simplisafe camera disconnected

If your Simplisafe camera disconnected, it could either be related to the device’s power or WiFi connectivity.

By the end of this post, you won’t only know why your camera disconnected, but we will also provide you with the best fix methods out there, to make your camera work!

If your Simplisafe camera is disconnected, first hard reset the device and reconnect it with the WiFi. Make sure the batteries are charged and replace them if the device keeps disconnecting.

Lastly, you can try factory resetting the device to fix the issue.

Let’s first review what are the possible causes that could be disconnecting your Simplisafe camera and start troubleshooting from there.

Why Does A Simplisafe Camera Keeps Going Offline?

Your camera might be going offline due to several factors. The first and most important is your camera’s WiFi connectivity and the less likely scenario is power fluctuations and battery outages.

Here are ALL causes, lined up in a list so you can get familiar with what might went wrong:

1. Outdated Firmware

In most cases, outdated firmware will keep your camera offline.

2. Power Fluctuations

Issues with the camera’s power supply would also make it shut down and go offline from time to time.

3. Unable To Read QR Code

As you probably know, during the setup you would have to read the QR code on your camera, which might not have been read correctly.

4. WiFi/Network issues

Problems with the WiFi of your camera or the network itself, might be the reason why it keeps going offline.

5. Hardware Problem

Even if unlikely, a hardware problem could also cause your camera to disconnect and go offline.

Now that you are aware of all the possible scenarios for the issue, let’s proceed with the best-working methods against these problems.

How To Fix The Simplisafe Doorbell Camera Offline Issue?

fix simplisafe camera disconnected

Before we proceed, make sure there are no temporal factors that might be impacting your camera’s functionality.

These factors could be bad weather, power outages, and other situations that will massively cause outages in your household.

If that’s not the case, let’s proceed with the first method:

Method #1 Reconnect Simplisafe With WiFi

We will begin with a quick reconnection of your Simplisafe camera with WiFi.

Disconnects could often occur if your camera fails to connect with the WiFi upon startup and you would have to manually reconnect your device with the WiFi.

Here is how to reconnect your Simplisafe doorbell camera with WiFi.

  1. Make sure your camera is flashing white before reconnecting.
  2. On your app, tap the three-bar menu icon and select your camera.
  3. Select your WiFi network and insert the security key you’ve created for your WiFi.
  4. Tap on “Get Your Code” and scan the QR code on the hardware of your camera with your phone.

Note: Make sure your WiFi credentials haven’t been changed and that you’re writing them down correctly.

Once scanned the QR code, a message stating “successful connection” on your phone will appear. Then you can test if the disconnects will happen again.

Method #2 Power Cycle Your Camera

If Simplisafe camera disconnected even after successful reconnecting to the WiFi, a power cycle on your Simplisafe camera might be enough to fix the connectivity issues.

Even when the cameras have a 24H backup battery, you can still power cycle the camera with the instructions down below:

  1. Unplug the camera’s AC power cord from the power supply.
  2. Wait for 5 minutes in order for the camera to discharge.
  3. Re-attach the power adapter and run your camera.

The issue might lay within your power source or the AC power cord itself. Make sure both components are in a healthy state to ensure your camera’s power is not fluctuating.

Method #3 Relocate Your Camera

Since this issue is mainly occurring due to poor WiFi connectivity, we suggest relocating your camera closer to the network modem/router.

Keep in mind that your Simplisafe camera can only connect to 2.4GHz networks.

Even with a couple of walls and solid obstructions in between your camera and router, make sure that both of the devices are not more than 10m away from each other.

We know it sounds like a lot of work, but it is the only way to fix the poor reception on your camera and prevent it from disconnecting any further.

Method #4 Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

If relocating your camera didn’t help, then perhaps the issue is related to the internet connection itself.

If you’re running only on a 5GHz connection, we are afraid that you must create a 2.4GHz connection to connect your camera.

If you’re using a 2.4GHz network, then you would need to check for issues and if there are any here is what you can do:

Power cycle router/modem

Perform a firm power cycle on your router and modem, by unplugging their A/C for 5 minutes and replugging it once the time has elapsed.

Reduce bandwidth usage

Prevent high-data consumption actions, such as large file download/uploading, seeding, and high-quality streaming.

Disconnect unused devices

Relieve your network by disconnecting devices that are not in use.

Once all these actions are executed, test your network and if issues are gone, you can test your camera. In case the disconnects are still there, proceed with the next step.

Method #5 Update The Camera

simplisafe camera is disconnected

Next, we suggest taking a look into your camera’s firmware version and making sure everything is up to date.

Sometimes the version might be crucial to your camera’s functionality and if the latest update isn’t applied, such issues can occur.

To check your camera’s firmware version and update it, follow these steps:

  1. Open the mobile app on your phone.
  2. Go to the settings and enter the “Install menu” from the gear icon.
  3. Push the right side of the keypad screen to select “Install Update”.
  4. Allow your system to perform the reboot in an interval of ~10 minutes.

Once done, your camera will reboot and you’re good to go. Test if the device will disconnect and if it does, proceed with the last method.

Method #6 Factory Reset Your Camera

Lastly, we suggest performing a factory reset on your camera to fix the connectivity issues.

By factory resetting, you will keep the majority of your system configuration, but the camera will reset itself and re-write its software.

Here is how to factory reset your Simplisafe camera:

  1. Locate the reset button on the camera’s hardware.
  2. Press it down and hold for ~20 seconds until the LED goes OFF.
  3. Your camera will start resetting and shut itself down temporarily.

After the reset concludes, your camera should be reconnected with the WiFi manually, following the steps of Method #1.

If the disconnects are now gone, well it was a software bug, but in case they continue, you might have to check with another WiFi or connect Simplisafe customer support for additional help.

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Bottom Line:

Hence, to fix Simplisafe camera disconnecting, first power cycle the device, check the AC power cord and the source of power. Next, update the camera, troubleshoot your network and reconnect it with WiFi. If nothing worked, try factory resetting your camera.

Now that you know why Simplisafe camera disconnected, feel free to fix the issue with our easy-to-apply methods.

If your Simplisafe camera ends up disconnected by the end of this guide, get in touch with the developers for additional assistance.

Nicole B