digital thermostat not reading correct temp

Your digital thermostat not reading correct temp and you’re looking for a quick solution?

Many users experience the same issue as you and in this post, we will review all possible causes and how to approach each of them efficiently.

To fix a digital thermostat that isn’t displaying the correct temperature,put the device under firm maintenance and change the air filters and cleaning the dust off your device. Look at the sensors of the device and ensure that there is nothing interfering with its functionality.

Once you’re ready with the inspection we can proceed with taking a look at the possible causes.

Why Is Home Thermostat Not Reading Correct Temperature?

Our recommendation is to take a look at the possibilities and scenarios in which they may occur so you can easily identify and resolve the issue later on.

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1. Dusty/Untidy thermostat – One of the most common things that could go wrong with your thermostat is that it often gets dirty. Make sure to carefully disassemble them and clean the parts off any dust.

2. Old/Poor air filters – Another thing that may be in need of maintenance within your thermostat are the air filters. As time passes, they may get filthy and unable to function properly, so they will need replacement.

3. Incorrectly located thermostat – Sometimes, even the position of your thermostat might be crucial to the correct temperature displacement abilities. In most cases, the best solution is to place your thermostat in a different position.

4. Damaged Sensors – Whenever the sensors of your thermostat aren’t working correctly, the temperatures won’t be accurate until a replacement of the faulty components.

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5. Power problem – If your thermostat is having power issues it could interfere with the temperature your device is displaying.

6. Hardware damage – If your thermostat has been an object of water or drop damage it could have damaged hardware, which could be irreversible.

Now when you’ve got a basic idea of all possibilities let’s start excluding each of them until you’re left with the true cause.

How To Fix Digital Thermostat Reading Wrong Temperature?

fix digital thermostat not reading correct temp

Before you start applying our methods it is recommended to plug your thermostat out of the power and let it discharge for a few minutes.

Then plug it back in, turn it on and read the temperatures.

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If the reading is still inaccurate, make sure to follow our methods in the order they are listed for best results.

Method #1 Relocate Thermostat

There is a possibility that your thermostat had been installed in a really awkward position.

Users say that this could sometimes interfere with the temperature it is displaying due to the fact that in this specific spot, the temperature varies.

For instance, the warm air goes up to the ceiling and if the thermostat is higher than recommended, it could frequently read higher temperatures.

The best thing you can do is relocate the thermostat to the heart of the room. This way it will measure the temperature specifically where you inhabit and should get the problem fixed.

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If this doesn’t manage to get the issue resolved, you can proceed to our next method!

Method #2 Check For Power Problem

Sometimes, your thermostat might be having power issues which can interfere with the measurement of the device.

To check and possibly resolve any power problems, you can try to restart your thermostat. That won’t only help with the power problem, but also contribute as a maintenance act for your thermostat.

If you don’t know how to reset the digital thermostat, follow the steps we’ve provided down below.

  1. Make sure your thermostat is up and running.
  2. Locate the reset button somewhere throughout the hardware of the device.
  3. Apply pressure to the button and hold it on average for 5 seconds.
  4. Release the pressure from the button and let the thermostat reset.
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As an alternative, you can try resetting the battery-powered digital thermostat by flipping its battery’s directions for roughly 5 seconds.

After the 5 seconds expire, flip the batteries around and see if that helps.

Method #3 Replace Air Filters

A common component that could go faulty after a while of using within is the air filters. They are well-known to get filthy which leads to weird odors when your thermostat is working.

So, if you’re noticing any unusual smell whenever the thermostat is working, then your air filters definitely require a replacement.

It is really healthy for your configuration to replace these disposable components every once in a while, to prevent your household from filling with weird-smelling odors.

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Keep in mind that if the digital thermostat not reading the correct temp due to faulty air filters, you might encounter many more issues except the weird smell.

In that regard, we highly recommend replacing the filters every once in a while to ensure proper functionality.

Method #4 Perform Maintenance

Another thing that could also cause incorrect temp and weird smells and odors in the dust that has been stacking up in your thermostat.

At home, you can disassemble the thermostat and clean it as much as you can.

There are paid services that would love to assist you with cleaning your thermostat and even replace your air filters. But in case the dust is not the case, let’s take a look at how your thermostat is configured.

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Method #5 Check Configuration & Interference

We’re left with only a few possibilities, one of which includes your thermostat settings configuration. If you still haven’t checked if your thermostat is set to cool or heat go ahead and take a look right away!

If this is not the case, take a look around the room where your thermostat is.

Make sure that there are no microwaves, stoves, sunlamps, and radios. In other words, get rid of anything that is capable of producing heat as it is a direct object of interference.

Digital Thermostat Still Not Reading Correct Temp…

Irreversible damage that can make your thermostat do all kinds of strange things, including displaying weird temperature measurements is hardware damage.

Things such as broken sensors, water, or drop damage could really mess up your thermostat in many ways.

Sadly, there isn’t much to do here by yourself. An audible option is to seek further assistance from your manufacturers and deliver the devices if the issue is internal.

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But keep in mind that if the damage has been caused by you, your last option before purchasing a new thermostat is delivering the device for repair at local service.

If your warranty is intact you might get lucky and the cause would turn out to be a hardware problem that you have no part in.

We can safely conclude that there are several things that could impact your thermostat readings. Everything from dirty air filters, to power malfunctions and glitches, can be the main suspect.

However, keeping your thermostat clean and performing scheduled maintenance should be a regular activity and if it does not help, then you need further assistance.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why the digital thermostat not reading correct temp, resolving the issue at home shouldn’t cause much trouble.

Even if you find yourself stuck at some point, seeking further assistance from your manufacturers for instance is always an option!

For more helpful guides regarding thermostats and their functionality, you can check out our technical blog, which specializes in resolving issues just like yours!