is spectrum tv app compatible with vizio smart tv

Is Spectrum TV app compatible with Vizio Smart TV? Let’s find out.

The Spectrum application is available on Smart TVs with the Android operating system and other enclosed application stores. 

The Vizio TV does not use Android and doesn’t have the Spectrum application available.

Well, is it compatible at all?

The Spectrum application cannot be downloaded from the smart Vizio TV store. Instead, users need to install Spectrum application from Google Play or cast the screen onto the big TV screen. This is how Spectrum works on smart Vizio TVs.

About Spectrum Application & Vizio

Like other streaming applications, Spectrum can be downloaded from the Google App Store application store which Vizio didn’t support until recently.

When you search for Spectrum on Vizio TV you’ll probably see the message:

- “no results found”.

You shouldn’t stop there!

Just because you can’t find the Spectrum in the dedicated app store of the Vizio TV, it does not necessarily mean that you can’t use a workaround.

Now that we know that there is a possibility for Spectrum to be on Vizio TV, let’s learn more!

Is Vizio Smart TV Compatible With Spectrum App?

spectrum tv vizio compatibility

To answer this question, we would need to clarify what “compatible” means.

When we say that an application is compatible with a TV, we often mean that the app can be downloaded from the dedicated TV application store.

Under this context, the Spectrum television app is not compatible with Vizio TV.

You won’t be able to download the streaming app from the Vizio TV store, but you can install the application using the Google App store.

However, users manage to watch Spectrum on their Vizio TVs in other ways so let’s proceed further and learn how it’s done.

Can You Get The Spectrum On Vizio TV?

Yes, you can enjoy Spectrum content on the Vizio TV with or without installing the application.

The only requirement is for the Vizio TV to be “smart” so you shouldn’t have issues.

The Spectrum application is available in Google Play so let’s first learn how to get the store on a Vizio TV and then how to install Spectrum.

How To Get Google Play On Vizio TV?

google play on vizio tv

To get Spectrum on the Vizio TV you would need to “enable” Google Play app store on the device.

Here’s how:

  1. Connect your Vizio TV to the WiFi.
  2. Press the “V” button on your Vizio remote.
  3. Choose a Connected TV Store.
  4. Select ALL applications.
  5. Locate & select Google Play App.
  6. Press on Install App.

The Google Apps Store app should appear on the lower-left edge of the Vizio TV screen and you would be able to open the app. Once in, you need to log in and start downloading apps.

Note: In case you can’t download Google Play app on the Vizio TV, use the SmartCast that we’ve described further in the post.

How To Get Spectrum On Vizio TV?

Now when the Vizio TV is equipped with Google Play app, you would have access to almost any application that an Android TV has. This includes the Spectrum.

To install Spectrum on Vizio TV, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure the Vizio TV is hooked up to the WiFi.
  2. Press the “V” button on the remote of the Vizio TV.
  3. Open Google Store.
  4. Find Spectrum application.
  5. Select Spectrum and hit the Install button.
  6. When the app is installed, sign-in to a Spectrum profile.
  7. Start streaming Spectrum content on Vizio TV.

However, in case you’re using an older Vizio TV and you’re not able to acquire a Google Play app, you should attempt to get Spectrum using another way.

Let’s learn how…

How To Watch Spectrum On Vizio TV?

spectrum vizio tv

There is another way to get Spectrum content on the Vizio TV without installing the application at all.

In the past, users couldn’t do this because Spectrum didn’t have support for Chromecast until recently. Feel free to cast your smartphone’s screen on the Vizio TV.

What you will need is an Android or iOS device to download the Spectrum application and connect the device to the TV.

The integration is officially supported so everything should work smoothly as long as the Vizio TV is smart.

How To Mirror Spectrum On Vizio TV?

The only preparation is to connect the Vizio TV and smartphone to one WiFi and download the Spectrum application.

vizio tv mirror

Once you are ready follow the steps:

  1. Start Spectrum, and sign in.
  2. Press on the Cast button.
  3. In the list, choose Vizio TV.
  4. Play content on Spectrum.

This is the only way to mirror Spectrum content on Vizio TV. In case you’ve had any queries while reading this guide, scroll up and check if you missed anything important.

Note: The non-smart TVs can’t connect to the WiFi, and therefore can’t use Spectrum.

More Ways To Watch Spectrum On Vizio TV

The possible ways never end thanks to the Chromecast feature of the Vizio TV.

Now we know the answer to the question “Is Spectrum TV app compatible with Vizio Smart TV?”, let’s ask another question:

Did you know that you can watch anything available online on Vizio TV?

1. Use Google Chrome

Just take your laptop or hop on your computer and make sure to connect to one WiFi as the Vizio TV.

Then open the Google Chrome browser and tap on the Cast inon (top-right).

You only need to select the Vizio TV on the Chromecast devices.

Now your computer screen will appear on the Vizio TV, therefore you can simply go to Spectrum and play content.

Tip: You can now play anything on your computer to have it on your big TV screen.

2. Use HDMI Connection

Another quick way to get Spectrum content on the Vizio TV screen is by connecting your laptop or desktop to the television by using an HDMI cable.

The Vizio TV has multiple HDMI ports, so you only need to connect the computer and choose that source from the options.

Test ALL input sources to determine where your device is.

3. Use Plex App – Watch Spectrum Offline

use plex app

Another alternative to watch Spectrum content on the Vizio TV is by using the Plex application.

The Plex is available through the Vizio application store and you would only need to install the app and create an account.

Then you’ll be able to choose a folder on your laptop or desktop via (WiFi) and movies and TV shows in that destination.

Luckily you can download content from Spectrum and by locating this content in the Plex media server folder, you can watch it on the Vizio TV even when offline.

Tip: The Plex application is free but some features such as offline viewing come with a Premium subscription that costs $5 per month.

Quick Recap:

Spectrum is not compatible with the Vizio TV but the application can be installed using a workaround involving Google Play App store. To watch Spectrum without having the application on the TV, users need to cast the screen of their smartphones.

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Last Thoughts:

Is Spectrum TV app compatible with Vizio Smart TV – Yes and No!

We now know that you can get the Spectrum television app on the Vizio television. It’s not compatible with the TV by default but Google Play comes into play.

For users that simply want to get Spectrum quickly, the SmartCast is the way to go!

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