onn roku tv remote not working

Whenever Onn Roku TV remote not working, it is important to rule out all of the possible causes for the problem before troubleshooting.

The real hurdle comes when you’re unable to identify why the remote is not working so in this guide we’ll show you exactly what to do!

An Onn Roku TV remote can go faulty if the batteries are worn-out primarily and if there’s interference with the receiver, since the remote uses IR technology.

The issue can be fixed by hard resetting the TV/receiver, resetting the remote, and replacing the batteries.

Let’s continue to decipher the issue!

Why Is My Onn Roku TV Remote Not Working?

why is my onn roku tv remote not working

To understand what is wrong with the Onn Roku remote, let’s review the possible causes:

  • Worn-out Onn Roku TV remote batteries.
  • Issues with the TV/receiver programming.
  • A problem with the TV or receiver device.
  • Wireless or physical infrared interference.
  • Stuck buttons or unclean compartments.
  • Hardware issues with the Onn Roku remote.
  • Problem with the remote or TV’s IR “bulbs”.

About Onn Roku TV Remote!

The Onn TV Roku remote is an IR remote that uses standard communication technology.

Thus, the Onn TV Roku remote is susceptible to common problems such as interference (either physical or wireless), problems with the IR transmitter, or lack of power (low/dead batteries).

about onn roku tv remote

Can You Use Onn Roku TV Remote With Any TV?

Since the remote does not require Roku’s WiFi technology, it can even be paired to non-Roku and non-Onn TV devices and receives.

If you’ve programmed the remote to a third-party TV, there is no guarantee that the remote will work, especially if the TV is old or malfunctioning.

Onn Roku TV Remote Not Working 7 Working Solutions!

Pro Tip: Test whether the Onn Roku remote works after attempting each of the solutions!

1. Reset the Remote & Unstuck Buttons

To reset any remote, it is necessary to eject the batteries from the battery compartment and wait for a particular amount of time.

reset the remote and unstuck buttons

This method is called “power circulation” and we will uncover how it’s done as well as some thorough inspection of the remote’s visual appearance.

How to Refresh/Reset Onn Roku TV Remote?

  1. Place the remote upside down.
  2. Open the battery compartment.
  3. Eject both batteries from the inside.
  4. Hold the power button for 15 seconds.
  5. Press all remote buttons twice (each).
  6. Reinsert the batteries of the remote.

How to Check for Stuck Remote Buttons?

While the batteries of the Onn Roku remote are removed, press and hold every button on the remote for ~5 seconds.

Apply moderate force when pressing the button to determine if it goes all the way down and whether the plastic cover is not ripped or damaged.

Note: If a button can’t be pressed properly, the remote must be opened and inspected!

2. Hard Reset the Onn Roku TV

hard-reset the onn roku tv

If the TV or receiver is the culprit to this problem, this method will explain how to conduct a hard reset process.

This type of power reset does not erase any content or info on the TV but simply discharges the device from power, clearing any hardware/software faults.

  • To perform a hard reset to any TV, unplug the power cord for 60 seconds!

While the TV is unplugged, closely examine all of the cables in the setup and most importantly, ensure that all of the cables are securely connected.

If you spot any visual hardware damage to any of the cables, unplug it or if it’s mandatory (such as the power cable), replace it.

Note: Inspect the power source, the power adapter, and the power input while the TV is unplugged!

3. Reprogram the Remote Freshly!

reprogram the remote freshly

If used with a TV that does not have the Roku software, the Onn Roku remote may have to be programmed twice in order to work.

If the remote was working at some point in the past but no longer, it’s highly possible that this problem is related to the programming of the remote.

  • Programming Via “Home” Button (to Onn Roku TV)

To program the Onn Roku remote to any Onn Roku TV, point the remote towards the Onn Roku TV and hold the “Home” button for about 3 seconds.

Wait for the “Remote Pairing” TV prompt on the screen and follow the rest instructions given by the device.

