leviton smart switch won't turn off

Wondering why the Leviton smart switch won’t turn off? Stay with us to find out!

Turning off your Leviton smart switch may sometimes be a necessity when you’re not going to be home for a long time or simply when it becomes bothersome.

We will learn all about the reasons why your switch isn’t turning off and the best-working solutions to fix the problem!

If your Leviton smart switch isn’t turning off, you should determine if you’re deactivating the switch correctly.

Another cause for the problem could be the mobile Leviton app or potentially a fault with the circuit breaker connected to the switch, powering it on.

Let’s learn more about the problem with your Leviton smart switch!

Why Is Leviton Smart Switch Not Turning Off?

why is leviton smart switch not turning off

There could be multiple causes due to which your Leviton smart switch will refuse to turn off.

Sometimes it could be due to blocked hardware mechanisms or external causes such as issues with the breaker or the light socket/bulb.

It’s recommended to check all possibilities at once:

  1. A fault with the light socket or the light bulb
  2. A problem with the external power button
  3. A malfunction in the hardware of the switch
  4. A fault with the circuit breaker of the switch
  5. An issue with the Leviton mobile application
  6. A software issue with the Levitron smart switch
Note: A Leviton switch’s power is managed through the side button on the panel!

How to Turn Off the Power to a Leviton Smart Switch?

On some Leviton smart switches (and fan controllers from the second generation), there’s an external power button on the right side that allows for controlling the power of the device. 

  • Pulling the in-built button towards you will cut the power to the switch!

Will the Switch Work When Set to “OFF”?

will switch work when set to off

When you push down the side controller button of your Leviton smart switch, you will interrupt the power flow of the device.

This means that the Leviton switch will not be able to regulate your lights (if it’s a dimmer) or turn your light on/off if it’s a standard switch.

Note: If your switch doesn’t have any external buttons, it means you’re using an older model!

Leviton Smart Switch Won’t Turn Off6 Easy Solutions!

Make sure to keep your Leviton smart switch towards the “OFF” side as often as possible.

how to turn off the power to a leviton smart switch

Once the issue is fixed, you will know whether your switch has become capable of turning on and then turning off when the middle button is pressed downwards.

1. Switch ON and OFF Multiple Times

Sometimes it could be a simple glitch preventing your Leviton smart switch from turning off.

That’s why in the first solution, we will determine if setting your switch to “ON” and then to “OFF” multiple times in a row will resolve the problem.

The Switch is Currently Set to “ON”?

  • Set the switch to “OFF”, wait for 5 seconds, and then turn the switch to “ON”. 
switch on and off multiple times
Note: Repeat this process 5 times and make sure your switch ends up set to “ON”

The Switch is Currently Set to “OFF”?

  • Set the switch to “ON”, wait for 10 seconds, and then set the switch to “OFF”.

Note: Set your switch to “OFF” and then “ON” 5 times afterward to circulate the power.

2. Re-Add the Switch from the Leviton App

One of the reasons why your Leviton smart switch refuses to turn off the power to the connected light socket is due to a misconfigured online profile.

re-add the switch from the leviton app

To resolve this issue, you must re-add the Leviton switch from the mobile app and test whether the functionality will restore.

Follow these instructions to re-add your switch from the mobile app:

  1. Launch the Leviton application on your mobile device.
  2. Select the Leviton smart switch from the homepage.
  3. Scroll down and select the “Remove this Device” button.
  4. Go back to the home page and press the “+button.
  5. Follow the instructions to re-add your Leviton smart switch.
Note: Once the switch has been re-added, set it to “OFF” and then “ON” to refresh the device!

3. Install a Different Light in the Socket

install a different light in the socket

Regardless of whether you’re having this problem with a standard Leviton switch or a dimmer model, the issue could be with the light socket or the bulb.

Since it would be too complicated to install the switch on a different wall mount, you should attempt controlling a different bulb!

  • Simply install a compatible bulb in the socket of your Leviton switch and test

Cleaning the Light Socket?

Before installing the new bulb, it is recommended to check if there are any obstructions or debris accumulated in the light socket.

A potential obstruction could prevent the bulb from making clear contact with the socket and cause further issues with your Leviton smart switch.

Alert: Only install a bulb in your smart switch’ socket that is proven to work or is brand new!

4. Reinstall the Leviton Application!

reinstall the leviton application

It is possible that the Leviton application is not recognizing the switch and hasn’t added it to any room configuration yet.

If that’s the case, your Leviton switch will not recognize any button presses and is likely to remain in the “ON” power state position regardless of what you attempt.

Follow these steps to reinstall the Leviton app cleanly on your device:

  1. Access the Apps tab in the settings of your device.
  2. Use the search field to find the Leviton application.
  3. Find the Leviton app and select “Uninstall” to remove.
  4. Launch the Google Play/App Store on your device.
  5. Download the Leviton mobile app and then sign in.
Note: Follow the instructions in solution #2 to re-add your Leviton switch to the app!

5. Initiate a Factory Reset on the Switch

Another effective solution is to factory reset your Leviton smart switch. This will remove the switch from the mobile application and erase all software customizations you’ve done so far.

initiate a factory reset on the switch

This is a harsh method but it’s proven to be one of the most-effective approaches!

Follow these instructions to factory reset your Leviton smart switch:

  1. Make sure your Leviton switch is set to “ON”.
  2. Hold the activation button towards the “ON” side.
  3. Keep holding until the amber light starts blinking.
  4. Let go of the button and check if the switch blinks in blue.

Leviton Smart Switch Color Codes?

  • The Amber/Orange light means that you’ve started a factory reset on the device and the continuous orange light means that the switch is rebooting!
  • The Blue light means that the device has finished resetting and is ready to be set up through the mobile Leviton application.
Note: Letting go of the Leviton Switch’s button before the amber light, will cancel the reset!

6. Reset the Circuit Breaker

reset the circuit breaker

Users who have been having issues with their Leviton smart switch, in the long run, ended up resetting their circuit breaker to deactivate the switch.

It’s an effective solution as this will flush the power to all light switches in the room and hopefully resolve any power-related problems!

Here’s how to reset the circuit breaker to the room where your Leviton is in:

  1. Set your Leviton to switch to “OFF”.
  2. Go to the circuit breaker panel box.
  3. Locate the room your Leviton is in.
  4. Push the power switch downwards.
  5. Wait for 15 seconds while the switch is off.
  6. Push the power button back to “ON”.
  7. Turn on your Leviton switch and test.
Note: In case the fuse on your breaker doesn’t have a switch, unscrew the fuse and wait for about 15 seconds before screwing it again.

Quick Recap:

We’ve learned that when the Leviton smart switch won’t turn off, the best solution to the problem is to power cycle your Switch and then re-add the device to the app.

If the issue persists, the next step is to factory reset the Leviton switch and reset the circuit breaker!

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