does nintendo switch require internet

So, you’re planning on purchasing the new hybrid video game console but you just can’t help but ask – does Nintendo Switch require internet?

Wouldn’t you be able to use it if you are not connected to an internet network?

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The short and simple answer to that is no – you don’t need the internet to use it and play games. But, you need to be connected to the internet if you are just about to set it up or if you’re creating a Nintendo account.

Before we plunge into that specific topic, do you have a full understanding of how the Nintendo Switch works?

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How Does the Nintendo Switch Work?

For the benefit of everyone and for you to have a full and a better understanding of it, let’s quickly tap on the topic of how the Nintendo Switch gaming console works.

The Switch is one of Nintendo’s newest flagship devices and is known to be a hybrid video game console.

They are hybrid because they can be both used as a handheld device and a home console with a docking station that connects to your television.

To cite an example, you can use it as a home console because it has two (2) joysticks or controllers (by default).

If you are going to play it via the handheld version, you just need to clip in and connect the joysticks to the main body of the switch!

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But does the Nintendo Switch need internet? Wouldn’t you be able to play your games if you’re not connected to WiFi?

Does Nintendo Switch Require Internet?

does nintendo switch need internet

Because you can play and access it using its handheld version, you don’t actually need the internet! In fact, it’s engineered to be played and used while you’re on the go!

If you have Game Cards or cartridges of offline games, you don’t need the internet.

This is because the data of the games would already be pre-programmed to the game cards or cartridges; so, you will be able to play them even while you are on the go!

Some Game Cards are meant for online multiplayer gaming. 

So, even if you don’t need the internet to use it, you would eventually need to sync or connect it to an internet source to play with other people or to enjoy the game better.

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As good as it may seem, there will be times when you will need to connect to the internet.

To help you further, we have outlined some of the instances when you would have to be connected to the internet while you are using your Nintendo Switch.

When You Need the Internet for Your Nintendo Switch?

There are a few moments where you would have to be connected to the internet if you plan on accessing or using your Nintendo Switch.

Setting Your New Video Game Console Up

When you first purchased your Nintendo Switch and you set it up for the first time, it’ll ask you to connect to a WiFi network to create a Nintendo account.

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Your Nintendo Account will be responsible for your access to Nintendo’s online library where it houses thousands of games and other stuff that are exclusive to members.

Moreover, this account is also what you will need to access the Nintendo Store if you want to buy or purchase games.

However, during the initial setup, you can simply press “x” or “skip this step.” Your device will go on and will be activated.

So, in case you are asking if the Nintendo Switch requires internet; it’s not a requirement per se, but it’s something that you might want to do immediately so you don’t have to deal with it in the future.

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Online Multiplayer Gaming

Where’s the fun in gaming if you’ll be doing it alone? Hundreds, if not thousands of Nintendo Switch games have online multiplayer capabilities.

So, if you want to interact with other players within the bubble; if you have friends that you want to play with remotely, you need to connect your Nintendo Switch to the internet.

Otherwise, if you will only be using it to play offline games to kill time, or if your child is the one to use it, you can let them play offline games.

But even offline games would require an internet connection because there would be…

Game Updates and Features

Do you ever notice the apps on your phones reminding you to update them?

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The same thing goes with some games, not just for the Nintendo Switch, but for all other games in the spectrum today.

For instance, the game Animal Crossing is a game that really doesn’t need the internet. The goal of the game is to avoid danger by going forward – and you just do that by tapping buttons.

However, there are times when its developers find bugs in the game, or if they added some cool new features to it, then they will put up an update, requiring you to connect your console to the internet.

In addition to that, some games would offer better gaming experiences if you’re internet-ready. Going back to Animal Crossing, it’s an offline game, yes.

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However, during different seasons (Halloween, Holiday Season, Summer, etc.), they hold out different events, prizes, and all other types of features that would only be available if you have internet.

Accessing the Nintendo Shop

This goes back to when you are setting it up initially. If you skip that part, you wouldn’t be able to create a Nintendo account (if you don’t have one yet).

That leads to you getting no access to the Nintendo Shop.

The Nintendo Shop is considered to be the best convenience all Nintendo users have. 

It’s like a physical shop where you can purchase games not just for Nintendo Switch, but also for Nintendo 3DS games, as well as other Nintendo gaming consoles.

It was intended for Nintendo Switch users to be able to purchase the games they want anytime, anywhere with just one requirement – they must be connected to the internet.

As you can see, while the Nintendo Switch does not require an internet connection, it’ll still be a positive thing if you do.

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Nevertheless, it’ll be your choice whether or not you want it to be connected.

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So, does Nintendo Switch require internet for you to be able to use it and play games? No, it does not.

You can use it while offline, if you have game cards, or if you were able to download offline games. But, note that you might not get the best experience in playing your favorite games while offline.