Pioneer radio Bluetooth not working

Whenever the Pioneer radio Bluetooth not working there are quite a few possibilities that users need to inspect before drawing conclusions.

In this post, we’ll unwrap this topic and help you identify the cause of the Bluetooth problem and later help you with the solution!

The Pioneer radio Bluetooth is not working because the parking brake wire is not grounded or because the stereo has developed a software fault. The solution includes performing a refresh on the vehicle’s power and factory resetting the Pioneer radio.

Let’s learn the most frequently reported causes when Bluetooth is not working on Pioneer radio:

4 Reasons Why Bluetooth Not Working On Pioneer Radio?

4 reasons why not working

The Bluetooth problem that you’re experiencing with the Pioneer radio is probably related to one of the causes below.

We’ve formed a list that will help you understand where the issue might be coming from and what the solution suggests.

Let’s proceed with the first probability:

Temporal Issue 

Sometimes the problem is incidental and only requires a restart, or power cycle for the Bluetooth on a Pioneer radio to start working again.

To power cycle, a card stereo is quite different than the other smart tech and we’ll discuss how it’s done later in this post.

Parking Brake Not Grounded

the parking brake is not grounded

The Pioneer car radio has a parking brake wire, which should be connected to the car’s brakes or grounded to a metal somewhere in the radio pocket.

In most cases that makes the Bluetooth feature gray out and not work. Again, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide later in the post.

Software Issue

Like any other operating system device, the Pioneer radio has software that could produce problems, therefore the solution only includes a reset.

Luckily the Pioneer radio provides users with an option to perform a reset and later we’ll learn how it’s done. 

Connecting Problem

The last possibility is that the user is not performing the pairing process correctly.

The different models of Pioneer stereos appear under different names in the Bluetooth list and users should test to identify which connection is the correct one.

We’ll learn more in the next part of the guide!

Now that we know what are the most frequent issues, let’s proceed with the solution!

How To Fix When Pioneer Car Stereo Bluetooth Not Working?

how to fix pioneer radio

To solve the Bluetooth problem with the Pioneer radio we’re going to undertake a few chronological methods to help you identify the cause and solve the problem.

Make sure not to skip any of the methods and apply all of the recommendations and tips.

Let’s jump right in!

Method #1 Connect A Bluetooth Device

In case the Bluetooth option on your Pioneer radio is not grayed out and you’re experiencing a different type of problem, related to the connectivity, here you’ll learn the correct approach.

You’ll need a Bluetooth device, for instance, your smartphone to test with.

Here’s how to connect a Bluetooth (playback) device to the Pioneer radio:

  • Turn ON the car’s gauges to make sure the radio receives power.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone.

For Non-Touch Display Pioneer Radio:

  1. Make sure that the Pioneer receiver is turned ON.
  2. On your smartphone, scan for new devices.
  3. Select the Pioneer radio connection.
  4. Confirm that the code on both your radio screen and smartphone is the same.
  5. Press Pair/Connect and wait.
  6. The Bluetooth logo should appear on the radio screen.

For Touch-Display Pioneer Radio:

for the touch display radio
  1. Press on the gear.
  2. Press on Bluetooth and enable the feature.
  3. On your smartphone wait for the Pioneer connection to appear.
  4. Select the Pioneer radio Bluetooth and wait to connect.

With old and newer models of Pioneer radio, the smartphone should say “Connected” when the connection is established.

To test the functionality, play some music on the smartphone and make sure that the volume of the Pioneer radio is increased to hear the playback.

Method #2 Power Cycle The Radio

There are two easy ways to power cycle the Pioneer radio. You can either detach the radio and wait for a few moments or disconnect the battery of your car.

Since the radio is directly connected to the car’s electrical system, by de-attaching the head part you’ll only refresh the radio partially, which might not be effective.

For a good power cycle, disconnect the car’s battery for a few minutes!

When the battery is connected back, power the vehicle and test whether the Bluetooth option would work.

