sensi thermostat not turning on

Is your Sensi thermostat not turning on, and you are wondering what could be wrong with it?

Maybe you have not tried anything yet, and you have decided to google online to get a solution for this issue.

Worry no more. This piece will take you through the possible causes and help you know how to troubleshoot. Kindly read on.

To ensure that your Sensi thermostat is on, power on the switch. The breaker switch should also not be flipped off. Ensure that all the wires are tight and they also have no corrosion.

Reasons for Sensi Thermostat Not Turning On

If your Sensi thermostat fails to turn on, it could be due to any of the following reasons.

  • You have not powered on the thermostat
  • The breaker is tripped off
  • The thermostat has dirt build-up
  • The thermostat has loose or damaged wires
  • Your Sensi thermostat is too old
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Note: If you are not sure about operating a thermostat, kindly have an expert do it for you.

It may be more costly to replace your device if you damage an irreparable component than paying for the repair service by a pro.

How to Fix A Sensi Thermostat Screen Not Turning On

fix sensi thermostat not turning on

If your Sensi thermostat screen is blank or fails to turn on, you can resolve it using the solutions below.

Kindly try one, and if it does not work, move on to another until your system works again.

Solution #1: Check If Power Is On

It could be that you have not powered on your thermostat power switch; hence the system is not on.

You can locate your HVAC system power switch on the thermostat’s air handler or near the furnace. It looks like a light switch. So, if it is off, kindly turn it on.

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Since the furnace door or the air handler hold the thermostat’s switch, they may be incorrectly positioned.

If so, the switch may turn off by itself. Hence, the system will not operate as it should.

So, you need to make sure that these parts are correctly placed to engage the safety switch inside your equipment’s cabinet.

Solution #2: Check A Tripped Breaker

A power outage can cause your thermostat breaker to trip off. Hence, when the power comes back, the thermostat will not turn on.

Kindly locate your breaker in the breaker box, then flip it back on if it is in the off position.

If the system does not turn on, let’s try the next solution.

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Solution #3: Reset Breaker

The breaker ensures that power flows in the thermostat. If it has issues, the system will not turn on, hence will not operate. Resetting it can solve the problem.

Please turn off the breaker, then turn it on again. Hence, you will have to reset your breaker. Check to see if the thermostat turns on.

Solution #4: Check the Voltage In The Thermostat Wire

If your thermostat wires lack the required voltage, they will not pass power to the equipment. Check to see there is constant voltage throughout the wire using a voltmeter.

Do the test this way:

Step 1: Set the voltmeter AC, then check the voltage between the wire terminals.

Step 2: Place a test probe on the power wire (the exposed copper wire RC or RH), the W/E, and the G fan.

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Step 3: Once you record the voltage and see that it is below 20VAC, you may need to replace the wires. The new wires should be above 20 VAC to turn on your system.

Solution #5: Check for Any Dirt In The Thermostat

Dirt is an enemy to a thermostat’s functionality. Ensure that cleaning your thermostat is a priority on your winter to-do list.

Remove any debris, spider webs, dust, and dirt. Dirt coats the inside of a thermostat and interferes with the electrical and mechanical functioning of the thermostat.

Use a soft cloth to clean. Ensure it does not contain liquids. As you know, liquid spills will cause more damage to the system.

If you can access a smooth brush, it can also do well to clean the inner parts, so long as you do it gently. A compressed air that is used to clear debris in electronics can also be ideal.

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Solution #6: Clean Clogged Air Filter

Dirt is a cause of a clogged air filter. More often, when the air filter is clogged, the furnace will fail to blow hot or cold air to your room.

However, if the dirt build-up is too much, it will cause the entire system to stop working completely; hence it will not turn on.

To rectify this issue, check if the air filter is dirty and try cleaning it. If, after cleaning, it does not work, have an expert inspect the system because soot may have slipped through to it.

See if the system works. If not, there will be a need to replace the air filter. It is often recommended that you replace your filter after every three months.

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So, if you cannot remember the last you replaced it, kindly have a new one, depending on your thermostat’s air filter space.

Solution #7: Check If the Wires Are Loose

Loose wires can never pass power to your system. And if that is the case, of course, it will not turn on.

So, you will need to open your thermostat, check for any loose screws and wires, and then tighten them.

When removing the cover to check the wires, ensure the thermostat switch is powered off.

Also, remove the batteries. Once you access the wires, check them for any corrosion. If any, you will need to replace them.

Solution #8: Check the Batteries

Your Sensi thermostat has batteries that help when there is a power outage. Hence, you will not lose your settings, and your thermostat will still run when there is no electricity.

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Could it be that your thermostat has failed to turn on during a power outage?

Then, the batteries might have powered out or are not energized. Hence, the system will not work.

Kindly replace the batteries and see if the problem will be resolved.

Solution #9: System Incompatibility

Not all thermostats are compatible with each other’s systems. Hence, you cannot install a new thermostat on an old system and expect it to work.

So, if your old thermostat was not a Sensi thermostat, you might have installed your new Sensi thermostat to an incompatible system. Hence, it will not turn on.

If you install a thermostat to the wrong system, there will be a failure in communication between the system and the thermostat.

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The heating system of your old thermostat should match Sensi’s capacity and capability for it to work.

So, before installing your Sensi thermostat, ensure you consult with a professional to help you know if it can be compatible with your former thermostat system.

Solution #10: Replace Your Thermostat

There is no thermostat that is meant to last forever. A Sensi thermostat can last up to around eight or ten years.

However, you may not depend so much on a manufacturer’s information about these years. It all depends on how you use your thermostat.

So, if you think yours has served you for quite long, it may be time to replace it. Get a new thermostat if none of the above solutions work. Ensure that it is compatible with your system, too.

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Solution #11: Contact Sensi Customer Support

If you have tried all the above solutions but none works, it may be time to contact Sensi customer support.

Explain your issue, and they should get back to you with a working solution.

If your thermostat’s warranty is still valid, a replacement will do better. If not, they should repair your device for you.

If your Sensi thermostat is not turning on, kindly check that the power switch is on. Confirm that the breaker is also on the on position. If it still fails, reset the breaker by turning it off then on.

Also, ensure that the wires have the correct voltage and are not damaged.

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Having your Sensi thermostat not turning on can be so frustrating, especially if you do not know what to do about it.

However, having working solutions should get you smiling again. Please try any of the above fixes, and you will see your Sensi thermostat working again.

Ensure that you power it on and that power is flowing to the whole system correctly.

Nicole B