why is my nintendo switch making a buzzing noise

If you’re asking why is my Nintendo switch making a buzzing noise, then you’re experiencing the same problem as many other users.

The Nintendo Switch has enclosed hardware without much room for efficient ventilation.

The only cooling tool is the singular fan inside, which is responsible for keeping the temperatures low. Temperatures usually increase during heavy and resource-consuming gameplay.

Whenever the fan cannot keep the temperatures normal the spinning speed (RPM) increases, and buzzing noise is produced. High temperatures can be prevented by cleaning the device and allowing it to cool down.

The cooling fan and the high temperatures are not the only things that could produce a buzzing noise within your Nintendo Switch so let’s learn more!

Why Is My Nintendo Switch Making A Buzzing Noise?

In most cases, the Nintendo Switch will start producing a buzzing noise whenever the hardware temperatures are high.

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This is quite normal and it’s actually a good sign since the cooling fan inside has increased its RPM to blow in more air and lower the temperatures.

However, the RPM of the cooling fan might not be the only reason for a buzzing noise:

1. Problem with the Charger

If the buzzing noises are observed while the Nintendo is charging, the sound can be coming out of a faulty charging cable.

2. The fan has Gathered Dust

If the fan is obstructed from spinning normally due to dust, it will also produce the buzzing noises you’re hearing.

3. The fan has Broken Down

Buzzing noises are specially produced whenever the fan is broken down and needs a repair.

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4. Internal Power Supply Problem

The battery of your Nintendo Switch may also be the problem here. If the battery is problematic, the buzzing noises may also be formed.

This is what most commonly produces a buzzing sound on Nintendo Switch. To learn how you can prevent this noise, proceed with the solutions below.

How To Fix When Nintendo Switch Is Making A Buzzing Noise?

nintendo switch making a buzzing noise

To resolve the buzzing noise problem, we’ll start by identifying where the sound comes from.

This is why it’s essential not to skip any of the steps so you can determine the root of the problem and later solve it.

Solution #1 Let The Console Cool Down

Before undertaking any serious troubleshooting measures, you should let the console completely cool down.

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The bothersome buzzing your Nintendo Switch makes is a sign that the console is overworking and in most cases occurs while playing online games that require a lot of resources.

cool down the console

In that regard, turn off your Nintendo Switch and give it a couple of minutes. It’s recommended that you take the console somewhere in your household, where the temperatures are not that high.

If that problem mainly occurs during summertime, then it’s definitely because of higher temps.

Note: Do not resume your console's tasks before it feels cold on touch.

Solution #2 Clean The Switch Internally With Compressed Air

Over time, dust stacks up inside, especially around the cooling fan, preventing the fresh and cool air from reaching its target.

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If after using your console for a while it has started buzzing again, we strongly recommend cleaning all internal components of the device.

Before taking the console apart, we suggest spraying the console’s ports with compressed air, so all of the dust can come out.

In most cases, that’s enough to prevent high temperatures and solve the buzzing problem. Let’s learn how to use compressed air safely.

How To Clean Nintendo Switch With Compressed Air?

clean switch

For this purpose, you will need a compressor that can produce the air you will need to clean the Nintendo Switch.

Simply grab the compressor’s cable (from where the air comes out) and point it towards the bottom part of your Nintendo, where all entry ports are located.

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Start the compressor and target the entries of the Nintendo Switch. Keep the air going for around 25-30 seconds so as much dust as possible can come out.

Tip: You can get access to a compressor for free at any gas station!

Solution #3 Replace The Charging Cable

This solution is only for users who experience buzzing while their Nintendo is charging.

If the buzzing only occurs whenever you have the device plugged into the charger, it’s most likely due to an issue with the charging cable.

For this solution, all you have to do is get rid of the current charging cable and use an alternative unit.

Charging cables may often cause the console to buzz if the power flow is inappropriate and they can even cause irreversible damage to the console.

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It’s also recommended to identify whether the buzzing noise comes from the adapter since there are quite a lot of cases in which the adapter produces buzzing.

Tip: If the buzzing continues, plug the console’s charger into a different power source and test.

Solution #4 Replace Nintendo Switch Internal Fan

If after cleaning the console with compressed air, the buzzing noise is still there, you should replace the internal fan.

Counterintuitive, the Nintendo Switch fans are not as expensive, due to their small sizes. In fact, you can acquire such a fan for the approachable $12.99 from Amazon.

How To Replace Nintendo Switch Fan?

  1. Get the replacement fan and take it out of the box.
  2. Get a Y00 screwdriver, tweezers, spudgers, and microfiber cleaning cloths.
  3. Switch the console OFF.
  4. Remove the screws on the back to remove the back panel.
  5. Open the back of the gaming machine.
  6. Using your tweezers, take out the microSD card reader with the assistance of the screwdriver.
  7. Disconnect the battery and remove the heat sink along with the game card reader.
  8. Once exposed to the fan, take it out of the slot and disconnect its power.
  9. Attach the new fan that you’ve acquired and put it in place.
  10. Connect its power supply.
  11. Re-install all components as they were.
  12. Test the console.
Tip: Take a picture of all internal components before disengaging them, to have an easier time reinstalling them later.

Solution #5 Get An External Fan

get external fan

If you’re still asking why is my Nintendo Switch Lite making a buzzing noise, perhaps the internal fan is not capable of cooling the console.

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In that case, the internal fan will keep buzzing regardless of whether it is clean, to keep the console cool. If that’s the case, an external fan would be the best choice for you.

The external fan is a device you install outside of the console to keep the device cool at all times. You can get such a fan from Amazon, at a little more expensive price than the internal fan.

Attaching it to your console is really easy since all you have to do is put it on the back of the device.

Note: When opening your external fan’s delivery package, read the setup instructions if you don’t know how to install it.

The Nintendo Switch is making buzzing noises due to the fast spinning cooling fan. That often happens whenever the device is under pressure due to heavy and resource-consuming tasks or whenever the environment is hot during the summer.

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Bottom Line:

Now that we’ve answered the question, ”why is my Nintendo Switch making a buzzing noise?” you should be aware of where the problem is.

With the help of our solutions, you shouldn’t have any difficulties in restoring the normal and quiet operational noise of your Nintendo Switch.