you’re fond of watching.

It’s usually a hierarchy of which titles and shows to download. If you have this on, it might be the one that’s creating the conflict when you’re trying to record a show manually.

Step #4: Check All Wires and Cables

Sometimes, we don’t notice that the connections on our DVRs are already loose. This could also be one of the primary reasons why you’re not able to use and access it properly.

Check the power cord as well as the HDMI cord if it’s properly connected to both the TV and the device. It would be advisable to detach and reattach these cables just to be sure.

Step #5: Restart or Power Cycle the DVR

Then last, but most definitely not least is to reboot or power cycle your DVR.

This usually is the first step of troubleshooting, but in this case, it’s recommended to do it last because doing the first three steps could possibly solve the dilemma alone.

To refresh or power cycle your Spectrum receiver, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the DVR or from the wall outlet.
  2. Keep it unplugged for about 15 to 30 seconds before plugging it back in again.
  3. Wait for the receiver to recover fully (about 15 minutes) before turning it on.

That should solve the problem! Doing this comprehensive process can be what you’re looking for!

My Spectrum Receiver is Still Not Recording, What Should I Do?

Normally, the next step would be to do a clean wipe or a factory reset on the receiver. But, doing so would remove and erase all of the saved content.

So, if the problem persists even after you did the fix process, the next best thing to do is to contact Spectrum’s customer service team.

Their team is composed of experts who know the ins and outs of the DVR. Therefore, they can be the people who can help you solve it.

Note: Inform the representative you’re speaking with that you were able to do the steps (checking storage, checking series priority, and restarting).

This way, they’ll be able to get you to the solution you need faster and more accurately!

If your Spectrum receiver is not recording complete shows and titles, check the storage and the priority of downloads. Then, restart the DVR. It’s also important to double-check the wires and cables plugged into the DVR and the TV.

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Bottom Line

The storage isn’t always the reason why you aren’t able to record whole shows and titles on your Spectrum DVR.

There are a lot of factors at play; so, you need a tutorial that would be able to address all of that.

If you notice your Spectrum DVR not recording entire shows, you can simply and easily go back to this guide!

Nicole B