nintendo switch no sound on tv

Nintendo Switch no sound on TV and you’re looking for a quick solution?

If your Nintendo switch doesn’t output audio on the TV, there most likely is a system or software issue that is preventing it.

In this guide, we will cover all possible problems that could have occurred with your Nintendo along with the best solutions for them!

To fix no Nintendo switch sound on the TV, increase the volume of the TV and power reset your Nintendo. Disconnect any audio output devices that are connected to your Nintendo and perform a factory reset on the device.

Before we troubleshoot your Nintendo switch, let’s review what are the possible causes for the audio problem you’re having.

Why Is There No Sound Nintendo Switch On TV?

If there is no sound on your Nintendo switch that is connected to the TV, it’s possible that the problem is volume-related.

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When having your switch connected to the TV, the volume of your TV is shared with the Nintendo.

In other words, the more you increase the volume from your TV, the louder you will hear your Nintendo switch.

Pro Tip: Increase your TV volume to test.

Here are ALL possible causes for the sound problem on your Nintendo switch:

1. Too Low Volume

If you’ve decreased the volume of your TV low enough, you won’t be able to hear your Nintendo and there won’t be sound.

2. Improper Connection

An issue with the HDMI sound transfer might be causing the audio issues on your TV and the Nintendo switch.

3. An Issue with Broadcast/Game

If the game or broadcast you’ve turned on has no sound, your TV won’t have sound either when it has selected the Nintendo.

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4. TV Problem

A hardware fault with the speakers or the sound devices of your TV will also suppress the audio of your Nintendo switch.

5. Nintendo Software Problem

Lastly, a software problem with the firmware or the audio settings of your Nintendo could be causing the problem.

Those were all of the causes that could have impacted the audio connection between your Nintendo and TV.

Keep reading to learn what are the best solutions against the following problems to solve the audio problem for good.

How To Fix Nintendo Switch No Sound On TV?

fix nintendo switch no sound on tv

Before we proceed with the troubleshooting guide, attempt to fix the issue by restarting your Nintendo.

There could be a fault with the device impacting the audio which could easily be solved with a system reboot.

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If a reboot didn’t work, here’s what to do to fix the sound of your Nintendo switch:

Solution #1 Increase TV Volume & Unmute

The first thing you should do to fix the audio of your Nintendo Switch is to increase the TV’s volume.

Based on the type of your TV, you should use the remote to increase the volume and determine if that is going to solve the audio problem with your Nintendo switch.

Press the Volume + button on your TV remote around 10 to 15 times to measure the audio levels transmitted by your Nintendo switch.

Then make sure to press the MUTE button once and check if your TV has been muted until now.

Note: Ensure that by the time you’re testing the audio of your Nintendo Switch, you have played a broadcast or a song that will let you know if there is any sound.

Solution #2 Try A Different Media/Game

view different game or show

You should test the audio of your Nintendo switch with a different media or a game.

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There could be an issue with the current audio track that your switch is transmitting and you should play a different piece of media to determine the health of the audio output from your TV.

Here’s how to turn on a different media or game on your Nintendo switch:

  1. Exit the current game or media by hitting the home button on your switch.
  2. Choose a game from the home screen or go to the video tab (you can also use an online source).
  3. Play the game or the media and test the audio output of your Nintendo switch.
Note: When booting a different game or playing alternative media, make sure that your TV’s volume is increased and the device isn’t muted.

Solution #3 Disconnect Third-Party Devices

Any sound devices that are connected whether to your Nintendo switch or TV could be impacting the audio output.

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In that regard, you should disconnect any third-party devices from your configuration and then test the output.

Here’s how to locate and temporarily get rid of third-party sound devices that are connected:

  1. Examine your Nintendo switch and disconnect any headphones.
  2. Go over to the back of your TV and examine all the cables, except for the HDMI that connects the switch and the power adapter.
  3. Disconnect any other devices such as consoles or soundbars.
Tip: Once you’re done with the following steps, convert your TV to the default sound device, by going to Settings > Audio Settings > Output > Devices.

Solution #4 Replace HDMI Cable

replace hdmi cables

We assume that you’ve connected your Nintendo switch to the TV via HDMI cable.

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If that’s the case, you should replace the cable, in case a fault occurs with the HDMI, resulting in problems with the power output.

Here’s how to replace the HDMI cable that connects your Nintendo switch to the TV:

  1. Disconnect the first end of the HDMI cable from the back of your TV.
  2. Unplug the other end of the HDMI from your switch and put the cable away.
  3. Grab a new HDMI cable and first connect it to the “HDMI IN” slot on your TV.
  4. Ensure you’ve plugged the cable where your TV’ source is already selected.
  5. Plug the other end of the HDMI into the “HDMI OUT” on your switch.
Note: Ensure that the HDMI is securely connected to both of the inputs on your switch and TV before you play and media and test the audio output.

Solution #5 Update Your Nintendo Switch

Having the latest version on your Nintendo switch is of great importance, due to the compatibility updates that come along with the newest firmware.

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Running an outdated firmware might result in audio and video incompatibility with your TV, therefore you will hear no sound.

Here’s how to update the firmware of your Nintendo switch:

  1. Go to the Settings of your switch from the HOME Menu.
  2. Scroll down to the System Settings and choose System Update.
  3. Wait for the update checker to finish searching for updates.
  4. If a new firmware was found, hit the Update button and wait.
Note: Updating your switch may require your switch to reboot, so make sure not to shut down the console until the update is complete.

Solution #6 Factory Reset Nintendo Switch

reset the switch

If there’s an issue with the audio settings on your Nintendo Switch, the best you can do is perform a factory reset on the device to solve the problem.

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A reset will erase all temporarily stored information on your switch that you’ve downloaded from the store.

Here’s how to factory reset your Nintendo switch:

  1. From the home menu, tap System Settings on your Nintendo.
  2. Open the Formatting Options tab and select Restore Factory Settings.
  3. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to complete the reset.
Note: Make sure to store any important data saved on your Nintendo before completing the factory reset.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix no audio from TV on Nintendo switch, reboot the device and try with a different media or game. Replace the HDMI cable that connects to your Nintendo and TV and restore the factory defaults of your device.

After learning why Nintendo Switch no sound on TV and how to fix the issue, we leave the execution up to you. If you hesitate at any point, contact the Nintendo customer center for additional information.

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