how to turn off house alarm during power cut

You might be wondering how to turn off house alarm during power cut?

Power cuts are unpleasant at the best of circumstances, either they occur after a storm, during routine maintenance, or merely because something goes wrong at the power plant.

The lights are turned out, the Area network is turned off, and the security alarm has begun to beep.

Most alarm systems, particularly ADT versions, have backup batteries built in to maintain your security system operational in the case of a power outage. You won’t need to do something to get your alarm to begin utilizing the backup battery; whenever the main power goes off, this should automatically change to batteries.

In this article, we will look at some possible methods on how to turn off the house alarm during a power cut.

When There’s a Power Outage, Why Does My Alarm Go Off?

When the electricity goes off, the most common cause of alerts is a malfunctioning or uncharged backup battery.

During a power cut, this might lead to the alarm triggering or blasting.

You may well be capable of replacing this manually, or you may need to contact the manufacturer to get it done for you and deactivate the alarm using a code – please check the company’s handbook first.

A mains power interruption will be indicated by the alarm system bleeping soon after the power failure occurs.

With a passcode or some other instructions, you ought to be able to turn off the noise.

The control system of an ADT alarm will beep, and you can just input your keypad code to silence it.

How To Turn Off House Alarm During Power Cut – Methods

turn off house alarm during power cut

Method #1 Locate and Disconnect the Home Security System’s Main Power Source

A main source of electricity for your home security system is most likely a box fastened to the wall with an outlet.

When there is no electricity, this box is essential to turn off the alarm. Simply unscrew the box from the outlet to disconnect it.

Method #2 Remove the Security System’s Battery

Even though the primary source of energy for the home security system has been severed, the backup battery continues to power the alarm.

Accessing the battery compartment may necessitate the use of a screwdriver, and removing the battery will necessitate the use of pliers.

  1. Disconnect the plugs and cables from the battery with caution, using pliers.
  2. Once the system has been reset, make a note of where each cable must be reattached.

Method #3 Replace the Batteries

If the beeping continues after the power has gone out, remove the batteries and reinstall them. To see if the problem persists, turn on the alarm.

The beeping noise could also indicate that the backup batteries have run out, in which case you should simply replace them with a new set to stop the beeping.

Note: However, it is still preferable to get professional assistance so that you do not jeopardize your home’s security.

Before removing your batteries from the device, consult a specialist.

Method #4 Disarm the Alarm System

You can usually get the beeping to stop by just disabling the alarm system, in most current alarm systems.

However, you must first ensure that the alarm can take power from the socket and is not currently operating on backup batteries.

You could use the control center to sign in to the Alarm system using the passcode after checking that the power supply is functioning correctly.

After that: - Simply select disarm from the settings to silence the beeping.

If the alarm continues to beep after this, we assume there is a problem with the socket and the alarm is unable to draw electricity.

This is why it continues to beep to alert consumers that the power has been turned off and the device is now operating on backup power.

You may test whether or not the power source is functioning properly by:

  • Plugging in another device and seeing if it turns on.
  • If it doesn’t, you’ll need to change the outlets
  • Then connect your Alarm System into a new socket.

Method #5 Reset the House Alarm

After a power outage, you shouldn’t have to reset your alarm.

After you’ve disregarded any notifications and double-checked that the backup battery is operational, your alarm should resume regular operation.

Should your alarm not work properly, examine your guidebook or contact the company for assistance.

For older systems, you may be able to easily turn off the mains power and disconnect the spare battery to effectively shut down the whole system in the interim.

The example below shows how to reset an alarm after a power outage.

To reset the alarm after a power failure, follow these steps:

  1. Put in your four-digit pin code. (For example, ‘PS Failure. P/O Fault’ will appear in the fault description.)
  2. Re-enter your four-digit code.
  3. RESET the device.

Note: If you have a Keyfob rather than a personal code, try holding the Keyfob close to the proximity sensor on the pad to restart it after a power outage:

Method #6 Contact the Service Provider

Sometimes after the power cut has been resolved a beeping noise can be heard.

In this circumstance, the simplest thing to do is call your service provider and request instructions.

That way, you’ll obtain professional assistance, and the beeping will cease right away.

The majority of today’s alarm systems require a monthly fee. Users can get professional help by calling the company’s phone number if they have problems with their alarm system.

So, if you have any problems, contact an expert and you’ll be able to get the alarm to stop the beeping.

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Bottom Line:

We hope that the following methods and actions have assisted you in resolving the issue of turning off the house alarm after a power cut.

You now have a better understanding of how to do so in the future.

Your security alarm should not go off if there is a power outage since the backup battery ought to be able to deliver power to the alarm throughout a power outage, even in adverse weather.

If the alarm ends up going off during a power failure, it could be due to a malfunction.

If you require any additional assistance on how to turn off the house alarm during a power cut, please contact the customer care team for your alarm system.

Nicole B