google voice notifications not working

Google voice notifications not working and you don’t know what to do?

Muted or non-existent google voice notifications have been an issue for both iPhone and Android users for quite some time now.

Luckily for you, however, in this post you will be able to learn what might possibly cause the issue and the most reliable information on how to fix it.

Sometimes your voice notifications might be snoozed by the phone’s airplane mode or the do not disrupt button on the iPhones. You can also check whether the background data is set to enabled and that the inbox notifications are also checked.

Instead of directly reviewing the troubleshooting process, we figured that if you understand how Google notifications work, it will be easier for you to resolve issues.

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Why Is Google Voice Notifications Not Working?

Depending on your device, jump right to the heading describing the issue on the operating system you are using, iOS or Android.

The notification programming is different for both software’s so we’ve prepared a guideline for both at your disposal.

Google Notifications Not Working on iPhone

As you probably know, there are plenty of ways to snooze our mute any kind of notifications and prevent them from appearing on your lock screen.

This is why many iPhone users mistake their Google notifications as not working, but they are just forbidden at your lock screen.

The default browser of the iPhones is Safari, where you can’t really change the configurations much.

To have Google within your iPhone on the other hand will require you to download the app from the Appstore. As soon as you open Google, you will be required to allow certain requirements.

Requirements often concern device files, camera, microphone, and others.

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The last thing that you will have to allow is notifications.

If you accidentally did not click on the allow button at the corresponding window, any Google notifications will be snoozed and you won’t be able to see them on your lock screen.

If you did not allow notification in the first place, no worries here is how to do it manually:

Enter your iPhone’s Settings and head to the App’s directory. From there click on Notifications and then on the feature labeled Voice notifications. 

The little notification box next to the Google icon should be ticked if you want to have voice notifications on your iPhone.

Google Notifications Not Working on Android

The problem on Android devices could sometimes be caused due to a missing Sync between the options.

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We will talk about synchronization settings adjustment further in the post, so for now getting to know more about your issue is the most important factor.

You could sometimes miss Google voice notifications due to the background data being set to disabled. 

This feature represents and tells whether your phone can receive and transmit information with apps located on its hard drive.

If the feature is disabled, you will only receive google notifications while you are using Google only.

Of course, you can rectify this feature from your Android smartphone’s settings, but you are going to learn more about that during the troubleshooting part of the process so keep reading!

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How To Fix Google Voice Notifications Not Working?

fix google voice notifications not working

Now when you have a basic understanding of how Google notifications approach different operating systems, let’s try and resolve your issue permanently.

Luckily for you, there are several proven-to-work solutions, and we hope that you find yours.

Method #1 Choose Spoken Notifications

You will regulate the notification settings by pressing and holding the Home button for several seconds.

As soon as the Google assistant boots up and your phone is ready to recognize any voice activity, click on the Headphone settings and enter the featured Settings tab.

On the assistant setting screen, tap on the Spoken notifications.

If this is the first time that you enable the Spoken Notifications feature and you don’t know what it does, we will get it cleared up for you.

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With that feature, you will be able to hear incoming notifications and your smartphone will read them out loud for you.

Method #2 Install Google Voice App

Another reason that might prevent your phone from transmitting voice notifications is the missing of the Google voice app.

The feature of this app will allow you to adjust all settings of the Google voice assistant and also provide you with some options for your notifications.


It works as a driver for your Google assistant and should adjust the performance of your phone’s voice activity in the correct way.

Although the Google voice is strictly related to the voicemail of your device, the large choices for customization of voicemail text transcript and message are fascinating.

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Many users recommend the app and you should absolutely download it to have easy access to your voicemail at any time.

Method #3 Check for Snoozing

If you had accidentally left your phone in snooze mode, no wonder why you aren’t receiving any text messages that Google will be able to read out loud.

iPhones and Android have different types of configurations when it comes down to snoozing & muting, so make sure to check for any hardware buttons throughout your device.

It is well-known that a large number of iPhones have the notification mute button located on the side and it is occasionally miss-clicked by the users.

Our best recommendation is to check if that button is clicked and any other notification snoozing software is activated.

On the other hand, if you have DND – Do Not Disturb Mode enabled, you can’t expect to receive any notifications at all.

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For both Android and iOS users, the DND mode settings can be found under the Notifications tab, so navigate yourself there and ensure that the feature is not active.


Regardless of the device you’re using don’t forget to check if Airplane Mode is enabled and if it is make sure to disable it.

Method #4 Check Volume

If your Google voice notifications are not working even after configuring the settings, the issue could be because the volume is down to a minimum.

Keep in mind that hearing your voice notifications does not only depend on your device’s volume but the condition of your speakers.

Test if your smartphone emits any sound by playing a song or any media that contains audio.

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As unbelievable as it may sound, even when your device is at full volume and your speakers are just fine, you won’t be able to hear any voice notification if Google source is muted.

You can mute specific sources of notification with Google, which will prevent them from being heard until you unmute them.

Access your Google account settings and review for any blocked notifications or enabled restrictions.

Method #5 Contact Google

If nothing has worked so far, there might be an issue with your account. To justify this, before you contact Google, try using another Google Account.

If you don’t have an alternate account feel free to create one.

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If there are still no notifications, then the only option you have got left would be to contact a Google representative to inspect your Account device and settings.

As we have already mentioned there is nothing much that could go wrong, so we recommend scrolling up and checking if you’ve applied everything correctly.

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Bottom Line

Now when you know why are Google voice notifications not working, we hope that you’ve managed to get the issue solved.

We can safely conclude that with Google notifications there is nothing that could go wrong except the settings.

Your smartphone’s hardware is a whole different story so if you have identified an issue with it, there is no point in targeting Google notification as a suspect.

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