roku not turning on

Roku not turning on suddenly? Yes, this is a common issue with the Roku streaming device and can give serious headaches.

You sit with your family to watch a favorite movie and suddenly your device does not seem to turn on.

If this happens, it is bound to give frustration.

Even more than that, you will be confused about where and what fix method you should try to fix the device.

So, if you are facing this issue do not worry, we got you covered. Here we will guide you to help you turn on your Roku Device without calling a technician.

Reason Why Roku Won’t Turn On

roku wont turn on

Before doing the fix methods, it is a good idea to know the reasons that account for this issue.

If you know the reasons that mostly account for the problem, you can fix it more easily.

The main reasons why your Roku won’t turn on are as follows:

Loose Connections

Yes! You heard it correctly. Most users ignore the connection and go for other troubleshooting methods.

If the connections are lost, the device won’t get the required power supply.

Insufficient Power

Sometimes the electricity source you are using may malfunction or not give enough power to the player.

roku player
Source: Roku

Malfunctioned Adapter

Due to prolonged usage, the adapter may become unserviceable, and hence power supply to your device can be interrupted.

Using Unauthorised Adapters

Using authorized adapters in the quest to save a few bucks can cause many issues.

Device Overheating

Sometimes overheating of your streaming player can also lead to problems like not turning on. This is a common issue.

How to Fix Roku Not Turning On

how to fix roku not turning on

Let us now learn the methods you can use to fix Roku not turning on issue.

To make things clear we have divided the troubleshooting steps as per the connection types i.e.., either connected through a power source or the USB port of your Smart TV.

If Connected Through a Power Source

roku adapter

Some Roku streaming players models use a power adapter to connect to an electricity source.

If you’re using this method of connection and your Roku is not turning on, follow these steps to fix the issue:

Step 1. Reconnect all the Cables

First, unplug the power adapter from the power source. Now remove all the cables and adapters and keep them apart.

Next wait for 10-15 minutes before doing anything.

Then follow these steps:

  • Reconnect all the cables
  • Connect the adapter again
  • Turn on the electricity source
  • Now check if the issue is fixed

Step 2. Check the Connections

If the first step did not work for you, you should manually check all the wires and adapters. Check for any breakage or worn-out wires.

Also, check the connections for looseness. Remove any gap between the power adapter and the power source.

Step 3. Change the Power Source

Sometimes the electricity source may become unserviceable. To know you can plug in any other device or mobile charger to check its serviceability.

If you are not convinced about the current power source, you can try another.

Step 4. Replace the Adapter

Due to prolonged usage, the power adapter may require change. Also, the wires of adapters are prone to wear and tear.

Hence, if your power source if perfect, you can replace your adapter. But remember to get an authorized adapter only.

Step 5. Connect to a TV USB Port

If getting a power adapter is out of your mind for time being don’t worry. You can even connect your

Roku device through the USB port available on your Smart TV. Luckily, most modern television comes with USB ports so, you need not worry.

If Connected Through USB Port on TV

tv usb ports

Many players like Roku Streaming Stick or Express can be connected to your Smart TV using the USB ports.

If you are using the USB method to connect your streaming device to the TV and your Roku is not turning on, this part is for you.

Follow these Steps one by one:

Step 1. Use Authorised USB Cable only

If your Roku streaming stick is not turning on, check if you are using the authorized USB cable or not.

Using a third-party USB cable may not work always. Hence, use the Company authorized USB cable only to connect.

Step 2. Check USB Connection

First, check if you have connected the Roku player to the correct port. Also, ensure the connection is not loose.

As mentioned above, a loose connection may not give the required power supply to turn on your device.

Step 3. Change the USB Port

Sometimes a certain USB port on your TV may not work. So, you can change the USB ports and connect again.

All modern TVs have more than one USB port and hence you can try changing it until it gets connected.

Step 4. Cool Down your Device

Due to nonstop streaming, your Roku device may get overheated. The light on your device will FLASH RED if it’s overheated.

If this happens the device may not turn on. If you feel you have used your Roku too much and now it’s not turning on you can do the following:

  • Unplug the Roku from the USB port
  • Let it cool down for 5-10 minutes
  • Reconnect again

Also, ensure that there are no heating elements near to your TV. You can avoid this overheating issue by purchasing a USB extender.

Step 5. Restart your Television

Next, turn off your television for 5-10 minutes. Unplug from the power source also.

Then reconnect to the power source and restart your TV. Many times, this method fixes many errors.

roku off screen

The correct steps are as follows:

  • Turn off your TV
  • Unplug from the power source
  • Wait for 8-10 minutes
  • Restart the TV again
  • Now try to turn on your device

Step 6. Change your Television

If there is another TV in your house, you can connect your Roku player to it using the USB port.

If it’s working fine on that TV, this means there are some issues in your old TV or defects in USB ports

Step 7. Get a Power Adapter

If your USB connection is still not turning on your Roku, then you can get a power adapter.

A connection through a power adapter is more reliable than a USB port. Also, the overheating problem is almost eliminated if you use a power adapter.


Roku not turning on or slow issues are not serious issues. You just need to know the reasons for this, and you can fix it within minutes.

We hope after reading this article, you can now turn on your Roku without any issues.

In case you need more assistance, you can comment below or take the help of Company support staff.

Nicole B