how to reset roku tv

Knowing how to reset Roku TV is an important step towards solving most of the technical issues experienced when operating the media player. Roku device issues include delayed sound, echoing, and unresponsive menu.

So, if you want to reset your Roku TV, but don’t know how to get started don’t worry. We got you covered.

So, without any delay, let’s get started!

Reset Roku TV

reset roku tv

Roku has been progressive in their approach towards criticisms and customer complaints. Since its inception, the Netflix-affiliated company has been fighting system glitches with the aid of software updates, community support, and 24/7 customer support. However, consumers still experience system glitches when operating the media player.

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Though new generations of Roku devices can automatically update themselves, the older models have been cut off the company’s support system.

The American company announced in 2015 that it would no longer update any of their products launched in May 2011 or earlier. First generation Roku products are no longer supported by Netflix. According to Netflix; the unsupported devices include Roku HD, HD-XR, SD, XD, and XDS.

Without access to software updates, consumers using old models are left with the factory reset option when their devices glitch. In this guide, you will learn how to perform a soft or hard reset on all generations of Roku media players.

Guide Outline

  • Reasons to reset Roku TV
  • What to expect after restoring your Roku TV to factory settings
  • How to reset Roku TV
    • Using the device settings
    • Using a special key combination
    • Through hardware reset button
    • Without remote

Reasons to Reset Roku TV

Roku TV reset reasons

Roku device issues can be easily solved by restarting the system, updating the software, or restoring the device back to factory settings. Besides fixing a glitch, you might want to restore your media player to default if:

  • You want to give it out after purchasing another media streaming device.
  • There’s an application that’s frozen or you encounter a system malfunction while using the device. System malfunction might vary from unresponsive menu to audio or volume issues. Audio problems include delayed sound, no sound, or echoing.
  • You want to return your Roku streaming player.
  • You want to sell your Roku device.

What to expect after restoring your Roku TV to factory settings

When you restore your streaming player to factory settings, your personal preferences would be erased, the current account will be unlinked from the device, and previous settings would be wiped.

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It is important to note that a system restart is different from factory reset. A system restart or system reboot turns your streaming device off and on. On the other hand, a factory reset returns your media player back to its original form, meaning all personal settings, accounts or preferences will be wiped. 

How to Reset Roku TV

how to reset roku tv steps

Roku devices can be restored to factory settings using the on-screen menu or hardware reset button. The hardware reset option becomes inevitable when the system problem is not resolved by merely restarting the device.

How to Reset Roku TV using the Device Settings

using device settings

You can easily restore your streaming device to factory settings by following the steps below.

  1. Ensure your remote battery is working perfectly.
  2. Click the home button on your remote.
  3. Find the ‘settings’ option by navigating the screen using the up and down buttons
  4. Click on ‘settings’.
  5. Choose ‘system’.
  6. Choose ‘Advanced system setting’.
  7. Choose ‘Factory reset’.
  8. Choose ‘factory reset everything’. Then, follow the steps displayed on the screen.
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The advanced system setting gives you a broader set of control options, which allow you to further personalize your streaming player. Do not navigate the advanced setting unless you’re certain.

How to Reset Roku TV using a Special Key Combination

how to reset roku tv using special keys

In cases where the remote is not responsive and the on-screen display is frozen, use this special key combination to restart your media player:

  1. Click home five times.
  2. Click up.
  3. Click rewind twice.
  4. Press fast forward twice.
  5. Within 45 seconds, the system will reboot and turn blank. Then, you can start your streaming device all over again.

It is pertinent to note that the special key combination listed above only works for device restart. You can proceed to restore the device to factory settings using the device settings method or the hardware reset button after the system has recovered from the minor glitch.

How to Reset Roku TV using Hardware Reset Button

hardware reset roku tv

Different models have varying hardware reset buttons. For instance, Roku 2 HD, a second generation device, has a pinhole reset button while the Roku streambar, a ninth generation device, has a tactile reset button.

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The hardware reset button is usually situated at the back of the gadget. For Roku devices with pinhole reset buttons, you might need a paperclip to press the reset button.

Follow these steps to wipe your streaming gadget using the hardware reset button:

  1. Locate your hardware reset button
  2. Ensure your media player is on.
  3. Press the reset button and don’t leave it for 10 seconds.
  4. You will notice a rapid blink on your device when the streaming layer has been restored to factory settings.

How to Reset Roku TV without Remote

how to reset roku tv without remote

In case you cannot find your remote or it got spoilt, you can always use the  hardware reset button.

Also, you can restart the device by unplugging it.

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For Hisense Roku TV, the wiping process is the same as that of the media player, but you need to locate the position of the reset button at the back of your TV. Unlike separate media players, the Hisense device is designed with the media player. 

Depending on the model, the reset button may be on the right side or left side. If the button has a pinhole shape, you might want to get a pen or toothpick. Ensure your TV is on before pressing the reset button.

Press, then hold for about 20 seconds. If you press without holding, your TV system will automatically reboot. Rebooting may solve some issues, but restoring to default settings is preferable.

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After holding for 20 seconds, your TV will go blank. Hold till it comes back on. You can leave it once it comes back on.

It will take about 45 seconds for the TV to be wiped. After the stipulated time frame, your TV will be restored to default settings.


I hope after reading this article, you have understood how to reset Roku TV. Follow the steps one by one as mentioned above and you can do it in ease. If you have any doubt or facing any issue, you can reach out to Roku Support for more details.

What’s Next? After the reset unable to turn your Roku on? Follow this guide for detailed instructions.

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