how to unlock sensi thermostat

Did you lock your thermostat and you are thinking about how to unlock Sensi thermostat?

Or probably your kids tampered with it, locked it, and now you cannot control it. So, how will you unlock and get your thermostat to work well again?

Kindly read below to see the easy steps you can use to disable this lock feature.

If you want to unlock your Sensi thermostat, you will need to locate its menu button and press it. When the settings screen appears, scroll through it until you reach the Lock option, then select it. Check on the lower screen to find the unlock option and select it. Enter the code you had set earlier and tap ‘unlock.’

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To know the unlocking methods in easy steps read the guide below.

How to Unlock Sensi Thermostat

unlock sensi thermostat

Locking your Sensi thermostat can sometimes be necessary, especially if you do not want your kids or guests to tamper with your settings.

The best thing about locking your thermostat is that you or your household can adjust the temperature based on your set range.

However, you may need to unlock your thermostat so that you can use its functions fully. You can achieve this using various methods. Kindly see below how you can go about it.

Method 1: Unlock Sensi Thermostat Using Sensi App

Your Sensi thermostat mobile app is one element you can use to unlock the thermostat. Since you own this smart thermostat, I believe you cannot lack the app on your mobile device.

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Let us see below how you can navigate through it to unlock the Sensi thermostat:

Step #1: Launch the Sensi app on your phone and navigate to the dashboard.

Step #2: Select the Sensi thermostat you wish to unlock.

Step #3: If your phone is an iOS, tap the gear icon at the top of the right corner of the screen. If you are using an android device, tap the three dots on the top right side of the screen to go to settings.

Step #4: Tap system settings.                                           

Step #5: tap the lock switch to put it off and disable the lock on your thermostat.

Once you turn off the lock, the small lock icon on your thermostat screen and app should disappear. Your buttons should now be able to function as they are supposed to.

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Note: The backlight push button would not be disabled as you unlock the thermostat.

What if you do not have the app? Would you still unlock your Sensi thermostat? Let us see how to unlock Sensi thermostat without app.

Method 2: Use The Thermostat Menu

Locate the menu button on the right side of your thermostat. Remember, this button is so crucial since it helps in accessing all thermostat configurations.

Follow these steps:

  1. First press the menu key
  2. The settings screen will be displayed
  3. Locate the up and down buttons on your device.
  4. Scroll through the list until you reach the lock option on your thermostat.
  5. Once you access the lock category, you will be nearing the unlock option.
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Note: The Unlock option is just at the lower part of the screen but on the right side. Use the navigation keys to reach it, then select it.

The screen will display for you the option to enter a three-digit code. Kindly locate the digits, then enter them in the provided spaces.

Once you provide the digits, select the unlock option once more, and you will remove the lock from your Sensi thermostat.

What if You Forgot the Unlocking Code?

unlocking sensi thermostat

In some instances, you may forget the code. Of course, you handle lots of numbers and stuff, and it is not a doubt that you can misplace your Sensi thermostat code.

So, in case this happens, press the three buttons located at the bottom of your device at a go.

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These are the left, middle, and right buttons. Hold them for about 30 seconds, then release them.

This procedure unlocks the code and resets it to triple zero (000). Could you also be wishing to know how to unlock Sensi thermostat without Wi-Fi? Read on.

Method 3: Reset Thermostat

Another way to bypass the lock in your Sensi thermostat is by resetting it.

Even though resetting restores your thermostat to defaults, it is a sure way to unlock it.

Reset using these steps:

  1. Remove the thermostat’s faceplate from the wall by pulling both sides slightly.
  2. Locate the two AA alkaline batteries, then remove them.
  3. Check that your screen goes blank.
  4. Reinsert the batteries and remember to place them in their correct terminals.
  5. Give the thermostat a minute to reset.
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You can now use your thermostat since the lock is not there. Please set it to your preferred values also.

Method 4: Use The Temperature And Fan Buttons

You can also unlock your Sensi thermostat using the two temperature buttons (up and down) and the fan button.

You only need to press them simultaneously until the thermostat screen goes blank.

Remove the batteries, then reinsert them after one minute. You Sensi should unlock after few minutes.

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To unlock your Sensi thermostat, press its menu button. Once the settings screen is displayed, scroll through it to find the lock option and select it. You will then see the unlock option on the lower side of your screen.

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Click it, then enter your 3-digit code. Tap again the unlock option to unlock your Sensi thermostat.

I hope the methods above will help you to know how to unlock Sensi thermostat.

So long as you are familiar with all keys on your thermostat, you should not find any method difficult. And whether with an app or not, you can get it done.


Will My Sensi Run If I Do Not Have a Wi-Fi Connection?

Yes. Your Sensi thermostat can run without Wi-Fi. For instance, if you were running a schedule and the Wi-Fi disconnects, the program would still run since that is how the thermostat is designed to operate.

Can I Use My Sensi App to Control The Thermostat From Anywhere?

Yes. No matter where you are, you can remotely control your Sensi thermostat using the app.

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