Use method #1 to test if you’re going to be able to connect a playback device.

Tip: To avoid disconnecting the vehicle’s battery, you can unplug the radio body from the car's electrical wires which will work in a similar fashion.

Method #3 Ground The Pioneer Radio

ground the pioneer radio

A grayed out Bluetooth feature on a Pioneer radio is one of the most frequently encountered problems and can be easily solved by grounding the parking brake wire. 

On most Pioneer radios you’ll recognize the wire by its level “parking brake”.

Here’s how to ground the parking brake wire on your Pioneer radio:

  1. Detach and take out the multimedia radio screen.
  2. Expose the wires, without disconnecting the power cables.
  3. Locate the brown “parking brake” wire (it should be isolated on its end).
  4. Acquire a 15-20cm conductor wire and peel off both ends.
  5. Connect the wire to a metal surface within the radio’s pocket.
  6. Connect the other end of the conductor wire to the “parking break wire”.
  7. Wrap both ends with insulator tape.
  8. Install the radio back inside the pocket and turn the vehicle on.

When you’re ready, check whether the Pioneer radio Bluetooth option is still grayed out.

In case it is, then the grounding is not successful and you should re-attempt the solution.

However, if the Bluetooth is now working, then you’ve successfully discovered and solved the problem. 

Note: Make sure to duct both ends of the wire cautiously to prevent a short circuit.

Method #4 General Troubleshooting

general troubleshoot radio

In case the Pioneer radio Bluetooth not working but you have access to the settings on your Pioneer radio, it’s time for some general troubleshooting before proceeding further.

To solve the Bluetooth problem, do the following:

  1. Open the Bluetooth menu on your Pioneer radio.
  2. Press on the CONNECTION Bluetooth option and press on the bin.
  3. Set the Visibility to ON
  4. Set the Auto Connect To OFF
  5. Leave the Bluetooth Menu.
  6. Restart the Pioneer radio.
  7. Use method #1 to re-attempt the connection.

You need to make sure that the Pioneer radio is not connected to another device at the time you’re attempting to connect.

It’s recommended to disable the Bluetooth of devices in close proximity to the radio and then test connecting your smartphone.

Note: In case the Bluetooth connection still fails, use another smartphone to test with.

Method #5 Reset The Pioneer Radio

reset the pioneer radio

One of the most efficient ways to solve Bluetooth problems with Pioneer car stereo systems is to perform a reset.

ALL models of Pioneer radios provide users with a factory reset option that targets and solves issues with the device’s software.

Here’s how to perform a touchscreen Pioneer radio:

  1. Make sure that the Pioneer radio is turned ON.
  2. Press on the Gear located in the top-right corner.
  3. Press on the screwdriver, which is the Advanced Settings.
  4. Scroll down to find Restore Settings and press on the option.
  5. To confirm the factory reset press Restore.

Here’s how to perform a non-touchscreen Pioneer radio:

reset the pioneer
  1. Hold the SRC button until the radio goes to sleep.
  2. Rotate the circular button to go to the Menu.
  3. Scroll down and select the Initial option.
  4. Again, rotate the circular button to find System Reset.
  5. Press the circular button to select Yes.

You’ll see “Restore Is Processing” on the screen which could take up to a few minutes but once it’s done you’ll have to carry out the initial setup process.

When you see the “Choose Language” screen you will know that the factory restore is done. 

Note: When you’re ready with the setup, test whether the Bluetooth option works!

Quick Recap:

Hence, the Bluetooth is not working on a Pioneer radio because the parking brake wire is not grounded or because the device has developed a software issue. The solution includes performing a power cycle on the vehicle or factory resetting the stereo.

Final Thoughts:

Now that we’ve learned why Pioneer radio Bluetooth not working and what the solution includes we’re ready to solve the problem.

In case the issue is persistent and the Bluetooth is still not working, maybe the unit is problematic and you would need to contact the supplier.

We hope that this post was helpful and for more relevant content check our blog!

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