can roomba work in the dark

Wondering whether can Roomba work in the dark? Well, it doesn’t have to be full bright…

Since many of the iRobot Roomba users are wondering whether the cleaner can operate in low-light or complete brightness, today we’ll explain everything from top to bottom!

It’s well known that iRobot Roomba does not do well in darkness. The robot can operate even with low ambient light, but in total darkness, it’s easy for the cleaner to get lost. Sometimes the training mission (smart map) might be able to help in such situations!

Let’s next learn more about Roomba’s dark time operation and how it works:

Does Roomba Need Light?

why does roomba needs light

To be able to understand whether your Roomba robot needs light to operate we need to speak about the smart mapping feature.

This feature allows the robot to create a smart map for your home and be able to recognize each room by following a specific path every time.

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As long as this path is not obstructed (in the dark) Rooba should be able to clean!

The thing is that not all iRobot Roomba models have the smart mapping feature.

Older models only support IR sensor technology which allows the robot to recognize obstacles like straits, cords, and other everyday stuff from our home. In the dark, the robot doesn’t see these objects.

Tip: Roomba sensors should work normally even in low ambient light.

iRobot Roomba Smart Mapping?

the roomba smart mopping

The iRobot Roomba models above i7 + do support smart mapping, therefore you can perform a training run (no cleaning) for the robot to be able to create a path around your home.

This way even in the dark, Roomba would know exactly where to move as long as the path is clear.

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However, even when following the predetermined path, Roomba still uses its sensors to determine obstacles and surround them.

In the complete dark, this will not be possible.

Note: Your Roomba iRobot might get stuck or won’t be able to return to the Base Station.

Let’s next proceed with learning how to *cleaning in the dark* process works for Roomba:

How Can Roomba Work In The Dark?

In case it’s necessary for your iRobot Roomba to clean, for example, your basement or a room without electrical installation during the night, no problem!

We’ve got you covered.

We can’t completely exclude the possibility of your iRobot Roomba getting stuck until morning, but we can at least do everything possible to prevent this from happening.

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For this, to work you need daylight or some kind of light for the cleaner to create a smart map.

Let’s learn more!

How To Create A Smart Map On Roomba?

how create a smart map

To create a training (map) run you’ll need the iRobot Roomba application downloaded on your device to be able to start the job.

Assuming that you already have the application installed on your device, simply Sign-in your account and make sure that you’re on the Home Screen.

Note: Again, iRobot Roomba below i7, does not support the smart mapping feature!

Here’s how to create a smart mapping run on Roomba i7+ models:

  1. Make sure that your Roomba is charged and ready to vacuum.
  2. Remove ALL obstacles on the floor (exactly how the room will be during the night).
  3. Tap on the Maps Icon on the left.
  4. Press Next until you reach the Start Mapping Run button.
  5. Roomba will return to the Base Station which will be the main reference point.
  6. You can either carry out the training run in one or more rooms.
  7. It will take Roomba several mapping runs to recognize the place better.
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The smart mapping run can be completed in one or more days, depending on how big the environment is and how many rooms are included in the map.

However, the more training runs Roomba makes, the better it will orientate in the complete dark.

Tip: Observe whether Roomba will get stuck somewhere during the mapping run.

Roomba Night Cleaning In Complete Dark!

roomba night cleaning in dark

If you really don’t want to leave the lights on and clean during the night, we can now use the smart map that we’ve created to send Roomba on a night mission.

  • Open the Maps and select the recently finished Smart Map to start cleaning.

In case Roomba is still not finished with the training run, you’ll see New Map Learning in Progress so you would need to wait this out.

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When completed you can use the map during the night in the complete dark, and hopefully, Roomba will not get stuck and finish the cleaning.

It’s important to remember that after each mapping run, Roomba will get better at navigating in complete darkness.

It takes about 4 or 5 learning courses, for the cleaner robot to completely be able to follow the exact path each night and not get stuck on an obstacle in the dark.

Note: If the iRobot Roomba is not at the Base Station in the morning, something went wrong.

Roomba Gets Stuck In The Dark (Solution)

the roomba gets stuck

Now that we know can the Roomba work in the dark, we can focus on perfecting the smart map, which will essentially improve the cleaner robot’s performance during the night.

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In case you’ve already carried out at least 5 learning courses, and Roomba cannot find its way back to the Base Station then something in the path is blocking its navigation.

Start the smart map in low ambient light and follow Roomba’s movement!

This will help you determine whether there is an obstacle or a piece of furniture that’s blocking the iRobot Roomba from moving further.

Then use your smartphone’s light to see if the robot will be able to surround the obstacle and proceed.

In case it’s now clear where Roomba gets stuck, make a change by removing the obstacle or freeing its path in some way.

Then the robot shouldn’t get stuck even in the complete dark!

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Why Not – Add Some Light?

why add some light

In case the Roomba just won’t finish the cleaning session during the night in the complete dark, don’t get frustrated.

After all, the cleaner robot is not meant to clean without absolutely no light, so we can help the situation by bringing, for example, a led strip

12V for a few hours can’t be that much but might just be what your Roomba robot needs to fulfill its duty and clean even the darkest areas in your home.

Any kind of low ambient light will be enough for Roomba to utilize its sensors and surround fallen objects or obstructions on its way.

Tip: 12V LED steps can be purchased for as low as $9.99 online!

Best Roomba Model For Cleaning In The Dark?

In case you still haven’t got an iRobot, then you’re at the right place! If your intentions are to use the cleaner robot during the night, or in the dark, we’ve got some recommendations.

  • The Roomba s9+ is what you need for nighttime cleaning.
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Creating a smart map is super easy and can be completed in a single day! Then even with a really low ambient light, during the night, Roomba will be able to clean your home.

In addition, you can also add a Keep Out Zones, so the robot will avoid areas even in the dark!

Roomba On A Dark Floor?

the roomba on dark floor

Even during the night, the dark floor is not a problem for the iRobot Roomba.

Instead of looking down, the device’s cameras look up to detect walls and objects to be able to surround them.

There is also a *cliff sensor* to keep Roomba safe and always for stairs, even in the dark!

Note: Roomba 600 and 900 series do require good ambient light to navigate!

Quick Recap:

Thus, iRobot Roomba models without the 600 and 900 series can easily operate during the night by following a pre-made smart map of the environment when light is present. Then Roomba will be able to clean the rooms in your home even in the complete dark.

Final Thoughts:

Now that we’ve learned whether can Roomba work in the dark, the cleaner robot can now work while we speed.

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What’s better than waking up with cleaned floors and Roomba charging at the Base Station? Well, following our guide you can achieve that in a single day!

We hope that you’ve learned something new about your Roomba and to discover more iRobot guides and solutions make sure to check our tech blog. Good luck!