how to choose what monitor a game runs on

How to choose what monitor a game runs on can often lead to confusion and frustrations!

Whether you’ve built a PC already, or you are looking to upgrade your current setup, chances are you are facing one of the most common questions that all PC Gamers face:

What monitor to choose to run games on?

Whether you’re a diehard Steam gamer, a wizard, or if you simply love all platforms, follow the tips in this article to help you decide the best hardware for you.

How To Choose What Monitor A Game Runs On?

Choosing a perfect Monitor for gaming can often create lots of confusion with the advent of technology every second day.

So, we have gathered the best information that you must know while going to purchase your next gaming monitor.

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Graphic Card Support

The most frustrating thing for a PC Gamer enthusiast is waiting for your new tech to arrive in the mail.

The second most frustrating thing is to realize that the product you ordered won’t work with your current setup.

The most common error made when purchasing a monitor is not paying attention to connections.

If your graphics card has display port outputs, be sure to buy a monitor that has a display port input.

 If you are unfamiliar with what you have, the most common connection type for modern setups is:

  • HDMI
  • Display Port
  •  DVI
  • ·VGA

As long as you find a monitor with both of these ports, you should be okay.

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If you find yourself in the predicament where your monitor and graphics card ports don’t match, there are plenty of adapters available.


Just beware, because adapters can sometimes fail, or cause you to lose quality from your graphics card to your monitor.

Game Video Settings

There are many games available for PC gamers, which means there are many different graphics settings to consider.

You need to know the maximum resolution and refresh rate for your most played games, in order to get a highly enriching gaming experience.

Usually, the video settings are found within the settings or graphics menus of most games.

What Resolution is perfect?

A resolution will be in the format “1234×1234” and the higher the numbers, the higher the resolution.

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The refresh rate will be in the format “12hz” or “123hz” and again, the higher the number, the better the refresh rate.

Best Graphics. For extremely clear graphics, aim for a monitor with a resolution of 2560×1440 and a refresh rate of 164hz, or higher.

Budgeted Option. For a more budget friendly option, without sacrificing too much on video quality, aim for a monitor with a resolution of 1920×1080 and a refresh rate around 120hz.

Now that we’ve talked about the most technical aspects of a gaming monitor, let’s move on to the next most important considerations: Size and shape.

Monitor Size and Shape

choose what monitor for gaming

For anyone who has grown up playing video games, chances are you are familiar with playing games on a screen as small as the 3” Nintendo DS Lite or as big as a 55” flat screen that was hooked up to an Xbox.

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Needless to say, size does matter when choosing how to view your video game.

Too big can cause headaches, and too small can make the game unplayable.

While screen size is mostly up to the gamer’s preference, there are some general guidelines you can follow.

#1. Find the Area & Monitor Size Required

First, consider the area where the monitor (or monitors) will be. Choose something that will fill the space, but not overwhelm it.

A 24” monitor is usually a good fit for most modern desks. 27” and bigger can get overwhelming quickly, so choose these sizes with caution.

Monitors sized 22” and below are not recommended for more complex games, such as a first-person shooter, but can be fine for platform or arcade style games.

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#2. Select Monitor Type

Finally, consider whether or not you want a curved monitor. Curved monitors have entered the market and range from 22” to ultra-wide 49” but are typically much more expensive.

However, the elegance and slight curve can give the gamer a more immersive experience when gaming.

Display Technology

There are many different types of display technology available for monitors.

It can be overwhelming to choose between LCD, LED, OLED, IPS, etc. without knowing what each type caters to.

Even more so, some manufacturers will try to use frivolous buzz words to sell a less than stellar monitor that doesn’t really fit the PC Gamer market.

For a true PC gamer, you want to find something that will make your games look brilliant. In the 24” – 27” monitor size range, you want to find an IPS monitor.

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This technology will give you the most vibrant colors using liquid crystals instead of pixels like the LED.

However, if you decide to go with an LED screen, opt for the more expensive OLED. OLED advertises “true black”, where dark spots and shadows are shown by individually turning the pixels off, instead of displaying the black color with pixels.

The biggest draw back for OLED, besides price, is that the bigger sized monitors are harder to find due to the technology being so new.


Just like the RGB lights in your tower, you want your monitors to express your style as well.

There are many different colors, styles, and sizes to choose from. If you want a cleaner, more modern look, opt for a monitor with a sleek and slim bezel.

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The bezel is the plastic or metal material that encases the monitor itself. Bezels can be found as wide as 3” and as thin as 1 mm.

The thinner you go, the sharper your setup will look.

Next, consider the color of your monitor. Black is the standard color for most monitor encasings and can offer a technology chic appearance on your desk.

White is another common color for monitor casings and can make the monitors pop against a dark desk or background.


For those who really want to make a statement, find a monitor with built in RBG lights.

Often, you can sync these with your other RGB accessories and really light up your gaming space.

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Monitor Accessories

The final category to discuss when choosing a monitor are the monitor accessories.

For example, if you find a monitor you like but don’t like the monitor stand, see if that monitor is VESA mount compatible.

This means the back of the monitor will have standard spaced screw holes for you to attach the monitor to a stand that more suits your style.

Stands can range from multi way pneumatic arms to low profile desktop mounts.

So long as your monitor is VESA compatible, you will have plenty of options to enhance your monitor stand.

Secondly, if you decide to go with an ultra-high-definition monitor, consider upgrading the video cables you are using to connect to your graphics card.

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Some cables are not suited to support 4k resolutions due to limitations of the materials they are made with.

Because of that, you might not be getting the best experience with your new monitor.

Final Thoughts

How to choose what monitor a game runs on is important, because it will have a huge impact on your gaming experience.

Do not make this decision lightly, and be sure to fully research your options and understand the specifications that will offer the best experience for you.

Every PC gamer, from novice to game master, has been faced with finding a monitor to run games on.

Just remember, no matter which monitor you choose to run your games, always game on!

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