smoke detector green light not on

If your smoke detector green light not on, it means that your device is not getting any electricity.

The reason could be also related to the batteries, alarm state, and wiring so there is a lot to discuss.

Luckily for you, we have the top-rated solutions and we made them easy to apply at your disposal.

If the green light on your smoke detector is off, in most cases means that the power delivery is not intact. In that regard, you should first check if the circuit breaker is correct and make sure the batteries are okay.

If the problem persists, then you should read more about the possible causes and then move on to the respective solutions.

Why Light On First Alert Smoke Detector Not Green?

If the green light on the first alert isn’t on, then you must first determine whether your smoke alarm is with batteries or AC electrically powered.

Depending on the type of smoke detector you should inspect (replace) the batteries or the power cord.

Here are the most frequently reported causes by users having the same problem as you do!

1. Low Battery

If your smoke detector is running low on battery, instead of the LED being green, it will flash once every 15 seconds before the charge is fully depleted.

2. Turned Off Alarm

A turned-off alarm will not enable any LEDs while the first alert is happening, so you must make sure that the device is turned on.

3. Unit is at End of Life

If the light is not green, but the alarm will chirp twice every 30 seconds, it means that the alarm itself is due for a replacement.

4. Untidy Hardware

Sometimes if you haven’t cleaned the alarm unit, this might damage the hardware and prevent the device from enabling the green LED.

5. Wiring Issue

Lastly, users widely report that this issue could be related to the wirings in your smoke alarm configuration.

Now that you know what may have happened to your smoke alarm, let’s proceed with the top-rated solutions.

How To Fix Smoke Detector Green Light Not On?

fix smoke detector green light not on

Since our methods are aligned in priority order, we recommend applying them in the way they are listed.

The first two solutions are the most important and depending on the type of your smoke detector, apply the respective solution.

Solution #1 Replace Batteries (Battery-Operated)

If your smoke detector is using batteries to function, the very first step is to open the compartment, take the batteries out, switch their position, and test.

Even if the green light does light up now, it does not mean that the issue is solved. Instead, it means that the batteries are low on charge and the problem will occur again very, very soon.

The best approach is to replace the batteries right away and completely exclude this possibility for good.

Even if the problem appears again with the fresh pair of batteries, jump to Solution #3.

Solution #2 Flip The Circuit Breaker (AC Power Cord)

Often, your smoke alarm may be off if you’ve flipped the circuit breaker to the wrong side.

This will entirely wipe out the electricity of your smoke alarm and prevent the green light from turning on as well.

We recommend checking out the circuit breaker in your household and making sure that it is flipped to the correct side.

In addition, you may reset your circuit breaker as well, and here is how to do it:

How To Reset A Circuit Breaker?

To reset a circuit breaker easily, follow the instructions down below:

  1. Move the switch all the way to “OFF” until it is fully disabled.
  2. After 5 seconds, move the switch back to “ON”.
  3. Wait for the beeps that will come out of your circuit breaker and turn it on afterward.

Once your breaker boots, it will be all reset! When ready, test if your alarm is now being supplied with power.

In case the green light is still off, move on to the next solution.

Solution #3 Discharge The Alarm

Depending on whether your smoke detector uses a battery or direct charge from the AC cord, you must make sure that the device is fully charged in order for it to function properly.

Here are individual guidelines to diagnose your smoke alarm based on whether it is powered by batteries or wirings.

Discharge Battery-Powered Smoke Alarm

Before replacing the batteries entirely, you can try to discharge your smoke alarm.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Take the batteries out of the smoke alarm.
  2. Press the pause and hush buttons for 10 seconds simultaneously.
  3. Once done, insert the batteries into the correct position and turn it on.

If a discharge didn’t work, then try replacing your alarm’s batteries to see if that will fix the issue.

Discharge AC Cord-Powered Smoke Alarm

If your alarm is using a direct AC cord wire, here is how to discharge the alarm:

  1. Turn OFF your Alarm using the power button if it has one.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the source.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes and re-plug the power cord.

Once your smoke alarms boots, you will be able to determine whether the green light is on or not.

Solution #4 Clean The Smoke Alarm

If you haven’t done any maintenance to your smoke alarm for a long time, it is possible that dusty hardware is suppressing some of the device’s functions.

Usually, users recommend applying overall maintenance to your smoke detector once or twice every year.

If you’ve surpassed this period, it is utterly possible that unclean hardware is the cause of the issue.

Here are some tips to take your smoke alarm apart and clean its hardware firmly:

  1. On your smoke detector, unscrew the 2 screws near the bracket.
  2. Take the bottom panel off of the device.
  3. First blow into the inside of your smoke alarm and then with a slightly wet napkin, gather the remains of dirt inside.
  4. Make sure the hinge is not stuck and the battery bed is clean as well before closing the thermostat.

Important: The smoke alarm’s base compartment must be free of any matter that might be preventing the hinge from closing all the way down.

Solution #5 Reset Your Smoke Detector

If nothing helped out so far, then we suggest trying to reset your smoke detector.

Even when the green light is off, this doesn’t certainly mean that your device is not running and a reset should be apply-able.

Here are the steps to how to reset your smoke detector:

  1. Turn OFF your home’s circuit breaker.
  2. Take the alarm down from its stand and unplug the power cable or eject the batteries.
  3. Hold the test button for about 15 seconds.
  4. Reinsert the power source and boot your smoke alarm.

Once the alarm has booted, if the green light doesn’t come on immediately, you might have to worry about your smoke alarm’s hardware state.

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Bottom Line:

To resolve a non-working smoke detector, you’ll need to replace the batteries first, then flip your circuit breaker (for AC power detectors). The next step would be to discharge and clean the internal parts of the device. Lastly, you can reset the detector and check if that will work.

If your smoke detector green light not on then the detector is not working, or it’s not receiving a good power delivery.

Using our methods, you’ll be able to quickly justify these two things and apply some powerful methods that will either answer your questions or resolve your problem.

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