how to cover smoke detector in hotel

Are you looking for a guide on how to cover smoke detector in hotel? You have landed at the right post!

In this guide, we’ll be going over a series of steps to help you get past the smoke detector you have in your hotel room.

We’ll give it to you in complete and intricate detail so that you don’t need a different source for it!

You can cover a smoke detector in a hotel room in many different ways! You can use a shower cap, a thin aluminum foil, or even block the sensor out using heavy tape!

But why cover a smoke detector in the first place?

Why Cover a Smoke Detector in a Hotel?

They’ve been designed and engineered to help and keep us protected from unwanted fires.

They are also a good source of information in case we’re not aware that something’s already emitting that much smoke. But, they’re not always as helpful as we think of them.

Many smoke detectors go off with simple smoke coming from the kitchen because of the cooking, smoking cigarettes, and other non-dangerous activities.

And this is the reason why a lot of people investigate the process of how to cover smoke detectors in hotel rooms successfully.

How to Cover Smoke Detector in Hotel? – Proven Ways and Methods

cover smoke detector in hotel

In doing this, it is important that we’re aware that there are some smoke detectors armed with technology that gives out an alarm when they’re covered.

So, we need methods and processes that could get past this without being caught.

Method 1. Covering the Smoke Detector with a Shower Cap

In hotels, one of the things that most people don’t use is the shower cap.

And if you aren’t using it over your head, you can use it to cover the smoke detector so that it doesn’t trigger the alarm when you cook!

Step #1: Check Holes on the Shower Cap

Before going on with the process, the most important thing to do is check if the shower cap you’re going to use has holes in it.

If it has holes, then you can make the adjustment of covering it in two (2) layers instead of one.

Step #2: Size the Shower Cap Over the Detector

The next thing you want to do now is to measure and size the shower cap over the smoke detector.

Cover it in such a way that it’ll still have enough space to detect the area around it.

This makes it seem like it’s not at all covered.

Step #3: Secure the Shower Cap in Place

Then, finalize it by securing the shower cap in place using rubber bands or tape. Fit a rubber band into the shower cap’s position or tape it.

That’s just about it! That is how you can use the good old shower cap to cover a smoke detector that is in your hotel room!

Remember to take the shower cap off after you’re done with what you have to do as it can set the alarm off!

Method 2. Wrapping Thin Aluminum Foil Over the Detector

In case you’re staying at a hotel where they don’t have shower caps, you can use a thin aluminum foil for the job.

Step #1: Cut Out the Aluminum Foil

First, cut the aluminum foil and size it to the smoke detector. Make sure that the cutout would neither be too big nor too small for the alarm.

Make sure that you measure it accurately to avoid delays.

Step #2: Place a Fan Directly to the Detector

Then, position a fan that points directly towards the smoke detector. What this does is disperse the smoke that is directed towards the smoke alarm, making it thinner and less detectable.

Once that’s all done, you now have to…

Step #3: Tape the Two (2) Ends of the Foil

Secure the aluminum foil that’s covering the detector. You can use tape or rubber bands to seal it in place.

When you’re done, remove the fan from its position and take out the aluminum foil from the detector.

NOTE: Only do this when there’s no smoke present on where you are. Residual smoke, steam, or fumes could still trigger the alarm.

Method 3. Use Tape to Cover the Sensors of the Smoke Detector

You can also opt to use tape to cover the sensors without the need for aluminum foil. Here’s how you can do it.

Step #1: Locate the Sensor

All smoke detectors have sensors on them – that’s what allows them to determine whether or not the area is already being filled with smoke.

So, the first step is to try and locate the sensor.

Step #2: Apply the Tape/Cover

When you’re certain that you were able to locate the sensor, use tape to cover it. Many advise to plaster up to three (3) layers of tape so that even if one (1) layer cuts, more are there to support it.

To strengthen the bond, apply tape to the edges of the tape that’s been installed on the sensors.

NOTE: Use a bright-colored tape so that you don’t forget that you’ve plastered it with tape after you’re done with cooking. You can cause greater damage when you forget to remove it.

Method 4. Cover the Smoke Detector With a Plastic Bag

Last, but most definitely not least is by covering the smoke detector with a plastic bag. Similar to how you do it with a shower cap, you simply have to…

Step #1: Cut the Plastic Bag to Size

Take out a plastic bag and cut it according to the size of the smoke detector or alarm in your hotel room.

Make sure that you cut it not too tight or too big – just the right size.

It’s also important to check if there are any holes or cuts on the plastic bag. If it has holes and you’re not aware of them, it can sip through the cover and still reach the detector.

Step #2: Seal in the Plastic Bag to the Detector With a Rubber Band

When you’re done cutting and checking for holes, the next thing you want to do is seal it.

Since most plastic bags won’t stick with tapes, you can seal them with rubber bands and other types of adhesive.

Once done, make sure to remove the plastic bag over the smoke detector to avoid it sounding the alarm.

So, if you’re eager to know about the process of how to cover a smoke detector in a hotel, these are the safest and proven ways to do it!

There’s a wide variety of things you can use as cover for smoke detectors in a hotel. You can use plastic bags, shower caps, tape, and aluminum foil to temporarily disable it!

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Bottom Line

If you’re unable to do your cooking properly because of the smoke alarm in your hotel room, then this guide is for you!

In other tutorials on how to cover smoke detector in hotel, you’ll be given general inputs.

But, in our guide, we don’t offer regular options – what we have here are indefinite solutions that you can use whenever and wherever you need them!

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