nest thermostat keeps going into delay

Does your Nest thermostat keeps going into delay? Don’t worry about it.

We are here to share with you the main reasons why it is happening and how to fix the issue using some of the proven methods.

However, there may be several ways to fix the issue.

If your Nest Thermostat Keeps going into a delay, you must check the wiring and check for any recent changes that you have made to it. Next, check for any recent updates that you may have missed.

Without much delay, let’s dive into the solutions!

What is Causing the Nest Thermostat Delay Issue?

And before we get into the solutions, let’s see what may cause the problem. First of all, the “Delay” notification comes from a lack of power.

Some old thermostat models use batteries that you can replace easily, but the Nest thermostat has a rechargeable battery that you cannot detach simply.

And when there is not enough energy to charge the device, you will end up with a delay error.

In addition, we can display several things that may lead to this problem:

  • Poor Wiring
  • C Wire Missing
  • Pending Maintenance
  • The Thermostat is Still Learning
  • Recent Reset of The Device

How to Fix Nest Thermostat Delay Issue?

fix nest thermostat keeps going into delay

Let us now learn the steps, that you can take to fix the delay issue that you are facing with your Nest Thermostat.

Step #1. Charge the Batteries Manually

The first and most simple method is to charge the battery of the thermostat manually. The troubleshooting process here is simple and identical to charging your phone.

First, take out the display unit of the thermostat off the wall, and you will see the micro-USB port right on its back.

Then connect the device to a charger and give it some time until it is loaded. Then install the display and test if the error is still there. 

This method is the easiest that you can use to fix your Nest thermostat if it goes into delay mode, but it is not convenient. This is because you will have to charge the device regularly.

Step #2. Check if it’s a New Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is a smart device that learns. If your thermostat is recently installed and you get the message, it is because the machine is still learning and calculating how long it will take to cool your house.

Those first days the Nest thermostat will be learning about your house.

For example, things like the comfortable temperature you desire during the day or the night, and last but not least, how long it will take to achieve this goal. 

So, if you just got your Nest Thermostat and installed it give it a few days to adapt, and if you get a message: delayed for 2 hours, don’t freak out. It’s normal.

Step #3. Check for any Recent Reset.

Resetting your Nest thermostat to its default settings will reset all the learned and saved data.

You will see on the display only calculation showing the required time to get to the right temperature.

Therefore, the thermostat will act like brand new. And again, you should give it a few days to get back on track.

Step #4.  Check for Any Pending Software Update?

Like every smart device, the Nest thermostat has regular updates by the manufacturer. When installing a new update, you will be unable to use the thermostat correctly.

Therefore, you will receive the delay error, but this is entirely normal. Give it a few days to adapt, and everything will be fine.

You can also manually check for any recent updates. Follow these steps to check by yourself:

  1. On the Nest app, select Nest thermostat.
  2. Tap Settings on the right top.
  3. Select Technical Info.
  4. You can now see the Software version and if any updates are available.

Step #5. Check if C Wire is Connected

The second method to fix your Nest thermostat if it keeps going into a delay is for the tech guys. Here you will need some basic tools like a screwdriver and gloves.

In this scenario, we will introduce you to the C wire, also known as Common Wire. This wire is usually blue, 24 volt, and supplies energy to the thermostat unit.

This is the primary source of power to the device. Sometimes this wire is completely missing and, in other cases, not connected from where the problem starts.

Now you may wonder if you have a C wire and if it is connected? Don’t worry. Here are three steps to follow in order to check if you have a C wire connected.

  • Go to The Settings Menu of your Nest Thermostat.
  • Open The Equipment Menu.
  • See All Connected Wires and Their Position.

Step #6. Trick The System – Use G Instead of C Wire

Do you know that there is a way to trick your thermostat? This is our third method, and if you have already looked at the equipment menu, you probably saw the green G wire that handles the fans.

And now you may think that the fans won’t work.

This is not correct as the fan will start automatically when you turn the AC, and you will lose only the manual fan control, which isn’t a big deal.

Why Does my Nest Say Delayed for 2 Hours?

Smart thermostats are proven to be one of the most convenient things for your household automation. The Nest thermostat is learning in order to satisfy your needs.

As a result of this learning cycle, you may see a stressful notification that the thermostat will start cooling after two or more hours.

Remember that this message is standard and may be caused by the following reasons:

  • Nest Thermostat is New and Learning
  • Recent Reset of the Device
  • Pending Software Update


Keep in mind that you can receive the "delayed for 2 hours" error if you have a pending software update.

To avoid this unpleasant notification, keep good maintenance of your device and track for new updates that you can install.

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Hopefully, now you got an answer to the question of why does your Nest thermostat keeps going into delay.

As we explained, this is nothing serious, and the problem can be solved in no time, depending on which method you choose.

Remember that this error is always related to a lack of power supply, and the C wire may be connected poorly or missing.

Nicole B