gosund smart plug schedule not working

Wondering why the Gosund Smart Plug schedule not working?

We could get it back on track in no time!

A thing about Gosund schedules is that they are really addictive once the user gets the hang of them.

They would have your plug turn ON/OFF automatically and utilize other useful features.

However, once the schedule stops occurring, it could be quite frustrating. Let’s learn more!

To fix a Gosund Smart Plug schedule that isn’t working, Power Cycle the device and Reset the Schedule. You should also clear the Cache Data of the Gosund App and perform a clean reinstallation. The last step is to Factory Reset your Gosund Plug!

Setting up your schedule correctly is essential. Let’s learn how to do that first…

How to Set Schedule On Gosund Smart Plug?

how set schedule on gosund plug

Setting up a schedule on the Gosund Smart Plug will make it effortless for you to create new routines.

It can get a little difficult at first, but schedules will become your favorite feature with Gosund Smart Plugs in the long run!

Let’s learn how to set up one right now!

  1. Open the Gosund app.
  2. Press “Power On” to turn on your plug.
  3. Tap “Add Schedule” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Set a timer/day for the schedule.
  5. Add any Extra Schedule Settings (Repeat, Note, Notify).
  6. Press “Add Schedule.”

In case that didn’t work for you, let’s learn what could be wrong:

Why is the Gosund Plug Schedule Not Working?

  • Connectivity Issues
  • Incorrect Timer Settings
  • Bad Schedule Configuration
  • Power-related Plug Issues

To approach this problem appropriately, follow our solution guide!

Gosund Smart Plug Schedule Not Working – FIX Methods!

how fix gosund plug

In order to achieve the best troubleshooting results, we must follow our methods and instructions carefully.

Apply each method in chronological order, and don’t miss out on any upcoming methods!

Let’s jump right in!

Method #1 Reset the Schedule’s Timer!

You’re most likely to be dealing with a Bugged Timer in your smart plug schedule.

If the device was functional just a while ago and this problem appeared suddenly, it would be appropriate to reset the timer of the schedule.

Timer issues are common occurrences and by renewing or deleting the old timer setting, you will get the schedule back on track!

reset the schedule timer

How to reset the schedule timer on Gosund:

  1. Launch the Gosund app.
  2. Go ahead and turn your plug ON.
  3. Wait for the device to load up.
  4. Go to Settings > Schedules.
  5. Select the already active schedule.
  6. Adjust the timer by Removing or Adding 1 minute.

Adding a minute to the timer or hereby removing one, will reset the schedule!

You could also completely alter the schedule’s time of occurrence (day or night) in order to test the device!

Tip: Set the schedule to occur during the upcoming minutes to test the plug’s functionality!

Method #2 Power Cycle the Plug

power cycle the smart plug

Another effective method you should try is the Power Cycle process on your Gosund plug.

As the method suggests, we will power-cycle your plug to discharge the device.

A discharge would help resolve both software and hardware issues and allow the device to cool down.

Hopefully, this will bring back the schedule’s functionality!

How to power cycle a Gosund plug:

  1. Press and hold the Power Button of the plug for 5 seconds.
  2. Disconnect the plug from the outlet.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes while the plug is disconnected.
  4. Re-attach the device to the respective outlet.

Experiencing Power Issues? – Try This!

  • Connect the plug to a different outlet
  • Disconnect the plug from strips/divider devices
  • Clear the contact poles of the plug 
Note: Proceed if your Gosund Smart Plug can turn ON and OFF without an issue!

Method #3 Replace the Current Schedule

replace the schedule

If the old schedule simply refuses to work, you should simply create a new one!

Chances are there has been a problem with the old schedule on your plug, which is why it won’t trigger at the appointed time.

However, creating a new schedule will refresh your plug’s time settings and resume the feature’s functionality.

How to create a new Gosund schedule:

  1. Head into the Gosund App.
  2. Go to the Schedule Settings.
  3. Press on your Existing Schedule.
  4. Choose “Remove Schedule”.
  5. Select “Add Schedule”.
  6. Follow the instructions to set up the schedule.

Be thoughtful about what settings you add to the schedule. If you set it to days of the week that already passed, the schedule won’t trigger until the next week.

Double-check the Timer Settings before you exit the schedule settings and make sure that everything is on track.

Tip: You could take a screenshot of the existing schedule’ settings to re-apply them!

Method #4 Troubleshoot Connectivity Throttle

troubleshoot the conenctivity

The functionality of the Gosund Smart Plug schedules could be interrupted by connectivity issues/throttling.

Certain circumstances and states of your network will prevent the plug from completing the schedule that involves connection issues.

How to effectively troubleshoot your network:

  • Perform a Power Cycle on your network device by unplugging it from the power!
  • Reconnect the Main Internet Cable that connects with your router/modem!
  • Disconnect and then pair the plug to the internet (At Settings > WiFi in Gosund app).

Once all of the following network troubleshooting has been done, double-check if the Gosund Schedule is now active.

If not, reset the schedule and wait for its occurrence to test!

Note: Proceed only after making sure that the network is not the culprit.

Method #5 Clear Gosund App Data

clear the gosund app data

Application Data is what most users think is causing the schedule problems with Gosund.

  • App data is generated over time and slows the performance of the application!

Erasing temporarily stored cache files for the Gosund application is possible and could resolve the schedule issue.

Clearing the problematic data could be done through the Gosund app settings on your mobile device and happens almost instantly!

How to clear Gosund app data:

  1. Head to Settings on your device.
  2. Navigate to Storage.
  3. Browse through “All Apps”.
  4. Locate the Gosund app.
  5. Press on the app.
  6. Select “Clear Data”.

Keep in mind that these instructions only apply if Gosund’s app data could be cleared individually.

Otherwise, go to Settings > Apps > Clear All Data to erase all the cache.

Note: Erasing generated app data will also boost the performance speed of your device!

Method #6 Factory Reset Gosund Plug

factory reset the smart plug

The Factory Reset is a great way to resolve any software-related issues with the plug.

What a factory reset essentially does, is have the software of your Gosund smart plug reverted to factory settings.

This means that all the plug’s established settings, features, and configurations (and their profile) will be permanently erased.

Tip: Screenshot any settings/features you wish to re-apply after the reset!

Here’s how to perform a Factory Reset on the Gosund Smart Plug

  1. Connect the plug to a Power Source.
  2. Press the Power Button once and release.
  3. Wait for 45 seconds.
  4. Now press the power button again for 15 seconds this time.
  5. Wait for the plug to start blinking.

If the plug has any visual identification as a result of holding the power button, it means that the device is resetting.

Avoid interacting with your plug in any way during the reset!

Notice: The factory reset process might sometimes take up to a few minutes!

Let’s now have a recap of everything we’ve reviewed so far!

Quick Recap:

Hence, the solution to Gosund schedule issues is to Power Cycle the plug and clear the app’s cache. Next up, resolve any connectivity and network issues and inspect the power supply of the Gosund Smart Plug. As a last resort, perform a factory reset on the device!

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, you’ve learned all about the Gosund smart plug schedule not working problem and how to approach it.

Our methods have been suggested by users experiencing the same problem as you, so don’t be hesitant to reach out in the Gosund forums!

Have a look at our online technical blog, to discover more easy solutions to your issues!

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