nest auto away not working

Is your Nest auto away not working and you’re not certain as to why this is occurring? Can’t you find a complete and comprehensive guide that’ll point you to the right troubleshooting steps?

In this guide, we’ll not only unravel the questions you have on why your Nest Thermostat’s away assist is not working, but we’ll also give you a permanent resolution to it!

If your Nest auto-away feature is not working, ensure that you’ve put the complete address, not just the zip code. Then, it’s imperative to check if you’ve set it up to be on auto-away using the correct and the appropriate process.

Before we jump straight to resolving it, let us first try to determine too few causes on why this is happening.

How Does Nest Auto-Away Work?

Unlike other Nest devices, which detect the GPS location of your phone, the Nest Thermostat detects motion and movement within its perimeter.

Therefore, if there are people in the house, if you have pets, or if you have anything that’s moving like a robot vacuum, or anything that moves, it could disable the auto-away feature and it might not automatically switch to Eco Mode.

Now, let us try to go into more detail on the possible causes of it not working properly.

Why is My Nest Thermostat Auto Away Not Working?

Whether or not you’ve had your Nest Thermostat for a while now, it’ll be hard to determine what the exact cause is.

However, there are too few most common causes why it’s not working, some of those include:

  • You have pets left inside your home
  • There are people inside the house (helpers, relatives, family members, etc.)
  • The address you’ve put is not complete
  • You weren’t able to set it up properly
  • A device that’s set up to assist with Home & Away routines is near

If you’re already too worked up about it, don’t worry, we’ll teach you the steps on how you can do it on both Android and iPhone!

Best Ways to Fix Nest Auto Away Not Working

nest thermostat auto away not working

Whether you’re an iPhone user or an Android user, fixing it would be easy and straightforward!

Nest Auto-Away Not Working (Android Device)

Here’s the process of how you can fix it if you are an Android device user.

Step #1: Access the Feed’s Activity History

Check and access the activity history to see the activity that involved your Nest Thermostat.

You can access this by going into your Nest app’s Settings > Home/Away Assist > Activity History.

Then, access Feed > Recent Events > Go to History > Home & Away Events.

Step #2: Are There Other People Inside the House?

There could be family members, friends, relatives, even pets in the house and if this is the case, the Nest’s auto-away feature won’t work, unless they stay out of the Nest Thermostat’s radar.

Step #3: Relocate Heaters, Fans, or Other Moving Objects

If you have objects inside your home that triggers motion and movement like fans, heaters, or any other object, try to keep it far from the Nest Thermostat.

Should you be worried about its sensitivity, you can turn off the sensitivity of your Nest Thermostat instead.

Step #4: Check Your Location and Address

Oftentimes, we tend to forget that inputting the complete address, especially in these types of devices is relevant.

So, check and ensure that the address on your Nest app is accurate and complete!

That’s it! That’s the process of how you can regain the functionality of your Nest’s auto-away feature back up and running!

Nest Auto-Away Not Working (iPhone)

If you are an iPhone user, here are the steps that you need to take in the event that you notice your Nest Thermostat’s auto-away feature is not functioning or working properly:

Step #1: Check the Address

Many people don’t realize it until they see it; in order for your Nest Thermostat’s auto-away feature to work, you need to input your complete address.

To check this, access the Nest app and select Settings. From there, select Home Information > Home Address.

If you don’t see your complete address, type in your complete address.

Step #2: Access the Activity History

Now that you’re set with the address, the next step is to check the activity that might have caused the auto-away feature not to work.

On your Nest app, access Settings > Home/Away Assist > Activity History. Check the history and try to find out what updates happened while you’re gone.

Step #3: Remove Pets

The Nest Thermostat is a device that detects motion and movement. Therefore, if you have pets around your house, the Nest Thermostat could detect them, which can disable the auto-away feature to activate.

So, try to keep your pets out of range from where the Nest Thermostat is.

Step #4: Move Heaters Out of the Thermostat’s View

Similar to pets, if you have heaters or fans that are moving while you’re gone, move or relocate them to a location where the Nest Thermostat isn’t able to view them.

Their presence could falsely trigger that there’s someone inside your home even if there isn’t.

Step #5: Set the Auto-Away Up Again

And last, but most definitely not least is to set your auto-away up again. Follow these steps to redo it:

  1. Access your Nest app and tap the Settings icon.
  2. Select Home/Away Assist.
  3. Turn on Use Phone Location, and then confirm all prompts and pop-ups.
  4. Enter your address and allow GPS.
  5. From there, activate auto-away and set the temperatures for when you’re away!

Once you go through this step-by-step process, it’ll only be a matter of time until you get the auto-away feature of your Nest Thermostat back up again!

My Nest Auto-Away is Still Not Working, What Should I Do?

Should you have followed all the steps and still Nest Thermostat’s auto-away feature is still not working correctly, the most sensible thing to do is to contact Google’s customer support team.

Inform them that you’ve already done the steps we outlined above for faster and more accurate resolutions.

If your Nest Auto-away is not working, ensure that there are no people or any other moving objects inside your living space when you’re gone, and then check if you’ve input the complete address. Moreover, set the app up again so you know that you started off on a clean slate.

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Final Verdict

Should you ever find that your Nest Auto away is not working, don’t immediately conclude that there’s something wrong with the device.

Check everything that could be causing it; there could be people inside your house while you’re there, you could have pets, the address might be incorrect, and so on.

Regardless of what the reason is, you’ll be able to track that down using our complete and comprehensive guide!

Nicole B