sensi thermostat not connecting to wifi

Is your Sensi thermostat not connecting to WiFi? You don’t need to worry since the issue is common to most Wi-Fi enabled devices including your Sensi thermostat.

We have provided below some easy fixes you can apply and get your thermostat working again. Kindly read on.

If your Sensi thermostat fails to connect to Wi-Fi, you may need to check if its batteries are powered or the router is far. Replace low batteries or move the router closer to it. You can as well power reset the router, then see if the thermostat reconnects to Wi-Fi.

Reasons for Sensi Thermostat Not Connecting To WiFi

If your Sensi thermostat fails to connect to Wi-Fi, any of the following reasons could be the cause.

  • Low powered batteries
  • A tripped breaker
  • System incompatibility
  • An outdated Wi-Fi

Note: Your Sensi thermostat is designed in a way that it can still control the cooling and heating system even if it has no Wi-Fi connection.

Even if you run a schedule and the thermostat loses connection, the program will not stop running.

The only features that get affected by the loss of Wi-Fi are automatic software updates, advanced settings modification, and switching between schedules.

How to Fix a Sensi Thermostat that Will Not Connect to Wi-Fi

fix sensi thermostat not connecting to wifi

Below are some solutions you can apply to your Sensi thermostat to reconnect it to Wi-Fi. Try one after another until you resolve the issue.

Solution #1: Reset the Thermostat

Among the first solutions to fixing your Sensi thermostat when it fails to connect to Wi-Fi is resetting it.

Resetting helps you to restore the thermostat’s settings to defaults. And any issue causing the thermostat Wi-Fi to fail gets fixed.

Here is the way to reset it:

Step #1: Remove the faceplate by pulling each side of the thermostat slightly.

Step #2: You will see two AA batteries. Kindly remove them, then wait for the thermostat display to go blank.

Step #3: Return the batteries to their position.

Step #4: Return the faceplate.

Step #5: Give the thermostat one minute, after which it should reset.

Since resetting restores your thermostat, you will need to re-set it again. Once you are through, check if it is connected to the Wi-Fi. If not, let us proceed with other troubleshooting methods.

Solution #2: Replace Batteries

When your thermostat batteries are low, the Wi-Fi radio will turn off to preserve power. Please note you need to replace the batteries when the battery icon on your thermostat is half full.

The faceplate covers the batteries, so you will need to remove it first to access the batteries.

Remove the old batteries and replace them with two fresh AA alkaline batteries. Remember to return the faceplate in position, then check if your device connects to Wi-Fi.

Solution #3: Check System Compatibility and the C Wire

If, after replacing the batteries, your Sensi thermostat still fails to reconnect to Wi-Fi, there might be a compatibility problem.

The issue happens if you installed a Sensi thermostat on another system that it is not compatible with. Hence, it will affect its Wi-Fi connectivity.

If not, the problem arises due to the common wire. The C wire is needed to maintain Wi-Fi connectivity if you have the cool-only, heat-only, or heat pump system.

Kindly have an expert check if your device has incompatibility issues or install the C-wire for you. Then, you can check if the problem resolves.

Solution #4: Check your HVAC System

sensi not connecting to wifi

Your Sensi thermostat relies on its HVAC system for power. So, it does not depend on batteries only. If the system fails to work, then the thermostat will not have Wi-Fi on.

First, check if the breakers are on. There will be no power on the system when the breaker has tripped off due to a power outage. Kindly trip it back to the ON position.

Confirm if the drain pipes are clogged. If so, you may need to clean or replace them. The panels of the furnace or air handler should also not be loose. If so, kindly tighten them.

Once you check all the above, try reconnecting your system to Wi-Fi and check if it behaves.

Solution #5: Update Wi-Fi   

Your Sensi thermostat Wi-Fi may be outdated, hence causing it not to connect to your home Wi-Fi. Updating the Wi-Fi over your Sensi app should resolve the problem.

Let us see below how you can go about it.

  1. Launch the Sensi app on your smartphone or iOS.
  2. Tap the icon on the top left of your screen to go to the menu.
  3. Choose system settings.
  4. Select ‘Update thermostat Wi-Fi.’

When the thermostat Wi-Fi is updating, at some point, it may need physical touch.

Ensure that you are available all through the period to perform the same. If you have several thermostats, apply the same procedure on all of them.

Solution #6: Check the Distance Between the Router and the Thermostat

The distance between your router and the thermostat matters when it comes to Wi-Fi on your thermostat. Try moving the router closer to the thermostat and see if there will be a difference.

If not, power cycle the router and see if it helps your Sensi thermostat connect to Wi-Fi. Unplug it from its power source and the thermostat. Allow it some minutes to rest, then reconnect it.

Solution #7: Reconnect your Device to Wi-Fi

Could it be that you replaced your router? Or maybe you changed to a different Wi-Fi network or changed your Wi-Fi password?

Your Sensi thermostat will not connect automatically to the internet unless you reconnect it to the Wi-Fi.


For a Sensi touch thermostat not connecting to Wi-Fi, use these steps if you have an iOS.

  1. Connect your phone to the home Wi-Fi you intend to connect your thermostat.
  2. Tap Menu followed by Wi-Fi, and ‘’set up a new network’’ on your thermostat.
  3. Open Settings on your phone, followed by Wi-Fi.
  4. Go downwards, then choose ‘’Set up a new device.’’ Click Sensi XXXXX.
  5. Go to accessory setup, then press next. Wait for the thermostat to join, then tap Done.


Here are the steps for android users:

Step #1: Launch the Sensi app on your device, then tap the positive (+) sign.

Step #2: Select your model, then tap ‘‘Yes, it is on the wall.”

Step #3: Tap Menu, followed by Wi-Fi on your thermostat, then choose the option ‘’set up a new network.’’

Step #4: Once you see the Sensi network (Sensi XXXXX) on your app, click Next.

Step #5: The touch screen will display a password. Kindly enter it and click Next.

Step #6: Tap on your home’s Wi-Fi network, then enter your Wi-Fi password.

If you follow the above steps keenly, your thermostat should connect to Wi-Fi.

Contact Sensi for Support

Trying the measures above should resolve the Wi-Fi connectivity issue in your Sensi thermostat.

If none works, there might be an issue in your thermostat that might have gone wrong, and you may be unable to handle it.

The solution lies in Sensi support. Kindly contact them, explain the steps you have taken to resolve the issue, then see the steps they will give you to apply.

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If your Sensi thermostat does not connect to Wi-Fi, it could be due to low batteries, system incompatibility, or a problem with the C wire. Reset the system by removing the batteries, allowing it a minute, and reinserting a new battery pair.

You can also have an electrician check compatibility and the C wire for you.

For a Sensi thermostat not connecting to Wi-Fi issue, you may not need to be perplexed. The issue is common, and the best thing about it is that you can resolve it.

The above methods are proven and tested. So, you can rely on them and have your device connected to Wi-Fi again.

Nicole B