nest thermostat battery low

Don’t know how to fix Nest Thermostat battery low issue? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Many users have complained of this constant error message, so this is why we are going to evaluate this case and provide you with proven to work methods against it.

Nest thermostat can give low battery error messages if the device’s battery is low or there is a power malfunction. Faulty hardware or software problems are also a possibility for the battery not to be recognized. There could be a problem with your charger or simply your battery has gone faulty.

Regardless of what your occasion is, we’re going to exclude each possibility one by one until we’re left with the true cause.

Before that, it is important to learn more about where the issue could be coming from so that’s what we’ve prepaid next.

Nest Thermostat Battery Low Message

Many users have complained that their Thermostat is constantly bothering them with low battery messages or refuses to work at all.

Here are all of the possible causes that we were able to gather.

1. Uncharged Nest

Your thermostat might not be charged at all. Try connecting it to another wall outlet and avoid having any power splitters in between.

2. Faulty Charging Cable

If the USB cable you are charging Nest with is not working, the thermostat won’t be able to obtain any electricity at all. You can test out the cable on other devices to determine whether it is working or not.

3. Not Working Charging Port

If the charging port of Nest doesn’t charge whenever you plug it into the power source, it is a possibility that the charging port on Nest might have gone faulty.

You can never tell if the slot has gone faulty, but you can try with different chargers,

4. Faulty Battery

When the thermostat’s battery goes faulty, it will constantly give low battery error messages, even when the device is fully charged.

The only thing you can do whenever the battery of your thermostat is faulty is to replace it.

5. Temporary Issue

You would be lucky if this is your case. Sometimes taking the battery out and inserting it back in, might solve the problem.

6. Hardware/Software Issue

If you’ve somehow damaged the thermostat, you may have damaged the battery internally.

On the other hand, your thermostat might have a software bug that prevents your battery from being charged.

Now that you’re aware of the possible causes, we can proceed to the troubleshooting part of this post and get your issue removed as soon as possible!

How To Fix Nest Thermostat Low Battery Problem?

fix nest thermostat battery low

We assume that you already have your Nest hooked up to the mobile app because some of our methods will include entering the application and altering some of Nest’ settings.

Now that this is mentioned, let’s proceed with the best methods to fix the low battery problem on your Nest thermostat.

Method #1 Charge Nest Thermostat

The most basic and easy thing you can try before undertaking any drastic troubleshooting is to simply charge your Nest thermostat.

You could have left the charger not plugged all the way in, which results in those constant low battery messages you’re getting bothered by.

Plug your thermostat into the charger and let it charge for a few hours. It is recommended to use a wall outlet that is proven to work, with a USB cable that is also tested.

See if that helps and if you’re still getting low battery issues on your thermostat, proceed with our next method.

Method #2 Power Cycle Nest Thermostat

Now that you’ve attempted to charge your Nest thermostat and it didn’t work, you can try to power cycle it.

Altering the power is well-known to be the best universal troubleshooting workaround that helps in all cases.

For the process, you have to press your thermostat’s ring for up to 10 seconds and then release it.

Next, make sure that all cables are unplugged from the device and take the batteries out. Put everything aside and wait for about 2-3 minutes.

Plug all the cables back in and start the device. Now all electricity is drained and your thermostat should have a fresh boot.

Hopefully, your battery will not be able to charge and you’ll no longer see the low battery message.

Method #3 Check Charging Cable

If you are still having the Nest thermostat low battery error messages, you can try to charge Nest with a different charging cable. Get another USB and plug your device into the power source.

Cables are well-known to start malfunctioning after a while of usage, so having another cable will make things a lot easier.

Method #4 Install a C Wire

If regular charging doesn’t work for you, you can try installing a C wire (common wire). For this purpose, we’ve provided you with some steps to follow:

  1. Turn off your Nest thermostat furnace.
  2. Remove Nest from the base unit.
  3. Locate the common connector and take a note of the wire’s color.
  4. Ensure that the same-colored wire is connected to the Nest C connector.
  5. If there isn’t a cable, you should run a new wire in between the thermostat and your furnace.
  6. Now that you have a new fire, refit the Nest into the base unit and test.

Now that your Nest manages to charge on its own, you shouldn’t have any issues regarding the battery from now on!

Method #5 Factory Reset Nest

The last thing we are going to talk about is how to factory reset your Nest!

Note: The factory reset will erase all of its configurations and options made until this very moment.

Nest configurations are really important and this is exactly what factory reset will erase, so pay close attention.

This is why many users decide to either photograph or take notes on their current Nest configurations, so they can set it up later.

Now that we are clear of that, here is how to factory reset your Nest:

  1. Press Nest and you will see the Quick View menu.
  2. Tap on the Settings icon.
  3. Turn the ring to the reset label and press once.
  4. Turn the ring once to all settings and press again to select.
  5. Confirm that you want to proceed.
  6. On the next page, turn the ring to factory reset and confirm the action.

Now your thermostat will reboot itself and all data should be taken back to factory defaults.

With a little luck, your battery will finally be recognized and successfully charging.

You can fix the Nest thermostat’s low battery message by altering its power supply followed by a factory reset. If you’re looking for a quick turnaround you can always install the C-Wire and completely bypass the battery.

Either way, you can have your Nest working so there is nothing to worry about.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why Nest thermostat battery low, we can confidently say that you are fully capable of dealing with the issue by yourself.

Even if you find it challenging or not working at some point, reaching out for external assistance from the Nest support test is always an option.

Nicole B