kindle paperwhite wont turn off

If you ever encounter a situation where your Kindle Paperwhite won’t turn off, then your timing is perfect!

In today’s guide, we’ll be tackling the issue where the Kindle Paperwhite won’t shut down.

Whether you’re on the lock screen if you’re reading and suddenly crashed and froze, or wherever you may be on the device, we’ll help you fix it!

If your Kindle Paperwhite will not power off, you would need to reset it in order to drain power from the device and perform all necessary actions to avoid the occurrence again in the future.

Akin to any other electronic device, your Kindle Paperwhite won’t forever be healthy.

As a matter of fact, the Kindle Paperwhite is a basic device that’s engineered and designed to be for simple activities only, like reading e-books, browsing, and the like.

So, what are the reasons why your Kindle Paperwhite won’t shut off? What could have caused its inability to be shut down?

Reasons Why Your Kindle Paperwhite Won’t Turn Off

Before thinking that your device already needs replacement, here are some of the most customary causes of why your Kindle Paperwhite would not shut down or turn off completely.

1. The Battery Could Nearly be Depleted

One of the many reasons why you’re experiencing problems with your Kindle Paperwhite is that its battery could already be depleted.

Just like other devices, the battery component of the Kindle Paperwhite can easily deteriorate if it’s not cared for properly.

2. There Could Be Corrupted Files

The internet is full of many mysterious things – and dangers or corrupted files could be part of those.

If you have accidentally downloaded or installed malicious files and data on your Kindle Paperwhite, it could endanger the health and the status of the device.

3. The Operating System (OS) is Not Up-to-Date

The Kindle Paperwhite is a device that’s built up and relies on its operating system (OS). Should its operating system be outdated, it runs the risk of malfunctioning – and crashing or freezing could be one of those problems.

4. The Device Could Be Overheated

For all we know, the Kindle Paperwhite is a basic device. It’s not like the computers and smartphones that we are used to seeing, which can accommodate multiple activities at a time.

If you’ve habitually used your Kindle Paperwhite for longer, try to decrease activity.

Now, these aren’t all the reasons for the inability of your Kindle Paperwhite to be shut off. These are only the most common and usual causes of it.

So, how do you fix or resolve it? What steps should you take in order for you to successfully drain power from it?

How to Fix Kindle Paperwhite That Won’t Turn Off

fix kindle paperwhite wont turn off

Some guides would give you a couple of actions with the hopes of fixing them. But, in this guide, we will be walking you through the complete and comprehensive way of how you can successfully fix this issue.

Note: We won’t just teach you how to turn it off, we’ll also give you the method of how you can refrain from experiencing this again the 2nd time!

Step #1: Retry to Turn Your Kindle Paperwhite Off

The first thing you want to do is to try turning or powering off your Kindle Paperwhite first. Instead of powering it off through Settings, what you can do is slide your Paperwhite’s power switch off manually.

Do note, though, that doing this will only make your Kindle Paperwhite enter sleep mode, you’re not powering it off.

To shut it down, slide the power switch off and hold it for about six (6) to eight (8) seconds.

Step #2: Reboot the Device

Should the first step be unsuccessful, the next thing you want to do is to try to reboot it.

To reboot it, go to Menu > Settings > Restart. Wait for the loading bar to complete. There’s a possibility that it still wouldn’t turn off.

That brings us to our next step, which is to…

Step #3: Reset Your Kindle Paperwhite

Resetting it is like totally draining power from it, like when you unplug a computer from the wall outlet instantaneously.

Before resetting it, make sure that it’s not connected to power. Then, slide the power switch and hold it for about 15 or so seconds.

Note: You’ll immediately know that it’s a battery problem if it still fails to turn off. If it is, you’d have to bring it to the nearest center to have it checked.

Step #4: Perform a Software Update

Otherwise, if it successfully turns off, leave it turned off for about 15 to 30 minutes before turning it back on again.

When it turns on, try performing a software update so that it can regain function again. Here’s how you can download or perform an OS update:

  • Plug your Amazon Kindle Paperwhite into a laptop or a computer.
  • Visit the Amazon website and locate the Kindle Paperwhite OS version.
  • Get the latest file and download it.
  • Drag and drop the updated version/file to your Amazon Kindle drive.
  • Hit on Update the Kindle from Settings and install the update.

Step #5: Clean All Files

You should be able to get your Kindle Paperwhite to be working again. To conclude the process, try to get rid of all files.

There could be corrupted and dangerous files that have been downloaded and installed, and if you have no way of knowing what it is, it’ll be best to clear out all files instead.

When you do this 5-step process, rest assured that you wouldn’t be coming across the same dilemma again!

The process is easy, and it wouldn’t actually take you more than ten (10) minutes to do!

Kindle Paperwhite Still Fails to Shut Off, What Should I Do?

If you have already exhausted the 5-step process and it’s still being such a nuisance, what do you do?

Do you just leave it off and purchase a new one? Or is there hope for it?

Contact Support

Should you feel that there’s no hope, the next best thing to do is to contact Amazon’s support team. Tell them about what you’re experiencing, particularly that your Paperwhite fails to turn off or shut off.

You can reach them via:

  • Live Chat
  • Entering a Callback Number
  • Dialing or Contacting 1-866-321-8851

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Check the Warranty

Another option you can take is to check the warranty of your Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Most devices have one year of warranty, so check what you have to know if you’re eligible for a repair or a replacement. 

Don’t immediately assume that your Kindle Paperwhite isn’t usable when it doesn’t turn off. Instead, try to reset it and go from there.


The next time that you notice that your Kindle Paperwhite won’t turn off, this tutorial will be the permanent solution to it.

Feel free to go back to this guide if you or a person you know ever experiences it in the future!

Nicole B