can you use simplisafe camera without monitoring

Many people wonder, can you use SimpliSafe camera without monitoring? Would it be possible to utilize the camera even if you don’t have it?

And to help you with it, we’ve gathered some of the most important and relevant tips for you. Not only are we going to help you figure out this possibility, but we’ll also give you, in detail, the variety of options you have, too!

Yes, it is possible for people to use the camera even if they don’t want to use the SimpliSafe professional monitoring services. There are various options that you can go for and that’s what we’ll be outlining today.

Before we dive straight into discussing what options are there, let us first discuss what various features are available without these monitoring services.

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What are the Features Available without SimpliSafe Professional Monitoring Services?

simplisafe camera without monitoring

If you are interested in utilizing SimpliSafe products without their professional monitoring services, your two (2) options include unmonitored mode or self-monitoring with camera recording.

Unmonitored Mode (Free)

The Unmonitored plan for SimpliSafe has the fewest features but is also currently free to use.

What you can expect with the unmonitored (free) mode are the following:

  • System control via the SimpliSafe App
  • Live video feed of your cameras from the SimpliSafe app
  • Arm/Disarm Remotely
  • View/Configure Settings
  • View Timeline (Limited to 7 Days)
  • Push Notifications
  • Alarm, Error, and Camera Alerts

However, take note that this unmonitored plan lacks alerts from SimpliSafe. This means users are going to have to track the system themselves.

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NOTE: To be able to access all these benefits and features, being connected to the internet or via cellular data is required.

Self-Monitoring with Camera Recording

On the contrary, the Self-Monitoring with Camera Recording plan from SimpliSafe is much more advantageous, per se.

Going with this plan will include all the features as the Unmonitored plan.

The difference would be with a few additions and updates:

  • Unlimited View Timeline
  • SMS/Email Notifications
  • Secret and Activity Alerts
  • Arming Reminders
  • Unlimited Recording (Up to Five Cameras)
  • Smart Home Integrations (Google, Alexa, etc.)

Self-monitoring will still exclude you from dispatch services and video certification, though.

However, it offers a couple of features that are not available in the standard professional tracking, such as alerts, reminders, smart home integrations, and even video recording.

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Now that we’re aware of it, let’s go ahead and discuss what camera options you have if you’re not interested in getting monitoring services from SimpliSafe. 

Can You Use SimpliSafe Camera Without Monitoring?

use simplisafe camera without monitoring

SimpliSafe recently released a second camera option available for public use. The company added an outdoor camera to their product line, complementing the lineup of indoor cameras they have currently.

So, here’s the list that you’re looking for if you’re interested in using a SimpliSafe camera without monitoring.

NOTE: If you need ‘round-the-clock recording, SimpliSafe may not just be the product for you. Why? Because it only records once (1) the motion activator signals the camera to do so. Should the motion sensor fail or should the batteries run out, you will no longer have camera coverage.

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SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

The outdoor wireless camera from SimpliSafe allows you to see HD security footage in full color, whether it is day or night.

It has an 8x digital zoom and an ultrawide field of view that shows up to 140°. Furthermore, the camera equipment includes a motion-activated spotlight that automatically activates when the environment becomes dark.

The SimpliSafe outdoor cameras only record once motion is detected. SimpliSafe says that this is an effort to film only relevant recordings and reduce the energy drain on the battery.

The longest a camera can go without being recharged is six (6) months, depending on the usage and product setup. Backup batteries, power cables, and solar panels are options to keep cameras active longer.

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NOTE: Global microchip shortages have limited the quantities of cameras available for purchase at this time. There is currently a limit of two units per system, increasing or lowering over time.

SimpliSafe SimpliCam Indoor Camera

SimpliCam is the name given to the indoor camera product line by SimpliSafe. It also offers 24/7 HD video with motion detection and intruder alert.

SimpliCam can be used as a lone security camera but only offers basic features. It possesses night vision, motion detection, person detection, two-way audio, and even optional alerts.

Depending on the monitoring plan you select, you can watch a live stream of your SimpliCam’s feed through the SimpliSafe app. Access is through a phone or web browser, and pending any technical failures, offers real-time views of your security cameras.

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NOTE: SimpliCam has a steel privacy shutter to prevent recording without user permission. The privacy shutter does not allow recording unless the user permits the system to do so.

Now that we’re aware of the cameras you can purchase without monitoring, let’s briefly look at the plans that are recommended to have the monitoring services.

SimpliSafe Monitoring Plans

Be reminded that users are not required to keep professional monitoring services to be able to use the SimpliSafe system.

Without monitoring, the user is responsible for altering the authorities to any type of emergency. Moreover, SimpliSafe will not actively monitor your system unless the service plan is changed.

What Does SimpliSafe Professional Monitoring Include?

SimpliSafe plans offer professional monitoring services that include burglary, life safety (smoke and CO), and environmental alerts. These have been designed for things like water and temperature discrepancies.

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Professional monitoring services access cameras to visually confirm the situation before contacting dispatch and getting emergency services involved.

What Features Are Only Accessible with a Monitoring Plan?

It might sound like the only feature lost when choosing a plan without professional monitoring is the label of your services, but this is incorrect.

There are quite a few additional features you will not have access to, including:

  • 24/7 professional monitoring and dispatch of law enforcement
  • 24/7 fire and emergency medical monitoring and dispatch
  • Cell-communication backup
  • The ability to download video recordings from the app to your phone
  • Insurance discounts for home monitoring

NOTE: If the purpose of your security system is to provide real-time alerts, the additional cost of dispatch and monitoring services may offset the insurance discounts you may receive for home monitoring.

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Plans Offering Reminders and Smart Home Integration

The following features are only available through the Interactive Monitoring and Self-Monitoring with Camera Recording Plans:

  • SMS/Email Notifications
  • Secret and Activity Alerts
  • Arming Reminders
  • Unlimited Recording (Limit on number of cameras)
  • Smart Home Integrations (Google, Alexa, etc.)

NOTE: If you want to use your Alexa or Google device to control your SimpliSafe security system, users would be required to have a Self-Monitoring Option or Professional Interactive Monitoring Options.

Can SimpliSafe Cameras Work Without a Wi-Fi Connection?

Wi-Fi is required to work the SimpliSafe cameras without a professional monitoring plan that includes cellular (mobile data) backup services.

Areas with poor cellular coverage would also need Wi-Fi to communicate the video feed and access camera controls. You can think of it as WiFi being the fuel or the gas for the system to work and function properly.

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If you’re wondering whether you’ll be able to use SimpliSafe cameras even without monitoring services, yes, you can! There are a few options you can attend to for it.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing SimpliSafe Security products will not only give you the cameras you need but your security will also be heightened substantially.

So, the next time you ask can you use SimpliSafe cameras without monitoring, you know the best place where you can get the answer to that question.