sensi thermostat no heat

If you have a Sensi thermostat no heat problem, you can always fix it. This issue is not new since it occurs for most people, even with other thermostat brands.

You can now celebrate that you can always fix it using very straightforward methods.

If your Sensi thermostat is not heating, check that it is turned on. Ensure that the air handler and the furnace are positioned correctly.

Let us dig down and see why this issue occurs and how you can go about it.

Reasons For Sensi Thermostat No Heat

If your Sensi thermostat keeps clicking but no heat, it may be due to any of the following reasons:

  • The system is not on
  • The air handler and the furnace are not in the correct position
  • The breaker is faulty
  • The wiring is faulty
  • The thermostat is the problem

Note: Sensi thermostat uses Wi-Fi. You can also operate it using a Sensi app on your mobile phone.

The user manual can help you understand how to operate it when you are not sure.

How to Fix a Sensi Thermostat that Has No Heat

fix sensi thermostat no heat

Below are several ways you can use to fix your Sensi thermostat. Start from above, going downwards until your system works again.

Solution #1: Check Power

If your HVAC system is not powered on, it will not heat. You can find the system’s switch near or on the furnace.

Some other thermostats may have it on the air handler that resembles a light switch. Check if it is off and turn it on.

Solution #2: Check The Air Handler’s Position

If your air handler or the furnace door are not installed properly or have some loose connection, your system will fail to heat.

You need to ensure that the hair handler panel or the furnace door are in position.

You can manually check if this is true, then you will need to place it squarely to ensure it engages well with the safety switch inside the cabinet.

Solution #3: Reset The Breaker

The breaker ensures that your whole system receives energy. It might be having some issue causing your system to fail to heat. Resetting it can resolve this problem.

Resetting the breaker restarts the system, hence addressing several issues that you may be unaware of.

To reset it, you will need to examine the electrical panel.

Turn off the HVAC system on the main switch. Wait for around 60 seconds, then turn it back on again.

This process resets the breaker. So, you can check if the system heats once it turns on.

Solution #4: Check The Voltage

Could it be that your thermostat is lacking a voltage hence not heating? You need to ensure that voltage is present to solve this issue.

Set the voltmeter to AC to check the voltage, then measure the available voltage between the wire terminals.

Locate the power wire (the exposed copper RH wire), then place a probe test on it.

Place the probe test again on the W/E wire, representing the heat pump’s first stage of heating or cooling or the first stage of cooling for the AC.

Read, then record the voltage. If the voltage is less than 20VAC, your system will not turn on; hence it will not heat.

You will need to increase the voltage by acquiring new and larger wires for your system. Around 18 gauge wires can work.

Solution #5: Check The Thermostat

Have you tried the above measures, but the system is still not heating? Do not get tired of reading.

Probably, your thermostat is the issue. Let us see how you can confirm the functionality of your thermostat.

Please do not use the Sensi app to operate the thermostat but manage it manually. Set it to heat mode. Increase the heating temperature a few degrees higher.

Check if the thermostat is making a soft clicking sound. Its background should also turn orange, or the thermostat should display the word ‘heating’ under your set temperature.

Wait for some minutes, then lower the temperature. It should be lower than the room temperature.

The thermostat should make another soft clicking sound. You should not see the word ‘heating’ on display, and the background will also turn grey.

The above process shows that the thermostat is in good condition. Otherwise, you should have a technician fix it for you.

Solution #6: Reset Your Thermostat

If you realize that the thermostat is the issue, you may need to reset it. After successfully resetting, try the above operation again.

Use the steps below to reset the two different thermostats. Choose the one you own.

Resetting a Smart Sensi thermostat

Remove the faceplate from the wall, then turn it upside down. Remove the batteries, then allow the display screen time to go blank.

Return the batteries inside, place the faceplate, then return it to the wall.

Ensure that the battery is charged. You can confirm it by checking the battery icon on the right side of the thermostat’s display. If the battery is low, you will need to replace it.

Reset a Touch Smart Sensi thermostat

Follow the instructions below to reset your touch thermostat.

  1. Press the menu icon.
  2. Select About thermostat.    
  3. Select Factory reset thermostat.

Note: After resetting your Smart touch thermostat, you will need to reconnect it back to Wi-Fi since it loses connection.

Solution #7: Check The Wiring

Did you recently reinstall a new thermostat? You might have reconnected the wires wrongly.

It is always recommended that once you remove your thermostat, you take a picture of the wiring. A photo will help you remember the connection when reinstalling the thermostat or a new one.

You can confirm if you connected each set of wires to the correct terminal by reopening the thermostat.

You also need to verify if your old thermostat had two sets of terminal labels. Ensure that they both enter their corresponding system type (the Heat pump or conventional).

Solution #8: Correct Loose Wires

After confirming that the wiring is correct and each terminal is connected to the right place, you may also need to check if you have loose wiring.

If the wires are not tight, no heat will come from your system.

To check the wires, you will need to pull your thermostat from its sub-base. Pull each wire to confirm if there is any that is loose.

None should come off when you tug them. If any comes out, screw it back to position.

Return the thermostat to the sub-base and ensure that it fits there properly. Remember, the wires should not protrude too far from the thermostat’s sub-base.

Besides, you should ensure that you are using the provided wall screw; if not, your thermostat will not turn on.

Solution #9: Check The HVAC Settings

The Sensi app helps with the installation and connection process of your Sensi thermostat.

The app automatically configures your thermostat based on your wiring; this app requires that you complete the installation right away.

If you do not complete the connection or your wiring is incorrect, the system will require reconfiguration to reflect your system type.

Solution #10: Consider An Expert

Have you tried all the above solutions, but none has proven helpful? It could be that you did the process incorrectly, or the problem is beyond your ability.

At this point, you need an expert to fix it for you. You can either contact Sensi support or call your local HVAC system expert.

They should help you understand why your Sensi thermostat heat turns on but with no heat. Besides, they will give you the corrective measure to apply if need be.

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If your Sensi thermostat fails to heat, check if the HVAC is off and turn it on. The wiring might also be loose or improperly connected. So, you will need to correct them.

For a Sensi thermostat no heat issue, you may need to try the above solutions. At least one should help you solve the problem and get back to your normal heating schedules.

We always recommend that you seek an expert’s help if you cannot fix the problem, and you will be good to go.

Nicole B