can ps4 connect to 5ghz wifi

Wondering whether can PS4 connect to 5Ghz WiFi or not?

Not only that it is possible, but you will also learn how to switch between a 2.4Ghz network to a 5Ghz network and what are the benefits and the downsides of it.

The quick answer to this question is YES. Certain models of the PS4 can connect to 5GHz networks and have a quick and reliable connection plus download speed. 

Older models of the PS4’s wifi card, the classic ones, for instance, may not support 5GHz networks, so make sure to check what model your PS4 is to compare the specifications.

First, let’s take a look at the difference between the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks.

How Can PS4 Connect to Wifi 5GHz?

First, you need to check your PS4’s wifi card and review the specifications of your network.

This way, you will hopefully understand how your PS4’s wifi works and learn whether your device can or cannot connect with the 5GHz network.

Newer model modems have both 2.4Ghz network and 5Ghz network. Let’s find out the difference!

What Is 5GHz Network?

The 5GHz network represents a faster but heavier signal transmitted from your router.

You will benefit from better download speed and faster performance. The 5Ghz network is capable of reaching 200Mbs speed if your plan contains it.

Of course, these pros come with their cons. If your router is a few rooms away from your PS4 for instance, the 5GHz connection won’t be as good and as fast as you might think.

The router should be in the same room as your PS4 or behind one wall maximum to have a reliable connection.

Even though the 5Ghz network is faster the signal transmission is easily compromised by distance and solid objects.

What Is 2.4GHz Network?

The default network for all kinds of routers is the 2.4GHz network capable of reaching up to 100Mbs speed. Judging by its specification, the network can do a really good job when it comes down to pairing up with a PS4.

What are the pros of this network you may ask? Well, there is one significant bonus if your network is 2.4GHz.

The signal your router will transmit can travel through up to 3-5 walls in your household, based on their thickness of course.

If one thing is certain is that 2.4Ghz network connectivity is better than 5Ghz but slower.

Even if this network has a weaker and slower signal than the 5GHz, it is still a great choice for more common devices on which the WiFi card does not support a higher GHz network.

Which PS4 Can Connect with the 5GHz Network?

The PS4 models that contain the required features for connecting with 5GHz networks are the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro models.

PS4s such as the PS4 classic and the PS4 Fat, won’t be able to recognize a 5GHz network at all, so don’t bother trying. The network will not be recognized and it won’t appear in the available network list.

If you still don’t know whether can ps4 pro connects to 5GHz Wifi, you can simply take your warrant paper or a receipt to find out which model you own.

Can I Add a Newer Wi-Fi Card to My PS4?

Well, there is a way but unfortunately, Sony does not support that kind of service.

You have to seek unofficial services that can swiftly execute the process but beware! Find a reliable and proven service and keep in mind that your warranty goes off, the moment your PS4 is opened.

How Do I Connect My PS4 to 5GHz Network?

how to connect ps4 to 5ghz wifi

Now that you know whether your PS4 is suitable to connect to the 5Ghz network, let’s see how to do it correctly.

To connect with your network, first, make sure that your router is turned on and running. Otherwise, your PS4 won’t be able to detect the network and you won’t have the internet at all.

After booting up your network configuration, go to the internet settings in your PS4 and look for a network that is under the name you have established.

In most cases, the GHz of the network should appear after its name, for example, “My Network Name 5Ghz”.


Network name is first introduced when you must establish your network. 

If you have accidentally skipped this step, the name of your network will be similar to the model of your router but it will still show whether it is the 2.4Ghz or the 5Ghz.

After you have found your network in the connection list of your PS4, highlight it and choose to connect.

Then you would have to type down the network password which you had to also establish when setting up your router.

Can’t Connect To 5GHz Network With My PS4?

If unfortunately, you weren’t successful in connecting your PS4 to the 5GHz network, there are some things you can try.

  • Place your router closer to your PS4.
  • Restart/Power Cycle PS4.
  • Disconnect from other WiFI and try connecting again.
  • Restart/Power Cycle router/modem.
  • Try connecting with other devices to identify network issues.

Once ready with the above-listed approaches check whether can PS4 connect to 5GHz Wifi or not.

How To Use 5Ghz Network Speed Without WiFi?

Another easy way to experience the 5GHz network speed would be to wire up your PS4 and the network’s router.

At the back of your console, there should be a blue or yellow socket, depending on the model of PS4, which socket is meant for Ethernet Connection.

Ethernet Connection:

A standard system for connectivity between computer systems and local networks. You can create an ethernet connection between your router and console using an Ethernet Cable.

This way you will entirely bypass the WiFI connectivity and if your network is capable of reaching 200Mb/s, it will definitely feel as if you are connected to the 5Ghz network and even better.

At the back of your router, there should be the same socket as the one we’ve located on your PS4.

Simply connect both ends and follow the on-screen steps to finish the establishing of your wired connection.

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Bottom Line:

Now when you know whether can PS4 connect to 5GHz Wifi, the rest of the process should be easy to perform.

Even if your PS4 isn’t compatible with a 5GHz network, it is always a choice to upgrade your configuration with a newer PS4 or use Ethernet (wired) connection.

You can find more helpful guides and more about PS4 issues in our technical blog, so don’t miss to check it out!

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