nintendo switch not displaying on tv

Is your Nintendo Switch not displaying on TV even if it’s docked?

Do you need help in fixing or resolving this concern?

Fear not, friends because, in today’s guide, we will resolve this problem in the easiest and the fastest way we can!

To fix this, you must perform a couple of troubleshooting steps, which will involve the rebooting of your dock as well as your TV. Check out the full tutorial in our guide below!

Before we dive deep into this further, let’s try to understand the problem.

Reasons why Nintendo Switch Dock Not Displaying on TV

Your Switch Dock, just like any other device, would need power for it to work.

But if you deem that there’s power but it’s not projecting the display on your television, something’s wrong.

Here are some of the usual causes that make your Switch Dock inoperable.

Faulty Dock

Many people think that their Docks will forever be working.

What they fail to realize is that it can grow faulty over time – especially if it’s not properly maintained – too.

HDMI Problems

Part of the most common problems would be with the HDMI since it’s the one that is connected to the television.

It could be because of a broken HDMI cable or the HDMI port (TV or the Dock. 

Error State

Just like other peripheral devices, the Nintendo Switch Dock could be in a state of error.

It’s like when your DVR is not able to detect the television, and so on.

Cable Problems

And last but definitely not least would be problems with the cables.

If the cables are not giving enough power, if they are not in the correct ports or jacks, or if they’re not inserted correctly, then you would have a problem.

These aren’t all the problems existent. They are just the most common and the most usual that people report.

But, if the problem is with any of these, don’t worry – we have a solution.

There’s actually a step-by-step process you can try to help you get rid of this particular error once and for all!

Nintendo Switch Not Displaying on TV – Fix Method

fix nintendo switch not displaying on tv

This guide will be the comprehensive solution to your problem of the Switch not displaying on the TV even when it’s connected to the Dock.

Step #1: Check Your TV’s Input Mode

The first and the primary thing you want to do is to check your TV’s input.

We often forget that we have multiple TV inputs and therefore, we don’t see what we like to see.

Check if the Dock is connected to HDMI 1 or 2. Then, have a look if the television is in those inputs.

Step #2: Check Power and Cabling

Then, what you must do next is to check the cables and the wires of your television.

It’s not the most common and the most typical.

But there are instances where the wires and cables are the culprits for you not to see the display of your Nintendo Switch on your TV.

This would include:

  • Power cable or wire
  • HDMI cable

If you see signs of these cables wearing out, try to change them out immediately to see if that’s where the problem is.

It will also be helpful if you detach and reattach the cables; this is to be sure that they’re properly and appropriately connected.

Step #3: Perform a Power Cycle of the TV and the Dock

Then lastly, perform a power cycle of both the Dock and the television.

You can simply do this by unplugging both of them from their power source for 15 seconds before plugging them back in again.

And by now, you should be able to see the display of your Nintendo Switch to your TV using a Dock!

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV Without a Dock

Should the Dock be giving you problems, don’t worry, there’s something you can do about it, so you’ll see the content displayed on your Nintendo Switch on your television.

For this method, you would need the following:

  • USB-C Cable
  • HDMI to USB-C Converter
  • HDMI Cable

Step #1: Connect Your Nintendo Switch to the HDMI to USB-C Converter

The first step is simple, you just must connect your USB-C cable to your Nintendo Switch device, then the other end to the converter and you’ll be good to go.


Make sure that the USB-C cable is not broken or worn out. Otherwise, more problems can appear as it can automatically disconnect, it can give you broken images, etc.

Step #2: Connect One End of the HDMI Cable to Your TV

After you connect your Switch to the converter, the next step is to connect an HDMI cable to your TV.

The box that the television came with would usually have an HDMI port.

Otherwise, if you have a monitor at home, you can use its HDMI – it’s the same thing!

You can also order it online via Amazon if you really have nothing or you can drive to the nearest retail store to get one!

Step #3: Let the Two Devices Meet Using the HDMI to USB-C Converter

When you can connect the HDMI to the TV, the last and final step would be the let the two (2) devices meet together.

What you will do here is you will take the other end of the HDMI to the USB-C converter and connect the other end of the HDMI from the TV to it.

When you do that, your Nintendo Switch will now be successfully connected to your television! But wait, that’s not it!

Step #4: Switch to the Correct Input

This is where most people fail. Sometimes, they tend to forget that the HDMI input of their televisions isn’t just one.

If you have more than one (1), then you need to take this last step, which is to switch to the correct input.

Remember the second step where you connected an HDMI cable to your TV?

Look at the number of the HDMI port on the TV to see where it’s connected.

When you have it, switch the input mode of your television to that specific HDMI port.

And you’re all set! You are now able to connect your Switch device to your television without a Dock!

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Can You Connect It Wirelessly?

Every Switch user wishes for this to become a reality but up until now, there’s no wireless connectivity that can allow your Nintendo Switch to be connected to your television.

For now, you’ll have to connect it through a wired connection.

Still Not Connecting, What Should I Do?

If you have religiously followed both troubleshooting processes (with and without a Dock), and you’re still experiencing errors with it, the next best thing is to contact Nintendo and report what happened.

Should you be in a vicinity where a service canter is near, drive up and have your devices (as well as your Dock) checked.

When the device is the problem, then there’s no other solution than to repair or replace it.


So, in case you were wondering why your Nintendo Switch is not displaying on TV, you have this guide handy.

Follow all the steps and you’re free from your dilemma of not seeing what you should!

Nicole B