leviton smart switch not connecting to wifi

Is your Leviton smart switch not connecting to Wi-Fi? Such an occurrence can result from many small details being out of place.

We will look closely at the causes and help you figure out how to connect successfully.

Leviton Smart Switch Wi-Fi connection issues can result from incorrect phone configurations or problems with the app. Check network settings, distance, interference from other devices, and the Switch’s software.

Only a few elements are involved in connecting the Decora Smart Switch to the Wi-Fi. Thus, connecting and troubleshooting should be very simple. 

Leviton Smart Switch Not Connecting To WiFi – Reasons

reason why leviton smart switch not connecting to wi-fi

The Leviton switches allow you to control the lights on your house more conveniently and give you access to incredible features.

However, sometimes a glitch happens, and the Leviton Smart Switch won’t connect to Wi-Fi. We must understand what’s happening:

Wrong Wi-Fi Frequency

Smart devices such as the Leviton switch can only connect to 2.4GHz networks. They are not compatible with the 5GHz frequency.

Too Much Distance

You must ensure that the Leviton switch is within your router’s range. There is a 25ft-limit where you can safely place the switch.


The Wi-Fi connectivity issue could result from the interference of too many devices in the same network or room. They might be blocking data from reaching the correct device.


It is necessary to ensure that you have the latest app and your phone is not causing any trouble through its settings.

Fix The Leviton Smart Switch Wi-Fi Issues

fix the leviton smart switch

Learning the potential causes behind the problem might already set you in motion to try and solve it. However, we will help you with advanced troubleshooting.

Thus, keep reading to learn everything about the Leviton smart switch when it presents connectivity issues.

1. Check The Phone

If your Leviton switch is not connecting to your phone, you have a real issue on your hands.

First of all, you must check if the Leviton Device network shows up in your Wi-Fi options.

If it shows up but is unable to connect, you must do the following:

  1. Go to the play store and download an update for the My Leviton App;
  2. If no update is available, uninstall the app and install it again;
  3. If those don’t work, restart your phone;
  4. Restart the Leviton Switch too.

For iOS 14 Users

for the ios 14 users

iOS 14 introduced new security settings that might make a difference when trying to connect with other devices and allow them into the network.

Here is what you must do:

  1. Enter the iPhone’s settings;
  2. Select “Privacy”;
  3. Tap “Local Network”;
  4. Toggle “My Leviton” to on;

2. Examine The Network

If assessing your phone still doesn’t make a difference in the connection, it is time to check your router and its connection to other devices too.

First of all, you must check if too many devices are connected to the same router or in the same room as the Switch.

If that is the case, do the following:

  1. Disconnect some of the devices from the network;
  2. Restart the router;
  3. Restart the Switch;
  4. Check if the connection goes through.
Note: The smart Switch will connect to the same network as your phone. Your phone must be connected to the 2.4GHz band of your router. 

If your phone can access 5GHz, you might need to go to the Wi-Fi options and switch between networks.

3. Reduce The Distance

reduce distance

Is your router in a room too far from the Switch? Then let’s do a test:

  1. Turn your router off and uninstall it from its current place (if possible);
  2. Put the router in the same room as your Leviton switch;
  3. Try connecting the Switch now.

If the result is positive, you already know what to do. You might need to consider relocating the router permanently or getting a second router or a signal repeater. 

Note: Remember that thick walls and smart devices between the Switch and the router also interfere. You must try to eliminate such interference as much as possible.

4. Reset The Switch

The Switch you are trying to connect to the app is most likely new. That means it is not paired to any other phone or network. Even so, resetting it might contribute to making it work.

reset leviton switch

Here are the steps:

  1. Locate its paddle;
  2. Hold it for 15 seconds;
  3. Release once the LED begins to flash red and amber;
  4. Wait for the LED to flash green.

If you’ve already been able to connect to the phone but not the Wi-Fi network, you will need to start everything over. However, the chances of succeeding are now greater.

Note: Resetting the device also ensures that it will enter enrollment mode, which is necessary to connect to the app.

5. Check Your Bluetooth

If you are connecting a 2nd Gen Decora Smart, the device requires Bluetooth to connect to your phone.

In that case, it is important that you turn the phone’s Bluetooth on and the phone is not connected to any other Bluetooth devices. 

check the bluetooth
  1. Find the phone’s Bluetooth settings;
  2. Turn the Bluetooth on;
  3. Open My Leviton app;
  4. Tap on “Add Device”;
  5. Select 2nd Gen;
  6. Ensure the green LED is flashing on the Switch;
  7. The app will ask to use Bluetooth, so allow it.

6. Update The Switch’s Firmware

Is your device already connected to the My Leviton app? If so, but you still can’t make the Switch connect to the house’s Wi-Fi network, you might want to check for a firmware update.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the app’s dashboard;
  2. Check if there is a notification saying “Updates available”;
  3. Click on that notification;
  4. Choose the updates you want to install.

Depending on the number of Leviton devices you have, you can install all updates at once. The screen will then show you the percentage progress of the update installation.

Note: The Switch will briefly turn off and on when updating the firmware. That is normal.

7. Put Into Enrollment Mode

put into enrollment mode

When you want to include the Leviton Smart Switch in your network, you must ensure the LED is blinking green.

That signals the device is in enrollment mode. However, the LED might not be blinking or have timed out. In such a situation.

Do the following:

  1. Open My Leviton app;
  2. Tap on “Add Device”;
  3. Select 2nd Gen or 1st Gen;
  4. Press “I don’t see a flashing light”;
  5. Follow the instructions given in the app.
Note: If you can’t put it into enrollment mode through the app’s instructions, go to Solution #4 in this guide and reset the device. That should put it into enrollment mode right away.

8. Check You Have The Correct App

check if have the correct app

The Leviton smart switches are called Decora Smart Switches. Thus, when you buy one of them, you will go to the App Store looking for the Decora app.

However, the app you need to make the connection work is this:

  • My Leviton app.

There are two other apps, namely the “Decora Smart Home” and “Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer.”

However, those are unable to connect the Decora Smart Switch to your Wi-Fi network.

What We Learned

Sometimes you run into the following problem: Leviton smart switch not connecting to Wi-Fi.

But it should take only a few minutes to figure out what is wrong and how to fix the connectivity. If none of the solutions we have suggested work, you must contact Leviton support.

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Nicole B