how to screen mirror on roku

How to screen mirror on Roku and most importantly what is screen mirroring? Nowadays when we have less and less free time, work long hours and then commute, the relaxed evening seems so far away.

Not so long ago, we were daydreaming about that movie we want to watch and could not wait to get home.

With screen mirroring we can start the movie on the train, or bus and simply continue to watch it on the big TV as soon as you cross your doorstep.

Roku lets you conveniently mirror the content on your phone to your TV.

How to Screen Mirror on Roku

how to screen mirror on roku steps

You can screen mirror on Roku using any of your smart device or PC. Here you will learn how to set up the process for:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iPhone

Roku Screen Mirroring on Android

roku screen mirror on android

To screen mirror on Android, follow the steps one by one and you can complete the process within few minutes.

  • Turn on your TV and set it to display input associated with the Roku device
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen of your android device you want to mirror so you can open the Menu
  • Tap Cast or Screen mirroring (depends on the type of Android you have, some of them may have different names for casting. Either way, they all have the same icon that looks like a monitor with a Wi-Fi signal at the bottom left)
roku cast devices
  • The list will open that contains all the available devices for you to connect to
  • Tap on More settings at the bottom of the screen so you can see more devices available to you
roku cast option
  • Tap the vertical ellipsis at the top right of your screen to open the menu and then tick the box on Enable wireless display (Additional available wireless connections will be displayed) By now you should be able to see your detected Roku device displayed.
  • Tap the name of your Roku device that you want to mirror on your Android screen to.
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You will see Starting video from the screen on your Roku device and after a second or two, you will see your android screen appears. Now every motion you do on your android, it will be shown on the TV as well.

How to Stop Casting?

To stop the screen casting at any time you can tap on the “X” next to the name of the Roku device you are connected to in the Cast menu of your Android device.

As you can see it is not that hard to Roku screen mirroring on android and hopefully you didn’t have any issues. If you encounter any problems, check first whether your Android device supports Miracast.

Roku Screen Mirroring on Windows

roku screen mirror on windows

Want the mirror option from your windows? Do not worry, we got you covered. For this follow the steps below:

  • Select Settings on your Roku home screen
  • Tap on System
  • Select Screen mirroring
roku mirror option
  • Highlight Screen mirroring mode then choose Prompt**
  • On the Windows click on notification icon in the notification area on the bottom right of your screen. (It looks like a speech bubble) After that notification menu appears
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roku mirror tv
  • Tap on Connect and available Roku devices will appear but, you are not yet finished with Roku screen mirroring on Windows
  • Click on the name of Roku device you want to mirror your Window screen to
  • After a second or two you will see your Window screen on your Roku screen
  • If you want to play any content on your Roku, just simply drag and drop it over to the screen
  • If you want to stop mirroring, simply press Disconnect

** Note: choose Prompt option if you want to know every time someone tries to screen mirror a device to this Roku. Other options are Always allowed to allow automatically for someone to mirror the screen or Never allow which will restrict anyone from screen mirroring on this Roku.

Mirroring Not Working on Windows?

If you were wondering how to cast to Roku from the PC, we have just cleared your doubts. The only thing when it comes to a free Windows 10 upgrade is that maybe screen mirroring is not an option unless you pay for it.

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So, just to take that into account, if you encounter some troubles while want to cast to Roku from the PC, this might be the reason.

Roku Screen Mirroring on Mac

roku screen mirror on mac

The steps for Mac are a bit different compared to that of Windows. If you intend to use Mac to Screen Roku, you can use these steps to setup the process:

  • The first thing to do is to get the app for the Mac and set up the app mirror for Roku
  • Launch the app on your Mac and wait for it to find your Roku device
  • When it finds it, add the name of your TV app for Roku
  • Your Mac is now mirrored to your Roku TV
  • Go to JustStream website and install the app on your Mac
  • Launch the app and click on Mirror icon on the menu bar
  • Select Roku TV to start mirror
  • There is an alternative tool called LetsView
  • Install it on your Mac and on your TV
  • Input the code that appears on your TV to mirror your Mac
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Now you can Roku screen mirroring on Mac and access any files from the Mac on your TV.  Speaking of Apple, there is one more device to show you how to screen mirror on Roku and that is iPhone.

Roku Screen Mirroring on iPhone

roku screen mirror on iphone

This is by far the easiest options out there for screening your streaming device. The steps are simple, and you can do it in minutes:

The Steps are:

  • Search for roku mirror in your app store
  • Select Mirror for Roku app
  • Press No device selected  on your menu
  • Stay close to your device and wait for App to discover it
  • Tap on the name of the device and press Connect
  • Install channel on Roku and start adding the channels
  • Click on Screen Mirror and it will give you the option to Tap to start mirroring


For all the devices there is one common rule and that it says that your devices and Roku TV have to be on the same WIFI network. We have covered all sections on how to screen mirror on Roku, but if you need more insight into some troubleshooting, refer to Roku Official Website.

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