how clear bluetooth memory on pioneer

Wondering how to clear Bluetooth memory on Pioneer? It’s simple!

The process of clearing Bluetooth memory on Pioneer car stereo only requires a minute of your time and the correct steps to be followed.

In this guide, we made sure to create a guide that everyone can follow and solve the problem in a matter of minutes.

Let’s jump right in!

To clear the Bluetooth Memory on Pioneer car stereo, users need to perform a system reset which is different on older (non-touch screen) and new (multimedia) Pioneer radios. In this guide, we’ll learn how to clear the Bluetooth memory on both!

Can You Clear Bluetooth Memory On Pioneer?

can clear the bluetooth memory on pioneer

Yes, it is possible to clear the Bluetooth memory on your Pioneer car radio.

In case you’re not familiar with what Bluetooth memory contains, it is all paired Bluetooth devices to the radio, written in the Bluetooth storage of the radio.

If the Pioneer radio is already paired with plenty of devices, you will fail to add new ones to the Bluetooth storage.

This is why clearing the Bluetooth storage will help you resolve that problem and make space in your radio for new Bluetooth devices to be added.

Let’s now learn how to clear the Bluetooth memory on both old and new Pioneer car stereos:

How to Clear Memory On Pioneer Radio Old Version?

how to clear the memory

Basically, the old Pioneer radio doesn’t have a feature, specifically related to clearing the Bluetooth memory.

Instead, you will have to reset the radio to cause it to drop connections to all added Bluetooth devices. 

This will also disconnect the radio from all Bluetooth devices and clear its memory.

Preparation: Before We Begin!

Make sure that the radio is inserted into your car and receives power

With older Pioneer radios, you won’t be able to work on the device if it is outside of your vehicle.

It is really complicated to power supply an old Pioneer radio that isn’t in a car.

Here’s how to erase the Bluetooth memory on your old Pioneer radio in easy steps:

Step #1 Turn on the Radio

turn on the radio

And the first and most important step is to turn on your radio. Older Pioneer radios have the switch technology, that by pushing them inside of the car stereo slot, they will receive power. 

If your Pioneer radio is currently disconnected, push its display toward the radio block and wait for it to click.

Once it clicks, it means that it receives power and you can interact with the device and trigger its functions.

Is My Pioneer Radio ON?

If you’re not certain that your Pioneer radio has booted up and you can erase its Bluetooth memory, watch out for the LED lights.

Underneath every button on the device, there will be a LED light. Some older Pioneer radios tend to have red or blue LED.

Note: If the attachment of the radio was incorrect, you may not be able to turn the device on. 

Step #2 Press the “SRC” Button

press the src button

To reset your radio, you must first enter demo mode. The demo mode can be triggered on the Pioneer radio by pressing the SRC button.

The SRC button is usually located on the upper left corner of the radio, near the volume wheel.

It tends to be on the right sight of the volume stick with “SRC” written on it. By giving your radio a brief look, you should be able to locate it quite quickly.

Press the SRC button and hold it until your radio displays “DEMO MODE”

Once you see the demo mode indication you can release the SRC button.

Note: Sometimes it takes 10-15 seconds for the Pioneer radio to enter demo mode!

Step #3 Press the Selector Button

press the selector button

The selector button is the large “round” button (volume controller) on your radio.

As the name suggests, it is used to select different options, and using this button, you will have to open the reset menu on your Pioneer stereo.

Press and hold the Selector button until the “MENU” label appears on the LCD screen.

By holding the selector button, your radio will automatically switch through different settings and only let go of the button after the “MENU” label shows up. 

Note: If you don’t let go of the selector button at the MENU option, you will have to wait for your radio to cycle through all options until it reaches the menu again.

Step #4 Select “System Reset” In the Menu

select the system reset

Once you’ve reached the menu on your Pioneer radio, it’s time to trigger a system reset.

Remember that a system reset is going to erase all settings you’ve made to your Pioneer radio, including volume and bass adjustments, device settings, and Bluetooth devices.

Follow these instructions to trigger a system reset on your Pioneer radio:

  1. From the Menu page on your radio, turn the selector button down.
  2. Select the “Initialoption that appeared in the menu.
  3. Hit the Selector button again to select this page.
  4. Keep turning the selector button down until System Reset is highlighted.
  5. Once you’ve highlighted the system reset function, press the Selector button.
  6. Wait for the reset process to start and finalize after a couple of minutes.
Alert: Don’t turn OFF your vehicle or disengage the radio from the block during the reset!

How to Clear Bluetooth Memory On Pioneer New Radios?

how clear bluetooth memory

The newer Pioneer radios that work with touch-screen, can also be referred to as multimedia.

They practically have software of their own and have a separate function for deleting Bluetooth memory, so you won’t have to reset the device completely.

Preparation: Before We Begin!

Make sure that your Pioneer multimedia is responsive and turned on.

You will have to press the power button on the bottom of the device to turn it on before you start.

Follow these easy steps to clear the Bluetooth memory on your Pioneer multimedia:

Step #1 Access the Settings

Your first task is to access the settings of the Pioneer radio.

From there, later you will be able to find your way into the Bluetooth configuration menu and therefore have the Bluetooth memory cleared with a function.

First, you will have to press the Settings icon located on the top right part of your Pioneer radio home screen.

By giving the icon a single tap, you will be sent to the settings screen.

When you reach the settings menu continue to the next step!

Step #2 Go to the Bluetooth Configuration

go to bluetooth configuration

Your next step is to go to the Bluetooth configuration from the settings screen.

This is where you will be able to find the “Clear Memory” setting and delete all remembered data from your Bluetooth.

To reach the Bluetooth configuration, you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom. 

There is also quick navigation prompt from the left side of the settings, from which you can choose which tab to open instantly.

Look for a Bluetooth symbol from the left tab and tap.

This is where you’ll be able to clear the Bluetooth memory so proceed with the next step!

Note: With older versions of the Pioneer settings interface, the Bluetooth could be on the bottom of the side menu.

Step #3 Clear the Bluetooth Memory

clear bluetooth memory

Once you’ve reached the Bluetooth configuration, clearing the memory is now possible!

Scroll down a bit and look for a sub-option labeled “Bluetooth Memory Clear”. 

Press on it once, and on the next tab, select “Clear”.

This will erase the Bluetooth memory of your Pioneer car radio and disconnect all Bluetooth devices that are currently connected or remembered in the memory.

The operation might take up to 60 seconds so be patient. Sometimes it happens instantly.

You should see the “Cleared” message!

Note: The process is sometimes instant.

Quick Recap:

Hence, to clear the Bluetooth memory on a Pioneer car stereo users need to press the SRC button and use the selector button to reach the System Reset option. From there the on-screen instructions will guide you through the Bluetooth memory reset.

Last Thoughts:

Now that we’ve learned how to clear Bluetooth memory on Pioneer on both, older and newer car stereos we’re prepared to act accordingly in every possible scenario.

After the reset, the Bluetooth memory will be clear, and ready to connect to new devices!

We hope that this post was helpful and for more relevant guides, check our blog!

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