honeywell home pro series heat not working

Wondering why Honeywell Home Pro Series heat not working? We got you covered!

Although Honeywell thermostats are well known for their efficacy, they still occasionally have issues, especially with the heating.

We are familiar with how frustrating it might be to adjust the thermostat settings but still receive no heat.

No worries, we’ve got you covered!

The Honeywell Home Pro Series thermostat heating does not work in two cases when there is a fault within the components or in your home furnace system. In order to find out the exact fault, we need to thoroughly inspect both aspects!

Let’s first discuss the most common causes of this thermostat not working heating issue! 

Honeywell Pro Series Thermostat No Heat – Why?

a honeywell home pro series heat not working

If your Honeywell thermostat won’t heat up, there is an issue with the device or your home heating system.

It can happen due to any factor such as too much or no airflow, wrong temperature configuration, and much more. 

The following are the most frequent causes of non-heating Honeywell thermostats:

  • Turned OFF Circuit Breaker
  • Incorrect Thermostat Temperature!
  • Bad Airflow
  • Unresponsive Thermostat Screen
  • Faulty Thermostat Wiring
  • Defect In Furnace Heating System
  • Dirty Furnace Filters
  • Defective Thermostat Sensor

Now, let’s move on further to discuss the troubleshooting solutions to this issue!

Honeywell Home Pro Series Heat Not Working – Fixed!

After understanding the possible causes of the Honeywell Home Pro not heating issue, now we are moving next to discuss the most-effective solutions.

how fix honeywell home pro

It’s only important to follow the guide in chronological order to see if we can solve the problem without any technical steps!

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Check The Circuit Breaker

As you are well aware, your home’s HVAC system powers the thermostat to avoid damage or overheating.

There is a chance that the HVAC circuit breaker is OFF, which would be why the heat isn’t working on your Honeywell thermostat. 

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is check the circuit breaker and restart the thermostat!

Here is how to check the thermostat circuit breaker:

  1. Turn off the thermostat by pressing a Ring Button from the device.
  2. Turn over your home HVAC system or the thermostat circuit breaker.
  3. Also, check that the wires connectors of the thermostat are properly connected.
  4. Then wait for up to 2 minutes with the disconnected thermostat.
  5. Turn down the circuit breaker of the thermostat or HVAC.
  6. Lastly, press and hold the Ring Button from the thermostat to turn it back on.
Note: Also make sure that the switch of the Furnace is turned to the ON position!

Solution #2 Inspect The Air Flow

inspect the airflow

The next thing that you will need to take into the notice is the location of your thermostat device as well the airflow in your home.

When the thermostat is allocated near any window or door where the airflow fluctuates, then the thermostat temperature will also be affected. 

Solution: Change the location of the thermostat for better temperature detection!

On the other hand, if the installation of the thermostat is not close to an area with strong airflow, you should check the airflow in your room.

If the airflow in your house is too high or too low, the thermostat will not operate correctly, and perhaps the heating wouldn’t be adequate as well.  

In case the location is not the culprit of the problem, keep reading!

Solution #3 Check Thermostat Temperature Settings

check thermostat temperature

As you already know, every Honeywell thermostat has to have its temperature settings configured to function properly.

Perhaps you’ve set the thermostat lower than the temperature in your home or too high, which is why it is not operating and is not turning on the furnace. 

In addition, you’ll also need to set up a few more parameters properly besides the temperature settings but no worries, it’s simple to accomplish.

Here’s how:

  1. Check if the Honeywell Thermostat and the Furnace Circuit Breaker are turned on.
  2. Next, measure your house temperature using a thermometer.
  3. Then go ahead to set the thermostat temperature higher!
  4. To set the temperature, simply press the Up button a couple of times!
  5. Next, configure the device to Heat/Auto Mode.
  6. Also, make sure that the fan is set to Auto/ON Mode.

After setting up the temperature settings, wait for a couple of minutes and check if the thermostat starts heating.

If not, then simply try the next solutions in the guide!

Solution #4 Check The Thermostat Wiring

check the thermostat wiring

If you recently installed your Honeywell thermostat or you had it opened for maintenance, then the issue can be caused by incorrect wire connections.

The thermostat’s connection wires can only connect to the appropriate connector, if they are not, they will never respond to your tasks!

We recommend examining the wiring, and affixing their correct connectors!

Here is how to check the Honeywell thermostat wiring:

  1. Switch off the thermostat Power Supply from the HVAC Breaker.
  2. Carefully remove the thermostat Display Screen from its base!
  3. Take a picture of the current wiring allocation.
  4. Next, remove all the wires from the connectors by taking them out.
  5. Check the wire strips and make sure they are fine and have no fault.
  6. Use your device user guide to get a proper understanding of wires allocation.
  7. Then, connect the Rh and Rc thermostat wires to the R-named connector in the base.
  8. Also, connect the other wires of the thermostat to their appropriate terminals! 
  9. Tip: Follow the names of the wires and connectors on the thermostat.
  10. Recheck to ensure that all the wires in the base are properly connected.
  11. Lastly, embed back the thermostat screen properly in its base.

Once you configured the wiring of the thermostat and secured it properly, then turn on the device power from the HVAC and then check the heating!

Solution #5 Unclog The Furnace Igniter

unclog the furnace igniter

If you have already tried the aforementioned fixes and the Honeywell thermostat heat is still not working, then the furnace is the problem rather than the thermostat.

You must first unclog the furnace igniters since if they are obstructed the thermostat heat won’t work!

Here is how to unclog the furnace igniter:

  1. Turn OFF the Furnace Power from your home HVAC system.
  2. Then open the Furnace Door.
  3. Locate the Igniter in the Honeywell thermostat.
  4. Use a brush to properly clean the igniter.
Alert: Use only a soft brush for cleaning the igniter to prevent impacting the component!

Solution #6 Test The Thermostat Sensor

test the thermostat

The Honeywell Home Pro thermostat sensor is the next thing you should check.

The thermostat will continue to heat the home until the temperature aligns with the pre-configured temp settings!

There is a chance that the sensor in your thermostat is not working because of faulty batteries and that’s why the temp measurements are incorrect.

So, all you have to do is to test the thermostat sensor to determine whether you need a replacement or servicing.

Here is how to test the Honeywell thermostat sensor:

  1. First, turn on the Honeywell thermostat.
  2. Then take a Thermometer to get the temperature of your house.
  3. Check whether the temperature of the room aligns with the thermostat.
  4. If not, locate the Thermostat Sensor inside or outside your home.
  5. Take out the sensor cover from the base.
  6. Then, simply remove the Battery and insert a new one.
  7. Install the sensor cover back in its place.

After replacing the batteries in the sensor check if the thermostat heating is working.

In case not, then you need to replace the sensor of the thermostat, which requires servicing.

Note: Make sure that the Furnace door is closed!

Quick Recap:

Whenever your Honeywell Home Pro Series heat not working, then you first need to check the Power Supply and check the Airflow in your home.

To resolve the heating issue check the thermostat wiring, and sensor, then clean the furnace filters, and igniter!

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