nest thermostat error e294

Whenever you get a Google Nest thermostat error E294, it’s most likely due to incorrect wiring.

If your Google Nest thermostat displays an error message like E294, in most cases, you won’t be able to use any of its features.

If this is the exact situation you have, don’t worry; we have you covered.

This guide will show you how to reconfigure your wires and reset your thermostat.

To fix your Google Nest thermostat error code E294, check your power connection and reclip your thermostat wires. Next, perform a factory reset on your device and update its firmware. Lastly, reconfigure your thermostat’s wiring.

Now that you know which solutions we will be implementing, let’s briefly look over the most common cause of the error.

Why Does My Nest Thermostat Have An Error E294?

my nest thermostat have an error

The exact error code of E294 is related to the R wire. When the issue occurs, it’s most likely that this particular wire is not making proper contact or is missing.

However, please note that this error message can be triggered by many different factors.

Here is a list of the most common causes for Google Nest error code E294:

The Wires Don’t Make Contact

Your thermostat is connected with multiple copper wires, and if any of them aren’t adequately fitted, they won’t conduct electricity. 

Hardware Damage

If your Nest thermostat has received physical damage or has a factory defect, it might trigger a false E294 error code.

Software Error

a software error

An internal software error can make your device think there is an issue with its wiring when, in reality, it’s due to a runtime error.

No Power Sent

Sometimes, your circuit breaker will automatically turn on and prevent your thermostat from receiving any power.

Wrong Wire Configuration

If your wires are fitted in the incorrect socket, your device will show a wiring error code.

Alert: When dealing with exposed wires for your thermostat, always wear appropriate protective gear. 

How To Fix Nest Thermostat Error E294?

how fix nest thermostat

Before attempting any troubleshooting below, please ensure that your thermostat has no running electricity.

This can be done by shutting power to it from the circuit breaker. 

Not all tools are built to withstand voltage, so when using tools such as pliers or screwdrivers ensures that they are insulated from electricity.

If you are uncertain about tampering with your house’s heating and cooling control wiring, it’s always best to call a certified electrician.

In case your Nest thermostat keeps getting error E294, please follow the solutions below in the given order without skipping over any of them:

Caution: Under no circumstances tamper with exposed power cables without insulated tools and gloves. 

Solution #1 Check Your Power Connection 

check the power connection

If your heating or cooling power is disabled, this might prompt an error E294.

The first step to perform before attempting any others is to ensure that your whole thermostat system is correctly powered. 

Your circuit breaker box or electrical panel should have a switch that corresponds to your appliances.

To ensure your Google Nest thermostat is powered correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Find and open your circuit breaker box or fuse box
  2. Ensure that any switches corresponding to your heating and cooling are turned on
  3. Check your thermostat for power output; if it is working, then your fuse box is configured correctly

After you have verified that the circuit breaker is not preventing power to your thermostat, you need to disable its power again from the same switches to complete the other solutions below.

Note: If your house does not have a dedicated electrical fuse box, then the power switch for your thermostat is most likely near your home's heating or cooling compartment.

Solution #2 Check Your Thermostat Wire Setup

check the wire set up

If your Google Nest thermostat has improperly set up wires, this might prompt an error code E294.

You must ensure that all wires are correctly connected to prevent this issue.

Here is how to check your Google Nest thermostats wiring setup: 

  1. Turn off your Nest thermostat power from your home’s circuit breaker
  2. Gently remove the Nest thermostat display case 
  3. Visually inspect and verify that each wire is fully inserted into the connector 
  4. The plastic connectors should be firmly clicked in place to secure the wire
  5. Ensure that each wire has at least 6mm of exposed wiring (exposed means that its rubber insulation is removed)
  6. Referencing the wiring diagram for your thermostat, ensure each wire is inserted into its correct spot
  7. Put the display cover back onto your Nest thermostat
  8. Turn the power to your thermostat on and test if it’s working 

If you have completed this procedure, please restart your thermostat device and check if the error code persists during its launch.

Note: Every wire connector that is supposed to have a wire inserted into it should be firmly secured.

Solution #3 Clip Your Thermostat Wires

clip the wires

The Google Nest thermostat error E294 can often be resolved by reclipping the R wire. If your wire is not clipped correctly, it might not make contact with your thermostat. 

To prevent this issue from occurring, you need to peel back the insulative layer of your R wire.

Here are the steps to clip your Google Nest thermostat’s wires:

  1. Ensure no power is running through to your thermostat
  2. Remove the R wire from its plastic socket (if applicable)
  3. Get a pair of electrician pliers for clipping, or a similar tool suitable for exposing the copper wire 
  4. Place the end of your wire into the pliers and remove at least  6mm of insulation coating
  5. After the wire has been clipped, reinsert it back into its correct socket and snap it into place  
Note: Depending on your country of residence, your thermostat will have a slightly different wiring setup. European thermostat models and USA ones have separate diagrams. 

Solution #4 Factory Reset Your Nest Thermostat

factory reset thermostat

Sometimes the error E294 is not caused by a missing wire but rather due to a runtime software error in your thermostat.

A factory reset will remove any software issues that might cause a false E294 code to appear. 

Keep in mind that the steps below might vary slightly depending on your exact Google Nest model.

Here is how to factory reset your Google Nest thermostat device:

  1. Press and Hold your Google Nest thermostat primary button for 15 seconds 
  2. When its screen turns off, stop holding down the primary button
  3. Press the primary button again to turn your thermostat on 
Note: You can also perform this reset multiple times, as some users have reported that 2-3 factory resets cleared their issue.

Solution #5 Update Your Thermostat Device Software

update the software

If your Nest thermostat is not running the latest possible firmware, you might receive an error E294

The way to update your thermostat is through your device, where the Nest app is installed.

For this solution, it’s suggested that you use a WiFi connection to preserve your mobile network.

Here are the steps to update your Google Nest thermostat firmware:

  1. Open the Google Play Store 
  2. Tap on your profile icon 
  3. Choose the Manage apps & devices panel
  4. Tap on Update and let the update complete
  5. Restart your thermostat and check if the issue persists 
Note: It's recommended that you enable automatic app updates for your device to ensure it's always on the latest version.

Quick Recap

To fix Google Nest thermostat error code E294, ensure that there is running power to your device. Then, reclip the R wire to ensure it’s completely making contact and is conducting power. Next, factory reset your thermostat and ensure the latest updates are installed.


Now that you know why nest thermostat error e294 occurs, we hope you can use our solutions to fix this error.

Should the issue persist, it’s advisable to contact Google support for additional help. 

Nicole B