Kidde smoke alarm going off for no reason

If your Kidde smoke alarm going off for no reason, we have the best methods to fix your issue!

Users report that the hush feature of their Kidde smoke alarm has saved them many headaches related to false alarms, so our recommendation is to try it!

To fix your Kidde alarm from going off for no reason, you must first determine whether your unit is hardwired or not. Depending on whether the device uses cables or not, you can try hard resetting the device, replacing the batteries, performing a factory reset, and making sure your unit is clean.

Let’s now learn more about what could cause your Kidde smoke alarm to go off even when there is no fire.

Why Kidde 10 Year Smoke Alarm Going Off For No Reason?

Keep in mind that if you’re a smoker, sometimes the emissions your smoking device separates could enable the alarm.

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Make sure your household or the room your smoke alarm is in is always ventilated and the smoke from your device does not get in touch with the alarm’s hardware.

Note: Even microwave popcorn can trigger some sensors!

But if you’re not a smoker and the Kidde alarm keeps going off just like that, here are some potential reasons to answer your questions.

1. Uncharged Battery

First, it is healthy to make sure that your smoke alarm has enough charge, and if it is hardwired, check the AC is secured with the power source.

2. Error Clearing

After charging the battery, the alarm could go off a couple of times in order to clear processor errors it developed until this moment.

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3. Open Battery Drawer

Users report that if the battery drawer is left open, your smoke alarm will keep beeping until it is properly closed.

4. Obstructed Part of the Terminal

An incorrectly placed battery will immediately make the alarm go off to indicate the major charging issue.

5. Temperature Fluctuations

Lastly, any major temperature fluctuations or smoke from smoke devices used inside of your household might also make the alarm go off.

Now after answering most of your questions, let’s discuss how to properly troubleshoot the issue without taking too much of your time.

How To Fix Kidde Smoke Alarm Going Off For No Reason?

fix Kidde smoke alarm going off for no reason

Keep in mind that if your Kidde alarm is older than 10 years old, it is utterly possible that its life has ended.

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This will actively trigger false alarms and the beeping will also occur even when the conditions are not met.

Here is how to fix your Kidde smoke alarm from false triggers:

Solution #1 Re-Install The Battery

The very first thing we recommend is to re-install the battery.

Keep in mind that after reinstalling the power source unit, your alarm may go off a couple of times to remove processor issues.

If the issue persists after half an hour of reinstalling, then most certainly the battery was placed incorrectly.

Here is how to re-install the battery of your Kidde smoke alarm:

  1. Flip the circuit breaker of the room where your alarm is in.
  2. Take the smoke alarm out of its socket.
  3. Open the battery compartment by unscrewing the 2 screws.
  4. Eject the battery and insert it back once 5 seconds have passed.
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Once you’re done, install the battery by connecting it with the screws and wait for the debug alarms to go off.

Solution #2 Discharge The Alarm

A quick solution to all issues related to false alarms is to discharge the alarm itself.

Depending on whether your Kidde alarm is battery operated or AC power cord operated, you will have to follow the corresponding guidelines below.

Discharge Battery-Operated Alarm

To discharge a battery-operated Kidde smoke alarm, please follow these instructions:

  1. Flip the circuit breaker of the room.
  2. Open the battery compartment of the smoke alarms and take the batteries out.
  3. Hold the shush button on your smoke alarm along with the test button for 15 seconds.
  4. Re-Insert the batteries.
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If that didn’t work out, maybe you should consider replacing the internal batteries of your Kidde alarm.

Discharge AC Power Cord-Operated Alarm

Here is how to discharge an AC power cord Kidde alarm:

  1. Unplug the alarm’s power cord.
  2. Wait for 15 seconds.
  3. Plug the power cord back in.

In addition, we suggest plugging your smoke alarm’s power cord into a different outlet.

If there is a fault with the current one, your alarm may constantly go on and off, which will result in false alarms.

Solution #3 Preserve Casual Room Temperature

Users report that their Kidde alarms constantly go off when there are drastic changes in the room temperature.

For instance, if during the summer you turn on your AC to drastically colder temperatures than the current room temperature, the alarm will go off.

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We suggest leaving your AC to a constant temperature to determine if these false alarms are caused by inappropriate room temperature.

Solution #4 Try Using The Hush Feature

Until turned on, the hush feature will actively ventilate the air of the condition that is causing the alarm to go off.

In other words, if you’re cooking or smoking near the smoke alarm the hush feature will prevent your alarm from going off.

How Do I Activate The Hush Feature?

First of all, the hush feature works for approximately 7 minutes before disabling itself and any vapor or smoke afterward may make your Kidde alarm go off.

To activate the hush feature, you will simply have to press the Hush button on your Kidde smoke alarm’s hardware.

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Once pressed, the hush button will silence your Kidde alarm for the next 7 minutes!

Keep in mind that in order to retain the hush effect, you will have to press the button once the 7 minutes are over!

Solution #5 Factory Reset

Keep in mind that the factory reset differs with Kidde smoke alarm battery-only units and directly powered units with an AC cord and a battery as well.

Luckily for you, we have two different guidelines for each type of Kidde alarm!

How To Reset Kidde Alarm AC And Battery-Operated Unit?

Here is how to perform a factory reset on a battery-operated Kidde alarm unit:

  1. Unmount the smoke alarm.
  2. Remove the battery (Battery is sealed for 10+-year-old units and you must unscrew the tiny internal screws as well).
  3. Unplug the AC power cord.
  4. Press and hold the test button on your smoke alarm for 5 seconds.
  5. Reinstall the battery.
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How To Reset Kidde Alarm Battery Only-Operated Unit?

To reset a battery-only Kidde alarm, check out these steps:

  1. Unmount your smoke alarm.
  2. Eject the battery (For sealed models follow the steps in the guideline above).
  3. Press and hold the test button for 15 seconds.
  4. Reinstall the battery and wait for the chirp.

The chirp will sound once the battery has been installed. Make sure to wait for it before reinstalling the top panel.

If your Kidde alarm keeps going on, make sure to keep the room temperature average, use the Hush mode and try resetting your unit. If that didn’t work, reconnect all wirings, change the power source and discharge your alarm.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why Kidde smoke alarm going off for no reason, we hope that you will manage to fix your issue with our easy solutions!

At the end of the day, sometimes random things could make your alarm go off and you just have to watch out what vapors you’re letting close to the alarm!

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