pioneer mixtrax error 19

Wondering why Pioneer Mixtrax error 19 is showing up? Keep reading to find out more!

When you try to play music from your Pioneer Mixtrax car stereo and get the error code 19, there could be multiple reasons for the issue.

This guide will unwrap this error and help you prevent the error code from ever appearing again!

The famous Error 19 on Pioneer Mixtrax car stereo comes when you insert the USB into the device to listen to music. The error primarily indicates that the stereo is unable to read the USB or the contents found within the local storage!

The solution might only take a minute so let’s first learn the main error 19 causes!

What Causes The Pioneer Error 19?

what cause of pioneer mixtrax error 19

Error 19 comes on the Pioneer Mixtrax car stereo right after when you insert the USB cable into the USB port.

The reason the device can’t connect to the USB and can’t play the content could be due to the Connection or the Files within the USB.

Here are the most frequent reasons why the Pioneer Matrix car stereo shows error 19:

  • Faulty USB stick or USB cable!
  • Defective USB port of your Pioneer car stereo
  • Low Voltage in the Pioneer device
  • Incorrect Source Settings in the stereo system
  • Temporary Bug in Pioneer System
  • Incompatible USB device with Pioneer device
  • Unsupported Music Files

Now that we have a better understanding of Mixtrax error 19, we can easily troubleshoot the car stereo and find out what’s the actual culprit.

Let’s jump right in!

Pioneer Mixtrax Error 19Troubleshooting Guide!

We are now moving next in the guide to discuss easy and effective solutions that’ll help you to fix error 19 from your Pioneer Mixtrax device.

troubleshoot the pioneer mixtrax

It’s important to attempt each and every method and follow the steps properly as described in the guide so, let’s begin!

Solution #1 Check Your USB And USB Port

As we previously discussed, error 19 comes on the Pioneer Mixtrax device when you insert the USB or USB cable into it.

The error comes when your Pioneer car stereo is unable to detect the USB or read the contents so first things first. 

We first need to make sure that the USB is working and the USB port is not obstructed!

There is a possibility that the USB you have inserted is not compatible with Pioneer Mixtrax’s specifications, the USB is defective, or it may not be properly inserted in the port.

We need to thoroughly inspect the situation first in order to determine the problem.

Here’s how:

  1. Test the USB by plugging the stick into a computer! 
  2. If it works, remove ALL folders and insert MP3 format audio files.
  3. Inspect whether the Pioneer Matric USB port is not obstructed.
  4. Make sure that the USB enters all the way into the car stereo.

Keep reading if you still experience the same error 19 on the Pioneer Matrix car stereo!

Solution #2 Check Compatibility & Support!

check the compatibility

If your USB works on a computer but doesn’t work with the Pioneer Matrix car stereo, perhaps the USB is not supported or not formatted the correct way!

The USB has to be formatted into FAT or FAT32 and only supports MP3, WAVE, AAC, AIFF, and QuickTime exports.

It’s essential to format the USB and upload only supported music formats!

Error 19 When Connecting a Smartphone!

Again, error 19 will appear whenever you plug something into the USB port and the connection is not established properly.

This also applies when you connect a smartphone to the Pioneer Matrix car stereo so here are other possibilities to inspect. 

  • One of them is the USB cable!

Test with another USB cable that works and make sure to allow any prompts that might appear on your phone after connecting.

For example, when connected to a car stereo any iPhone would ask the user to allow the connection, otherwise, we’ll see error 19 on Pioneer radios.

Quick Fact: Error 19 will not appear on a Pioneer Matrix when connected with a 3.5mm Jack!

Solution #3 Reset Pioneer Mixtrax Power

reset the pioneer mixtrax

For proper communication and performance with the Pioneer Mixtrax, the USB has to be powered by 500mA.

Your Pioneer Mixtrax device may lack sufficient voltage to function properly, which is why it is unable to provide the required voltage to USB. 

  • Resetting the Pioneer Mixtrax power supply might be all you need!

Here is how to reset the power of the Pioneer Mixtrax car stereo:

  1. First, disconnect your USB device from the Pioneer device.
  2. Turn OFF your vehicle’s Ignition Switch.
  3. Wait for a couple of minutes until the device resolves any temporary issues.
  4. After that, turn the ignition switch on.
  5. Next, connect your USB storage device and check for the error.

In case error 19 again comes up on the Pioneer Mixtrax screen, then maybe the source for the Pioneer device for its communication is set to any other except USB.

To check that, you need to follow the next solution in our guide.

Solution #4 Select The Correct Source!

select a correct source

After attempting all of the aforementioned workarounds, the last thing you need to do is check your Pioneer Mixtrax device’s Source Mode.

There is a chance that Mixtrax may not be in USB source mode and that’s why error 19 Pioneer Mixtrax appears. 

Note: Make sure that the USB is connected to the device throughout the process!

Here is how to check the Pioneer Mixtrax communication source mode:

  1. First, make sure the Pioneer Mixtrax is turned on.
  2. Open the Menu on your device.
  3. Then, carefully rotate the pulley to the left to locate the System from settings.
  4. Once you find it, then press Enter from the pulley to go into the system menu.
  5. Again rotate to locate the Android Wired from the menu and press Enter to go next.
  6. Next, rotate again and the USB source from the menu and tap enter.

As the Pioneer Mixtrax car stereo detects the USB source, it will automatically connect with the USB and start playing audio.

Again, we recommend avoiding having folders in your USB, at least until you discover why the issue appears in the first place.

Solution #5 Factory Reset Pioneer Matrix

factory reset the mixtrax

In case you’ve attempted all of the solutions above and nothing helped, perhaps your Pioneer Matrix car stereo is experiencing software issues.

The best way to address all OS-related problems is to perform a Factory Reset and start fresh!

Here’s how to factory reset a Pioneer Matrix car stereo in easy steps:

  1. Hold the SRC button for a few seconds.
  2. Press the wheel button until you see Menu.
  3. Rotate the wheel button to find Initial and tap to select.
  4. Scroll until you see System Reset.

When you select the option, the Pioneer Matrix will say “Resetting” for a few seconds and shortly after the restart.

When the clock appears you’ll know that the reset is over and you can plug in your USB, select the correct source and pay for music.

Need More Help!

need more help

In case you need further assistance in resolving error 19 from your Pioneer Mixtrax, then do contact the Pioneer Support team.

If error 19 appears on ALL USB drives and the issue is related to the car stereo, contact the merchant and claim your warranty today!

Tip: Don’t forget to share what you’ve already attempted to save as much time as possible!

Quick Recap:

Whenever Pioneer Mixtrax error 19 appears, first we need to make sure that the USB and the USB port on the Pioneer stereo are working fine.

Plug the USB into a computer to test and make sure to format the drive to FAT32 as well as upload only supported audio files. 

Keep following us, and we hope our guide will fix your Mixtrax error 19!

Nicole B