  • Programming Via TV Code (to Non-Roku TV)

To program the Onn Roku remote to a third-party device, learn the TV code of your TV, press the “Home” button on the remote, and insert the code next.

This is only used for connecting the Onn Roku TV to TVs with newer software and may not work on old devices!

TV Remote Codes:

tv remote codes
  • Element – 1431                                
  • Emerson – 1468
  • Insignia – 1437
  • LG – 1343, 1346, 1396
  • Philips – 1126, 1129
  • Sony – 1037, 1128, 1137
  • Samsung – 1019, 1171, 1171
  • Vizio – 1429, 1433, 1439
Note: If your TV’s code wasn’t in the list above, check the user manual of the device!

4. Replace the Remote Batteries!

To resolve all issues with the Onn Roku remote, we recommend replacing the batteries of the device.

replace the remote batteries

The Onn Roku IR remote either uses double AA or double AAA batteries, which is clearly indicated within the battery compartment for easier orientation.

Remove the battery compartment cover, determine what batteries the Onn Roku remote uses and insert a brand new pair of AA or AAA batteries.

Once the batteries are embedded they should *click* in and make contact with the electrical poles, which should resume the function!

Note: Only insert fresh batteries into the Onn Roku remote!

5. Clean the IR Receiver & Transmitter!

Keeping the Onn Roku remote clean will prevent any IR interference or signal obstruction to prevent the remote from working.

clean the ir receiver & transmitter

There are two general IR components that you need to clean – the remote’s IR transmitter and the Onn Roku TV IR receiver.

Use the wet cloth to collect any debris on the Onn Roku remote’s IR (receiver) as well as the IR “eye” (receiver) of the Onn Roku TV.

How to Know if Remote is Working?

To take things even further, press the buttons on the remote, while observing the IR transmitter with the camera of your mobile device.

The IR signal transmission cannot be seen with naked human eye, but the camera of your mobile can clearly show the light when a button is pressed.

Note: If you don’t see the IR “eye” of your remote blinking through the camera of your phone when you press a button, the remote is not working!

6. Prevent Infrared Interference!

Since the Onn Roku TV is a standard IR remote, it is vulnerable to both wireless and physical interference.

prevent infrared interference

With Wi-Fi remotes, you can control the receiver from anywhere as long as you’re in the router’s radius but with a direct IR remote, you must be pointing at the TV always!

  • Before we troubleshoot, stand next to the TV and check if the remote works!

Common Causes for Physical Interference?

  • Large furniture or obstacles between the remote and TV.
  • Attempting to use the remote through a solid surface.
  • Not raising the remote high enough when pressing a button.

Common Causes for Wireless Interference?

  • Microwave ovens and Bluetooth receivers.
  • IR radios or any type of infrared transmitter.
  • Another TV and remote close to the Onn remote.

Whilst physical interference is not that common, wireless interference (interference of signals) can be quite frustrating.

Any device that sends out or receives an OVA signal (IR signal) in close proximity to your Onn Roku TV can interfere with your remote control.

Note: IR signals can also be interfered with by sunlight and reflective surfaces!

7. Use a Digital Remote (Workaround)

use a digital remote (workaround)

In case you didn’t know, there is an app available for Android and iOS, which provides the user with a digital remote, containing every single functionality as the physical remote.

However, there is only one major requirement to be able to set up a digital remote, without the remote!

  • The Onn Roku TV must already be connected to a WiFi network!

If your Roku TV is already connected to the WiFi, simply install the app, and connect your smartphone to the same WiFi as your Onn Roku TV.

Then you will be able to discover the Onn Roku TV in the app and use the digital remote to control your TV without the physical remote!

consider purchasing universal remote
Reminder: Have you considered purchasing a universal remote?

Quick Recap:

Hence, whenever Onn Roku TV remote not working, discharge the remote by removing the batteries and clean the remote’s IR transmitter and TV’s IR receiver.

If the remote still won’t work reprogram the remote to the TV freshly and check for any IR interference!

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