can wireless cameras work without internet

Are you thinking of installing CCTV cameras on your premises without Wi-Fi, and wondering, can wireless cameras work without internet?

I know you are used to cameras that use the internet and fail to understand how a security camera can work without the internet.

You may not need to worry because you can always get an answer to your concern when you read below.

Wireless cameras can work without internet. However, the options that work without internet are quite a few. Hence, you may need a thorough search to find such IP cameras. If you find one, you may enjoy various benefits, including low costs.

Can Wireless Cameras Work Without Internet?     

wireless cameras without internet

The answer to this question may be yes or no. What matters is how you want to use your security camera.

What you may need to understand is that some cameras must have internet while others can freely operate without it.

Those that do not need internet are called IP cameras.

When they have a landline or a cellular backup, the service can connect the cameras to professional monitoring teams. Hence, if the camera detects any motion, the team can respond.

Do Wireless Cameras Have Any Benefits When They Are Not Connected To The Internet?

When your wireless camera operates without the internet, it offers some benefits.

However, you may not lack some downsides. Let’s start by looking at the advantages.

1. No Hacking

Most devices that are connected to the internet are ripe grounds for hacking. Criminals can breach data and send them to organizations that are in need of them. Besides, if this data is used against you, things may not go well.

So, a CCTV camera without an internet connection is a sure way that your data is safe.

2. No Additional Fees

Most cameras require their users with internet to pay cloud storage fees.

However, for your camera that is not connected to the internet, you may not need to incur these fees after paying for your device.

Your file footage will be stored in a local physical device such as a hard disc.

3. You Do Not Need Electricity For It To Function

Your camera does not depend on electrical power for it to collect footage. So, you may not need to worry that you will lose footage during a blackout.

4. Your Bandwidth Remains Intact

Wi-Fi-connected cameras slow down bandwidth in some instances.

For a camera that does not need internet, you can comfortably do your stuff that requires a faster connection without worrying about speed.

Cons Of Wireless Cameras Without Internet

Below are the disadvantages that come along when your camera lacks internet.

1. Limited Options

The majority of IP cameras available in the market are connected to the internet.

If you get one that is not connected, you cannot access nor control footage remotely.

Also, you cannot check in on a live stream from your smartphone nor arm your camera remotely.

2. You Will Not Receive Push Notifications

If your camera has no artificial intelligence capabilities, you may not be able to receive push notifications informing you about motions or the presence of someone on your premises.

3. Your Files Will Not Be Stored In The Cloud

The cloud is a convenient and secure space to save your files. However, your camera must be connected to the internet to store footage on the cloud.

The only option your camera without internet has is storing the videos on a local storage device.

4. The Battery Must Be Charged

All wireless cameras have batteries that you must replace or charge once in a while. They may run out without you knowing; hence you may miss important file footage.

Note: your local storage device can be lost, damaged, or stolen.

To be on the safer side in case any of these scenarios happen, you can back up your data on a cloud server manually, though.

Is It Possible To View Camera Footage From A Computer?

Yes. If you want to watch your camera’s footage from the computer, you can connect the camera to your monitor.

You may not need internet but some additional devices, including:

  • A router
  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet cables
  • UTP or network cables

These step-by-step guides can help you connect your camera to the computer.

  1. Check if your cameras are charged.
  2. Connect your security camera to the computer using a UTP cable.
  3. Check your camera’s IP address on your computer.
  4. Change the IP address on your computer to match your camera’s IP.

Now, your computer and IP camera share the same LAN. You can now view your live footage from your camera to your computer.

If you wish, you can also save the files on your computer using the security software camera.

Are There Other Camera Types Apart From Wireless Cameras?

Not all CCTV cameras are the same as you thought. Some are wireless, others wire-free, while the others are wired.

So, what differentiates these three from each other? Read on.

Wireless Cameras

You thought that wireless, as the name suggests, does not need wires? Not at all. This type of camera has wires that connect it to its DVR.

You can easily install these types of cameras on your premises. Another advantage is that, even during a power outage, the camera will still stay on.

But can wireless security cameras work without internet? Yes, they can.

Their downside is that you must charge its batteries unless the camera is solar-powered (though this is rare). You can also not record footage all through unless you plug it into its DVR.

Wire-Free Cameras                      

These types of cameras do not have any wires. They are easy to install too. So they can be quite convenient for minimalists. However, they do not record continuously.

So, if you want a continuous recording, you may need to go for wireless cameras connected to DVR or wired ones.


For this type of camera, you must connect it to a power source using cables for it to work.  You may also not need to worry about their batteries running out since they depend on electricity for power.

The issue comes in when you do not wish to have lots of wires on your premises.

Also, they are not very easy to install. Besides, if there is a power outage, they too power out. So, if you have no power, you will not have footage.

Will Wi-Fi Cameras Work Without Internet?

You may find some Wi-Fi cameras working well without internet. However, they do not record to the cloud; hence store footage on devices such as SD cards.

If you want to access such cameras wirelessly, you must, however, have a Wi-Fi setup.

For IP cameras, you do not need an internet connection for them to work. However, you may not be able to control footage remotely. Besides, you will not get push notifications in case your premise has any kind of motion.

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So, can wireless cameras work without internet? The answer is definitely yes. If you do not have an internet connection, you can still keep your home or premises secure.

Besides, you can prevent many things like hackings and save on some internet costs if you go with this option.

Nicole B