how to clean nintendo switch screen

In case you don’t know how to clean Nintendo switch screen, then you’re at the right place to learn everything you need to know.

Not only the Nintendo Switch but all smart devices’ screens should be cleaned with caution, especially when liquids such as water, disinfection chemicals, or alcohol are involved.

The Nintendo Screen is fragile and you should approach it with precision. Let’s learn more!

To clean the Nintendo Switch screen you need a wet and dry cloth, to begin with. Liquids are applied to a microfiber (dry) cloth to wipe the screen, followed by the dry cloth covering the entire area. Do not use much liquid.

What Do You Need To Clean A Switch’s Screen?

why need clean nintendo switch screen

To clean the screen of your Nintendo Switch, you must be careful in regard to what alcohol or chemical you use.

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An important thing to know is that the screen of the Nintendo switch is more sensitive to harsh chemicals than other devices.

In that regard, here’s what you can use to clean the screen of the Nintendo :

In addition, you can also grab a disinfectant tissue that you can apply after washing the screen of your Nintendo to take the cleaning one step further.

Avoid When Cleaning Nintendo Switch Screen!

Unfortunately, there are certain things that you will want to avoid when cleaning the screen of your Nintendo switch.

You don’t want to impact or damage the screen.

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what to avoid when cleaning

Here’s what you should avoid when cleaning the screen of your Nintendo switch:

  1. Rubbing the screen too hard.
  2. Use a tissue or a cotton swab that is way too wet.
  3. Applying too much pressure.
  4. Never apply cleaning chemicals to the screen of the Nintendo switch.

Users even report that the screen of their Nintendo Switch cracked when applying pressure in order to wipe the screen.

This is unlikely to happen with your cleaning session, but you should really mind how hard you wash the screen.

Let’s now get into the cleaning process of your Nintendo switch’ screen:

How To Clean A Nintendo Switch Screen In Easy Steps?

clean nintendo switch

The cleaning of your Nintendo Switch is easy but we strongly recommend following the steps below so you can be confident that you’ll avoid bad outcomes.

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The Nintendo Switch screen is fragile and sensitive to certain liquids so make sure not to skip the steps!

Let’s begin by turning OFF the device first:

Step #1 Turn OFF Nintendo Switch

Before cleaning your Nintendo Switch, the device must have been OFF for quite a while. \The device’s hardware components and the screen should not be warm when you’re applying the liquids and when washing.

  • Turn OFF the Nintendo Switch, press, and hold the power button for 3 seconds.
  • To turn it OFF through the settings go to Settings > Power Options > Turn OFF.
Alert: Before you proceed, make sure that at least 5 minutes have elapsed since you shut the Nintendo Switch OFF.

Step #2 Acquire The Cleaning Tools

acquire cleaning tools

After turning OFF your Nintendo Switch, your next essential step is to prepare the materials that you’re going to use to clean the screen.

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It’s not that important to acquire exactly what we’ve recommended, but a soft tissue of some kind and alcohol will help.

  • Some alcohol
  • Dry cloth
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cotton swab

You can also use a spray bottle to apply the alcohol evenly for cleaning the screen, and a microfiber cloth or a cotton swab that you will use for wiping the screen.

You will use the dry tissue to dry up the screen once you’re done cleaning it with the rest of the materials.

Note: To clean the screen better, you can both get a microfiber cloth and a cotton swab.

Step #3 Apply The Cleaning Chemical

apply a cleaning chemical

Your next step is to get the cleaning chemical applied to the cloth or cotton swab that you are going to use.

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Since the cleaning cotton that most people use for cleaning is way smaller than a microfiber cloth, it’s recommended to dip it into the alcohol.

Do not overuse alcohol and never submerge your cloth into chemicals!

In case you’re spraying, keep the bottle at some distance from the microfiber cloth.

You should spray around 3-4 times, and never target the Nintendo Switch display, always spray towards the cloth.

Tip: If using a microfiber cloth, make sure that you keep one of the sides dry.

Step #4 Clean The Screen of The Switch

clean screen switch

And now that you have applied the chemical to the cloth or cotton material you’re going to use for the cleaning, it’s time to clean your Nintendo switch screen out of all smudges.

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Here’s how to clean the screen of your Nintendo switch in easy instructions:

  1. Grab the cloth or the cotton swab that you’ve applied the cleaning chemical.
  2. Using the cleaning cloth, put it on the center of the console.
  3. Use circular movement to clear all kinds of smudges on the screen.
  4. Make sure to intensify the cleaning in the more dirty screen areas and edges.
  5. Collect everything on the corners of the screen.
  6. Do not apply pressure in combination with circular movements.
  7. Once you’re done cleaning, grab the dry cloth.
  8. Use the dry cloth to dry the surface of the Nintendo Switch screen.
Tip: If there are still dirty spots on the screen of your Nintendo Switch, repeat the steps above and undergo an additional cleaning session.

Step #5 Wait Before Turning ON

Another yet, not necessary but recommended step is to wait for a while before turning on the Nintendo Switch.

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Using the dry cloth you’ll cover the entire screen but that does guarantee that the display is completely dry.

wait before turn on

Simply leave the device OFF for an hour or more to have a piece of mind and make sure that no impact will be dealt to the screen upon turning the console ON.

Alert: Do not expose the console’s screen under the sun to dry the display faster!

How To Disinfect Nintendo Switch Screen?

Regular cleaning sessions may not disinfect the surface of your Nintendo switch.

There are additional disinfection steps that will help you understand how to clean Nintendo switch screen even better, than with regular cleaning.

Especially during a pandemic, those steps should not be overlooked!

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What Do I Need For Screen Disinfection?

To disinfect the screen of your Nintendo switch, you will need the following:

  1. Disinfectant wipes
  2. Diluted bleach solution/isopropyl alcohol
Note: You can both use the bleach solution and the isopropyl alcohol to disinfect the screen.

How To Disinfect Nintendo Switch Screen?

how to disinfect screen

This is rather different than the regular cleaning, because the amount of disinfection liquid used, should be less compared to how much water we apply for regular cleaning sessions:

  1. Apply the bleach and/or isopropyl alcohol solution to the disinfectant wipes.
  2. Start cleaning the screen of the Nintendo Switch screen from end to end.
  3. Concentrate the cleaning on areas that have smudges.
  4. Once done, wait for the Nintendo Switch to dry up.
Note: Repeat the steps as many times as necessary to perfectly disinfect the screen.

Quick Recap:

Hence, a Nintendo Switch screen is cleaned by applying a small amount of disinfection liquid or water to a microfiber cloth and using circular movements to wipe the entire screen. Only then the screen should be washed with a dry cloth to complete the session.

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Last Thoughts:

Here we’ve learned everything about how to clean Nintendo switch screen without impacting or damaging the display’s functionality.

It’s crucial to turn OFF devices before you apply any liquid on their screens, which is the essential move in this situation.

Other than that, you shouldn’t apply too much pressure when cleaning a screen to avoid damaging the display and causing further issues.

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