how do you fix a tv screen with color distortion

Many people ask, how do you fix a TV screen with color distortion? Is there something wrong with the television itself to the extent that you need a technician to fix it?

Or could there be something you can do to resolve it?

To fix and finally resolve your TV’s color distortion, you would have to perform a comprehensive checkup on your television. Check and see if the television is in its self-test mode, take a look at the wires, and so on.

Just before we get to that further, let’s quickly discuss some of the common causes of why you experience color distortion on your television.

Common Causes of TV Color Distortion

causes of TV color distortion

The color distortion of your television could be due to multiple causes. But the most common would be the following:

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Loose Cables and Wires

One thing that people forget about their televisions is that it’s still wired.

Therefore, if there are any inconsistencies with the cables, it can affect the color or image quality.

Check if there are any loose wires and cables connected to the television. The problem might be due to the fact that the cables and wires aren’t inserted tightly or correctly.

Incorrect Picture/Video Settings

This will be different from TV to TV. So, you need to check the category of where it is, instead of finding them per word.

Ensure that the picture, image, video quality settings are set at the most appropriate options.


It’ll be helpful to review the resolution of your television. This is so you’ll be able to pair it up with the correct picture or video settings. 

You can do a quick Google search of your television model and go to a forum where you can find the best quality settings for it.

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Insufficient Power

More often than not, we tend to forget that electricity is what powers our devices.

Therefore, if the TV is not getting the power it needs to produce the display, it can distort the colors.

You can get a buzzing or snowy display, as well as color distortion. So, check and see if the power cord is connected appropriately. It will also help if you try a different power cord.


If you are going to try a new cord, ensure that you will be using the exact same power cord.

Damaged Video Input

Whether your TV’s using a USB, HDMI, RGB, or a coaxial cable, make sure that it’s neither dirty nor damaged.

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Most of us didn’t know this, but excessive dust and dirt can have negative effects on the input of the television.

Bad T-Con Board

Probably the heaviest reason of all is if the T-Con board is damaged or is going bad. TV color distortion is one of the most common signs and symptoms of a damaged T-Con board.

If this is what the problem is, the only solution to it would be a replacement. You’d have to replace the T-Con board in your television to get rid of the bad colors or the distortion.

Now that we’re aware of the most common culprits, how do we resolve them?

How Do You Fix a TV Screen with Color Distortion?

fix tv screen with color distortion

Apart from the fact that you won’t be able to enjoy it, it can trigger dizziness and nausea. Color distortion from the television is the last thing we want to experience.

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Luckily for you, this guide is present! If you are experiencing color distortion on your TV, follow this guide!

Step #1: Check if TV is in Self-Test Mode

The first thing you want to do is to check if your television is in self-test mode.

Most, if not all televisions have this particular model and it’s something to tell and check if the television is still functioning properly.

To be free from self-test mode, press the ARROW UP button, then press ARROW DOWN. After that, unplug the television from power. You should unplug it within five (5) seconds after pressing the buttons.

For about 20 seconds, plug the TV back in again. If it’s the same, try it again, but, this time, use the ARROW LEFT, then ARROW RIGHT buttons.

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Step #2: Toggle Picture and Video Quality Settings

If you are not in self-test mode, or if you’ve gotten out of it, the next step is to check quality settings.

Most, if not all our televisions have this particular setting. What the best one is will depend on the model or unit, not the manufacturer.

By default, the quality should be just within what the accepted range is. However, there could be instances where we accidentally change or modify it.  

To revert it, go to Settings, then hit on the option that says PICTURE/IMAGE/VIDEO/QUALITY. The wording of the labels and options might be different, so try to find what best suits it.

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If there’s a default option, click on that. Otherwise, choose different qualities that’ll fit best to what your preference is.

Step #3: Check All Wires and Cables

After you try toggling the quality settings, the next thing you want to do is to check all wirings and cables.

Don’t just look at the wires; instead, give them a deep and thorough inspection.

This would include:

  • Checking if there’s dust and dirt on the inputs/outputs – check the ports and jacks, too
  • Looking out for any damage, cuts, or splinters on the cables or wires
  • Detaching and reattaching all wires and cables to make sure there’s no loose connection

Step #4: Perform a Complete Restart of the System

Then, try performing a comprehensive reset or restart of the television.

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You can do this by forcefully removing power by unplugging it while it’s still turned on.

While turned off, remove the batteries in the remote control, wait for about 30 seconds to a minute.

Then, put the batteries back into the remote control and plug the television back in again to power.

Step #5: Consider Looking at the T-Con Board

If those 4 steps didn’t work, you now have to dive deeper into the more technical side of troubleshooting.

What you have to do is to check your T-Con board.

The T-Con board is the component in your television that’s responsible for controlling signals of the TFT LCD.

Part, if not the most common sign that the T-Con board is busted would be TV color distortions. You can find this component by unscrewing the back part of your television.

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The T-Con board would usually be on the top-middle part of your television. It’s a small board that houses the LVDS, the 12V fuse, as well as the other pins that complete your TV’s display.

If there’s anything busted, you’ll have to replace it.

You need to replace it with the exact T-Con board in order for it to work. You can find one in the nearest electronics shop from your location.

Alternatively, you can contact the manufacturer of your TV and ask if they have it. You can purchase it directly from them.

And that’s the process of how you can fix a TV screen with color distortion. The process is fast, simple, and easy!

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The Problem is Still There, What’s the Next Step?

Should the problem still be there, contact your TV’s manufacturer right away. Tell them about the specific dilemma you’re having.

Before they deploy an expert, they’ll try to troubleshoot it. So, it’ll be helpful to tell them that you’ve done the method we proposed to do.

With that, they’ll already know what they’re up against.


While these cases are rare, it’s still better to be prepared when the time comes that you’ll need this information, right?

Before you try searching how do you fix a TV screen with color distortion, try out this method first!

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You might not need the help of experts and technicians, so try this method out first!

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