nest thermostat error e298

Wondering what Nest thermostat error E298 means? Let’s discover everything together!

The Nest thermostat is quite user-friendly and very reliable in its performance, but often it may display a different error such as “E298” to alert the user of an issue. 

If you are experiencing this error, then stay with us to learn how to fix the problem since it could be quite bothersome!

The Nest thermostat E298 error comes when the device’s power is disconnected and this typically happens when the wiring or batteries have a fault. This error often appears in the latest models of Nest and can be fixed easily by inspecting ALL power components!

Now, let’s find out more detail about the causes of Nest thermostat error 298:

What Causes Google Nest Thermostat Error Code E298?

what causes of nest error e298

The Nest thermostat E298 error only appears when the thermostat does not get sufficient power voltage.

As it is obvious that the thermostat will work only properly and remain connected to the WiFi until it is connected to the power and turned on, 

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In that set of thoughts, error E298 only suggests that any of the power-related components have a fault.

The first thing we need to do is to understand what is causing the error.

So, let’s take a look at ALL known causes for error E298 on the Nest thermostat:

  • Turned OFF Circuit Breaker or AC Line
  • Faulty Nest Thermostat Wiring
  • Wires are Disconnected From the Thermostat
  • Nest Thermostat Dead Batteries
  • Loose Connection From HVAC System 
  • Bad State of HVAC Systems (Dirty Filters & Drains)

After knowing about the causes, now we can easily move on next in the guide to learn about the troubleshooting solutions. Let’s jump straight in!

Nest Thermostat Error E298 – Fix In Minutes!

how fix nest thermostat

We are going to discuss the solutions that’ll help you easily fix this error from your thermostat in just a couple of minutes.

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So, make sure to follow the guide completely and don’t skip any step to get the best result faster! 

Solution #1 Check The Circuit Breaker

The very first thing you will need to check is the circuit breaker for the Nest thermostat from your home HVAC system.

As we previously mentioned in the guide, error E298 comes due to a disconnection of power, so there is a possibility that the breaker or AC line is not working! 

Best Solution: Check the Circuit Breaker and Power Cycle Nest Thermostat!

Here is how to check the Nest thermostat breaker:

  1. Turn OFF your thermostat from its Power Button.
  2. Then, go to your HVAC System and switch off the circuit breaker.
  3. Also, check that every wire is connected properly.
  4. Next, wait for at least 5 minutes!
  5. Turn on the HVAC breaker and the Nest thermostat.
Note: Move on to the next solution in the guide if the error is still on the thermostat!

Solution #2 Check The Thermostat Wiring

check the wiring

Sometimes the E298 error on the Nest thermostat appears because some of the essential wirings is faulty.

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Therefore, if there is a damaged or disconnected cable from the HVAC or thermostat, the power supply will be impacted, which is the reason for the error.

This is why we need to perform a thorough inspection of the wiring!

Here is how to check the Nest thermostat wiring:

  1. First, turn OFF the home Circuit Power Breaker.
  2. Then remove the thermostat cover from the base.
  3. Note down the orientation of the wires.
  4. Disconnect ALL the wires from the base.
  5. Check all the wires and make sure their ends are straight. 
  6. If not, then cut them to make them straight.
  7. Also, check and ensure that the 10mm of the thermostat wire is exposed.
  8. Once you have done the wiring inspection, then connect all the wires back. 
  9. Tip: Following the names of the wires and connectors!
  10. Connect the thermostat display back to its base.
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When the wiring inspection is over, turn on the power breaker and turn on your thermostat to check for the E298

Solution #3 Check HVAC Wiring For Thermostat

check the hvac wiring

After checking and ensuring that the wiring from the thermostat end has no fault and is properly connected, then check the HVAC Wiring.

It’s possible that the HVAC system has a faulty component or damaged wires and that’s why it has power but can’t supply the thermostat.

Here is how you can check your HVAC wiring:

  1. Start by turning OFF the circuit breaker of your HVAC system!
  2. Then, disconnect ALL the wires of the thermostat from the HVAC.
  3. Check the ends of the wires as well as the connectors.
  4. Next, locate the Fuse Box and System Switches in your HVAC.
  5. Test them individually via a Multimeter for continuity. 
  6. If there is continuity then, place them back.
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If you found any component faulty or damaged in your HVAC, then call a professional for the repair.

It’s extremely important to avoid interacting with the wiring in your setup without turning off the breaker first since the live wire’s voltage can be life-threatening!

Solution #4 Replace Thermostat Batteries!

replace batteries

Over time, the device’s batteries will deplete and stop powering, which will cause the error E298 Nest thermostat.

Therefore, if you haven’t changed the batteries in your thermostat for a while, you should get a new one since they are one of the primary suspects for error E298.

  • The Nest thermostat batteries last from 12 up to 24 months!

Here is how to replace the Nest thermostat batteries:

  1. Hold the Nest Thermostat Display screen and take it out from the base.
  2. Turn it and you’ll see two batteries set up inside it.
  3. Then, take out the two batteries from the thermostat.
  4. Set up two new AAA batteries inside the thermostat.
  5. Fix the display screen back onto its base.
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It’s also important to the brand of the batteries you’re using so for something important such as the thermostat, we strongly recommend getting the DURACELL Batteries Pack.

The 24 x batteries will serve you for entire 12 thermostat replacements equal to more than 10 years!

In case the error does not disappear even with fresh batteries, keep reading!

Solution #5 Factory Reset Nest Thermostat

factory reset thermostat

Assuming that your thermostat shows the error E298 but you still can interact and reach the menus, we strongly recommend performing the Factory Reset.

This is the ultimate method that will ensure that there is no fault on your Nest thermostat’s side!

Tip: Before the reset, note down any of the settings that you wish to recover later!

Here’s how to factory reset a Nest thermostat in easy steps:

  1. Press the ring button to enter the Quick View.
  2. From there select the Cogwheel (Settings).
  3. The next step is to select the Reset option.
  4. Choose Reset All Settings.
  5. Wait…

It’s important to remain patient and to allow your Nest thermostat to reset in peace.

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Do not interact with any of the buttons until the process is complete.

Once the thermostat resets, the error E298 should no longer be there. In case the issue is still there, keep reading!

Solution #6 Inspect The HVAC System!

inspect the hvac system

If you have tried all the aforementioned fixes and the Nest thermostat continues to show error E298, it’s possible that the HVAC System is the cause rather than the thermostat.

As you are aware, it directly depends on the HVAC, any fault with the HVAC will have a direct impact.

Therefore, HVAC maintenance is crucial because as time passes, the system’s drain and filters become clogged and stop working properly.

When this happens, the HVAC automatically shuts off the circuit, and ultimately the power supply to the thermostat will be cut as well.

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Ask For Help!

ask some help

If you’re not a technician or unaware of all dependencies in your HVAC system it’s best to have a professional inspection.

In case you’re concerned that your Nest thermostat is the culprit, don’t hesitate to contact Nest Customer Service and report your problem!

Tip: Always share what you’ve attempted in this guide to ultimately, save time!

Quick Recap:

Whenever the Nest thermostat error E298 starts to appear we need to check the circuit breaker, thermostat’s wiring, and HVAC System wiring before drawing conclusions.

The solution requires a thorough inspection of ALL power-related components in the setup! Check out our blog for more helpful thermostat troubleshooting guides!