pioneer pro-151FD firmware update not loading

Wondering why is Pioneer Pro-151FD firmware update not loading? No worries!

Typically, people have trouble with Pioneer devices’ firmware updates where the problem is in the way they attempt to update the device.

So, if your Pioneer Pro-151FD firmware not updating, then stay with us to learn how to solve the problem in minutes!

The firmware of Pioneer Pro-151FD should be updated via USB or directly through the internet. In some cases, however, users may not be able to properly install the update or external factors are impacting the process and the solution only takes a minute!

Now, let’s find out more about the Pioneer Pro-151FD firmware update issue in detail:

How To Know Pioneer Pro-151FD Is Up To Date?

how know if pioneer is up to date

Most of the time when the device is already connected to the internet then the firmware update will automatically get installed on the device.

That’s why when you again manually try to update the firmware it will not load because it is already updated in the system. 

However, if you don’t know whether your Pioneer Pro-151FD device has already up to date or not, then no worries, you can easily check.

Here’s how:

  1. Plug your Pioneer TV device into a Power Outlet to turn it on.
  2. Press the Home Button from the TV remote.
  3. Then press the Down Arrow button and hold for 5 seconds
  4. Select the Setup from the TV screen, and then press Enter.
  5. Again keep pressing the Down Arrow button for another 5 seconds.
  6. Then press System Setup from the TV and then press Enter button.
  7. Next, press the Up Arrow button from the TV remote. 
  8. Select Technical Info from the TV screen.
  9. Check your Pioneer device Firmware Version from the TV screen.

When the Firmware build is in front of your screen, grab your smartphone and open Pioneer User Drivers Page.

Compare your Pioneer Pro-151FD firmware build with the latest one and check whether your device needs an upgrade or not. 

If your Pioneer TV firmware is outdated and the upgrade won’t go through, keep reading!

Pioneer Pro-151FD Firmware Update Not Loading – Fixed

how to fix pioneer pro-151fd

We are now moving to discuss the correct way that will help you effectively update the firmware in your Pioneer Pro-151FD device.

But first, make sure that you’ll follow the methods properly and don’t skip any steps, since they could be crucial to the end result.

Important: Things You Need To Avoid!

To avoid interrupting the firmware updating process, check these first!

  • Do not unplug your TV from the power outlet until the process is complete.
  • If updating through the WiFi, inspect your internet connection!
  • If you’re updating via USB then make sure to format the USB to FAT32!
  • Do not press any buttons from the remote or TV while the update process.

Now let’s move on to the solutions!

Solution #1 Update Pioneer TV via the Internet

update tv via internet

We know that you have previously tried the proper steps to update the firmware in your device but it is not loading may be because you have missed something important.

Typically when the Pioneer Pro-151FD firmware update not working, the user is doing something wrong!

Update Pioneer Firmware Via the Internet:

  1. Turn on your TV and make sure the TV receiver is connected to the internet.
  2. Then hold the Network button on the remote to enter into a NetRadio Input.
  3. Open the Home Menu on the TV and look for the other Network Setup Menu.
  4. Tap on Firmware Update from the Network Menu on your TV.
  5. Next, select the mode Update Via Internet.
  6. Wait until the receiver checks for any update in Pioneer firmware.
  7. Check if the New Version update comes on the screen then select Update to continue. 
  8. Once the firmware update is complete, the TV will automatically be turned off.
Note: If you’ll see a Fail Update message on the TV screen, try via USB! 

Solution #2 Update Pioneer Firmware Via USB:

update firmware via usb

The next possible way to update the Firmware of your Pioneer Pro-151FD TV is by using a USB stick, which does not require a WiFi connection.

It’s a local process so let’s check how it’s done:

  1. First, go to the Pioneer User Drivers
  2. Download the Pioneer Pro-151FD Update 09070401 (.zip file).
  3. Plug the USB into your PC and Format the stick to FAT or FAT32.
  4. Then unzip the Pioneer firmware upgrade file on your USB.
  5. Turn on your TV and connect the USB to it.
  6. Then press and hold the Network on the remote to enter the NetRadio Input.
  7. Select the Firmware Update option and tap on Update Via USB Memory.
  8. Next, tap on Start from your TV to start the installation of an update.

As soon as your TV receiver detects the Update file, you’ll see an Update Message on the TV screen.

Once the Pioneer Pro-151FD TV update completes, the TV automatically turns off.

Note: If you encounter any problems during the update process, try power cycling your TV and receiver, and use any other USB stick.

Solution #3 Create a Bootable USB!

create a bootable usb

Many Pioneer users have reported that even if they followed the proper method to get the firmware update for their TV, the update still won’t start and won’t load.

The main problem arises when we try to update via USB, especially when you don’t have a WiFi connection to try with.

When you download the zip file of the update from the website, you’ll need to first extract it somewhere and then copy the actual file you need.

The only file you need to copy to your USB is the file inside of the head zip with the name “Update”.  

  • The Pioneer Pro-151FD TV can’t read the contents inside the .zip file!

You also need to make sure that the USB you intend to use is not set to view photos.

Because if you do it this way, your TV’s receiver will never see any updates coming from USB because it is configured for photos.

Solution #4 Hard-Reset The Device!

hard reset the device

In case the update won’t go through no matter which way of upgrading you attempt, perhaps the issue is with the current state of the TV OS.

This is why we need to perform a Hard-Reset, which will refresh ALL services so we can try updating again!

Simply unplug your Pioneer Pro-151FD TV from the Power Outlet for 3 minutes!

This should be enough for the device to cool down and refresh so make sure to be patient and when the process is done, re-try upgrading.

We strongly recommend inspecting your internet/WiFi and attempting the networking method of updating. Takes less time!

Tip: Don’t forget to connect your Pioneer Pro-151FD TV to the WiFi beforehand!

Solution #5 Factory Reset Pioneer TV

In case nothing helps and you couldn’t update your Pioneer Pro-151FD TV with the solutions above we strongly recommend performing a Factory Reset.

This process will completely re-install the firmware of your TV, hence you’ll be able to upgrade the firmware freshly.

factory reset the tv

In order to perform a Factory Reset on Pioneer Pro-151FD TV, follow the steps:

  1. Press the Home Button on your remote.
  2. Go to the Cogwheel on the right.
  3. Navigate to Device & Software.
  4. Go down to Reset To Factory Defaults.
  5. Select Reset to start the process.

Be aware that the factory reset will remove ALL downloaded content and personal data such as settings and configurations from the Pioneer Pro-151FD TV.

In addition, the process might take up to 5 minutes so be patient and allow your device to complete the process.

Tip: When ready, connect your TV to the WiFi and follow Solution #1 to update the firmware!

Still, Need Help?

If you are confident that you have followed each step correctly but the problem is still there, we recommend getting in touch with the Pioneer Support team.

Gather as much info as possible about the problem you’re experiencing and hopefully, they’ll be able to help!

Note: Share with them what you are experiencing and what you have already tried!

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Quick Recap:

Whenever your Pioneer Pro-151FD firmware update not loading, you’ll first need to check your TV’s current version to know if the update is needed or not.

The update can be done via USB or through the internet, and in case the process fails, Factory Reset the TV.

We hope you have got benefited from our guide, so make sure to check out our blog for more!

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